Thats the price?

I must admit, that when it comes to clothes, and fashion, and the cost of it, I fall into the practical Yorkshire woman type role, of saying “How Much?” in clothes shops, when I look at the prices. This fact is probably not helped that in recent times, the vast majority of my purchases have either been in charity shops, or budget shops like Primark, Ethel Austin, or when in the US, Old Navy, and Target, rather than the more luxury brands, or to put it more correctly, the more normally priced clothing shops!

Yes, unfortunately it got the better of me in LA last October, when I saw a shop selling vintage style (or genuine vintage) clothing, but then I looked at the price tickets! No, some of them were probably fair, but compared to what I used to, and also, because I was trying not to run up costs, I passed on them.

This amusing fact has again came to light, because I won £30 worth of shopping vouchers, for stores in the Arcadia Group, and I started looking at stuff online, and in the shops (There is a unit selling clothing for a number of these companies very close to my new workplace), and going “How much?” when I see the prices, even if I’m not really paying it!

I saw a dress, for example, that by these sort of stores, is probably reasonably priced at £15, but given what I’m used to paying for things, I was shocked at the price. I know, its what you’re used to, and everything, so no, didnt get it yet. I also saw a top that looked like a modern styling of what a flapper would happily have worn, but it was £12, and I did the same thing. Yes, in the end, I regretted doing that, said ‘what the hell’, and went back to get it on Friday, and they were sold out! I know, my fault, but…I can at least say that I wanted to check I could wear it to work (spaghetti type straps, not allowed in a number of workplaces), but I could, but still I didnt rush to buy it, so yes, my fault, in a sense!

I know, silly thing to do, especially when they dont actually cost me anything, but thats the way I’ve lived, I guess? Ah well, I still have the vouchers, they dont expire for a long time yet, so…

But fine, me, and clothing prices, always going to be a fun issue, I guess?

The video mentions the price of something, but its not clothing lol. Mind, I’m equally as awful at love, so…

Job application forms, or how to save trees!

I’ll be honest, I have no many trees have been sacrificed to create all the application forms that I’ve filled in over the last year. But yes, I should imagine its been more than a few! Even if they were what I called a sensible size, it would be a few, but in truth, they seem to have grown in size, to a ridiculous extent over the years. What used to be a maximum of 2 or 3 sheets of paper, now seem to be a minimum of 6, and for example, the application form for the job I went for on Monday, was 10 pages long! And given how many applicants a building society must get through in a year, especially as this includes all the rejects (yes, me again), its a frightening thought.

Even more depressing, in an ecological sense, is the fact that I have another interview with the same firm tomorrow, for a shop job, as opposed to a head office job, but no, they cant use the same form again, I need to waste another 10 pages of paper, even though they got all my details 4 days earlier.

But just when you’re thinking that 10 pages, for a prospective job applicant is a crazy amount of paper, I can beat that! I have got an interview on Monday, for a job on the outskirts of Leeds, and their application form is 15 pages long! Seriously? I want to give this job a go, but given the location (need to rely on a company shuttle bus to get there), I’m not sure how viable it will be, and I dont want to get someone to print off 15 sheets of paper, for a role I probably wont take up, in an ideal world. But its Catch 22, I need a job, so, aargh! Not sure what to do!

I guess what frustrates me more, is the whole modern thing. Yes, back in the 70’s, and 80’s, when you did a paper application form, that was the record that was kept of you, they had no choice. Nowadays, those applicants that actually get selected, will have all that data entered on to a computer database, and that will be it. I know, some of it might get recycled, but I suspect that given all the private information on there, that it ends up being destroyed?

Oh, and secondary rant. Why does it all have to cost us? In the old days, if a company wanted to waste reams of paper on job application forms, they had to provide you with the paper. Nowadays, they attach the form to an email, and expect you to print off, and fill in the forms, and return them! Which might be fine, if you own a printer, and can afford reams of paper, but those of us who cant, and have to rely on someone to print them off for you…

Last amusing moment re modern job interviews. This morning, I had a phone interview for a shop job at a building society, which I actually got through. I know, amazing. My reward, a psychometric test to do, which I battled with, and an hour or so later, getting told my answers didnt meet their desired parameters, so that was that! I dont get these things, there were times when choosing between 4 things, all of which were fairly relevant, and others where none really fitted me, I dont know! I get this feeling I’m not cut out for this modern world, and I’ll be glad when its all over, seriously!

