Walking in the rain

Yes, its something that has been easy to do over here this year, believe me! Apparently even the weather people are now saying its been the wettest year in England, and given the UK only needed 46mm to break its record, and the fact its rained again since then, we will probably break that over the next 3 days too. No, I havent grown webbed feet, but they might have been handy this year, it has to be said!

I’m not going to say whether its climate change factors, or just a lousy year weather wise that would have happened anyway? I’m not sure if summer ever happened, it might have done for a day or two, but that really was it. Thankfully my 2 trips to the US generated some sunshine for me, or I might have thought it had gone into hibernation lol!

Saying that, compared to what parts of the US has put up with in the last week or so, hey, we’ve had it easy. As Heather, James and co would say though, its the norm over there, and expected. if we got an inch and a half of snow, let alone a foot and a half, everything would grind totally to a halt. Over there, life just goes on…

I’m hoping to get one more post in before the end of 2012, to tie up ends, though most things have been mentioned over the year anyway, as is the idea of a blog! If I dont, you’ll get it on New Years Day anyway!

The video, well a bit less clue than usual in the title, as a few songs could fit in with this. Its old, but not Johnny Ray old, just very 70’s soul.