A dangerous creation?

A few years ago, a novel was written by Laura Moriarty, called ‘The Chaperone’ relating to the very early teenage (pre-fame) years of an actress named Louise Brooks. Yes, I might have mentioned her before, a few films made in Europe made her ‘famous’ to some degree, even if her attitude to work didnt always meet with the approval of Hollywood studios, primarily Paramount. This novel actually related to her life before the movies, primarily around the time she went to New York, to try and make it with the Denishawn Dance Company. No, they eventually lost patience with her, dismissed her, and the rest was history, all well known.

The thing is, this novel wasnt principally about Louise, but obviously her name probably helped with more than a few sales. I mean, I bought it, only for that connection. In truth, the book was pretty good, there was interest in making it into a movie, which has in fact just been released nationally. I thought someone said it was today, Wikipedia says it was a week ago, but who can be sure? Not me, definitely.

There is one snag with a movie, that there isnt with a book, the need for someone to actually portray said famous actress. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you view that opportunity), Haley Lu Richardson got chosen to play the role of the young, teenage Brooks. Luckily, seemingly for me, I’ve never had to portray a real life person, known to thousands, to be compared to. The little bit I’ve seen, she seems to have made a decent job of playing the wilful, teenage Brooks, and is a passable lookalike, though in truth, it would be hard for anyone of modern build to look exactly like Brooks, given the difference in diet, and her fairly unique bone structure, but she makes a good effort.

However, for some, this is not enough. And please remember, Brooks is just a side character in this story, not the main star! As per the title, its about her Chaperone! Some of the comments from ‘fan groups’ have been downright rude about the poor woman, in fact. No, she’s not a perfect Brooks lookalike, but who could be? In truth, I suspect if Brooks was secretly miraculously resurrected, and took the part, without them knowing, that some would still say she wasnt enough of a match for their blessed Louise!

I cant yet trace a release date in the UK, but it might tempt me to the cinema when it does, health permitting. And yes, I’m certain she wont be a perfect match for Louise Brooks, but unlike seemingly so many, I wouldnt expect her to be. Its called acting for a reason, darlings!

Mind, its not just Brooks fans that infuriate people in the acting industry. In the ‘adult industry’ world, people portray fembots for the satisfaction of some men. Thing is, some of those men demand plenty of material, but only seem to either criticise, or leave no reviews at all! The criticism is often for the tiniest things, or for the impossible wishes, because these are actually organic human actresses, playing robots, not the real thing. Then they wonder why the actresses get frustrated with them, and stop making fembot movies!

As I joked to someone, if someone actually created a female robot, got her to perform in a movie, they’d probably still find something to complain about in her performance, ah well… I’m sure in a few decades, it will be possible to transform actors, and actresses so dramatically for roles, you wont be able to tell if its an actor, or the real thing (even if she died decades before), but for now… OK, rant over.

Its not often I’m a fan of a remix of a song, but this is one of those exceptions. In fact, there used to be a remix of this, which I loved even more, but its disappeared off You Tube for a while now. So we’ll settle for this.


Dont judge a book by its cover!

Firstly, apologies to anyone reading this for a holiday report, but given that Kate will be posting her version of events at the Garden, I’m going to avoid that as subject matter for now. Given there will be some who cant read it there, and certainly wont be reading my personal version elsewhere, I will do something after its all over, so that you can at least find out in time.

But for now, either join the Garden, and read a far better version from Kate, or you need to be patient.

Ah, the thread title. Yes, as some know, if their blog reading goes back far enough, know I bought a book with me, “The Chaperone”, by Laura Moriarty, with a pic of Louise Brooks on the cover, but before you jump too far, look at the title of this thread.

Yes, Brooksy is in the story, but main player she definitely isnt. No, the fictional star of this is Cora Carlisle, the eponymous chaperone, and a purely fictional character. Louise, well its a fascinating mix of fact and fiction, thats for sure. Certainly her style fits in with what we know, some of the events definitely happened, but others…?

And please, dont think this is dull stuff, it covers subject matter controversial today, let alone in the 1920’s, and before. Homosexuality, paedophilia, illicit affairs, all occur here. Oh, and orphans taken out of the big city, to start new lives, that if it happened today, people would have kittens about it!

No, I cant discuss how it ends, I havent got that far yet, but seriously, you should consider reading it yourself, if you havent already. It is a book that has Louise Brooks in it, and some have probably thought, if you arent a fan, no need to read, not true. She is in it, but there is far more than  that to it.

Oh, and its a good story too!

The video, a slightly left field look at events in the book, and lets leave it at that.