Right, a treat, 2 videos tonight, though neither are the original group. Blue Monday was a massive hit in the 80’s, using all the modern music technology at the time. But what if it had been recorded in 1933, with the instruments of that era? This, I guess?

While tracking it down on You Tube, I found this, from 1999! Yes, I know, but its something out of a mind control story fantasy, this video! And given where I’m posting it…

Christmas shopping

Oh please, is it really that time of year again already? Alright, I know, I’ve mentioned the Works Dinner, so it must be, but where has the year gone? Not that I have many to buy for, but that doesnt make it any easier with some, believe me! So I’ll be off to Manchester in the morning, to see what I can buy. Oh, alright, I might have a look around some shops for myself too, but anyway…

Yes, it seems official, I will be wearing a dress to the Christmas Dinner, that should soon clear the place lol. I have actually found a couple of suitable dresses in my wardrobe, one of which I didnt even know I had (pink, shock horror) of a suitable length that are below knee length, so at least my surgically awful knees will be hidden, come what may. They are dresses, not big flowing fluffy gown types, but they will do unless I see something this week at a silly price, which isnt impossible in charity shops over here, but unlikely all the same to find something like that in those places, I suspect. The only other way I will buy something now is if I see something 20’s style at a price I cant resist. Then I might have to try and change my hairstyle lol!

Yes, I’ve got a week off, well, apart from one works meeting on Friday I cant get out of, but all the same, its a good break, and I need it. And no, I have no major plans as to what I’m doing beyond tomorrow, and a massage on Tuesday. So, if any UK mad scientists are looking for a guinea pig lol…No, I wont await any emails!

The video, well, it has a Manchester connection, lets leave it at that. And the video is certainly strange enough to appeal to MC folks, I guess?

They think its all over…it is now!

Yes, finally, very finally, the latest story is complete. Its ‘only’ been 3 months since I wrote chapter 4, but at long last, chapter 5 has appeared, and thats definitely it. I could say I’d write more, I’ve certainly left it open enough that it could happen, but I’m pretty sure it wont, at least while I’m in my current job, which is all I’ve got, so…

Its funny how things work out, the original idea I had for chapter 5 of ‘Never A Wise Move’ got thrown out a long time ago, at least 2 months back. I couldnt get the idea to work out, so when I finally came up with a (hopefully) better one, I decided to run with that instead. Snag was, finding time to write it up, and yes, today really was the first chance I’ve had to do that. Well unless you count when I was on holiday, and I think someone might have killed me if I’d spent my holiday doing that lol!

Said person actually appears in chapter 5 btw, my beloved editor, without whom, my stories would probably be more of a mess. Funny thing is, its different. Different even to how I saw it all playing out, but I’ve always been one to let my muse have her head, maybe MIB3 has secretly influenced me in some way lol? Not that I’ve seen the movie, just trailers, and posters, but…

But to be honest, its not only the story that is all over, I think its the end of major story writing efforts while in my current job. Time to myself is just so limited nowadays, that if I didnt write it today, I have absolutely no idea when it might have happened. And now, because I’ve forced myself to sit down and write this afternoon and evening (short gap for chiropodist visit, and dinner), my head is buzzing no end. Dont get me wrong, putting down the words was fun, but the recoil afterwards, when you finally stop, isnt.

I know, I’ve said it before, but this time I’m sure I mean it. Thats all folks, until by whatever means, I have more time to write again. Ironic isnt it, there was a time when I had time to write, and didnt want to. Now I’ve started to enjoy it again, I’ve got no time! But I’m glad I was finally able to tie things up with this story, it was so much fun writing it.

For those of you who are members of the Garden, it will be up very shortly, within the next hour. For others, it will be up on EMCSA in the next update, all things permitting, 9th June. I know, it will be a heavy update, and might get missed, but I’ll take my chance. To be honest, beyond Garden folk, its got hardly any feedback anyway, far too in-house I suspect, for those who dont know the people.

Well, there are no crowds on the pitch that I can see, but I think the writing is all over, and it is now. Enjoy…