Travel insurance

Yes, for once, a totally different track to the blog. Normal service will resume shortly lol!

In the past, I’ve always taken the easy route when it comes to travel insurance for my trips abroad. Take whatever the online travel company (Expedia), or the airline offer, and leave it at that. I knew I was paying extra for the privilege, but alright, I could do it all in one, so… What I hadnt realised is just how much extra I was paying out.

So this time around, after a bout of recent adverts concerning some cute “meerkats”, and their website they advertise for, I took a look at their comparison site. Single trip prices less than half what I’ve been paying, annual deals for less than I’ve been paying out (sometimes 3 times a year) with much the same cover. So no prizes for working out which route I’m going down this time, the ‘simples’ one. Brits at least will get that last comment lol. If not, just type ‘compare the meerkats’ into Google or somewhere, and watch some of the videos!

An annual is slightly more than 2 single trips, but I’m hoping to get to Ireland for some cricket next summer as well, so… If I dont, the difference is marginal anyway.

I know, these travel people have to make their money some way, but seriously…I’ve learnt my lesson, thats for sure. Just need to get it all sorted now, because 7 weeks from now, I will be on holiday, yay! Its funny, second summer running, the bank balance looks better than it really is, havent paid my share of the accom bill as yet. But I will do so… (in case Kate reads this lol)

So the music video, in tribute to those rich men, and their insurance profits,

Having a heatwave

Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the temperature did hit 80 here today, for the first time this summer! Hasnt often gone past 70 this year, alone 80, but I’ll enjoy it while I can…which probably wont be long, but hopefully thats famous last words lol! It was hot out, not helped by the fact I had to walk nearly 2 miles in it (no buses due to a road accident on route that passes beauty therapy place), and did I notice it, believe me.

I could get quite used to going out in a t-shirt and trousers, but given the vagaries of British weather, I suspect it wont last for long. Hopefully the net result will be tanned arms, not sunburnt ones though.

Crazy stuff, I got to watch cricket on TV tonight, and they werent mentioning the possibility of rain, probably a first this summer lol. Hopefully, all things permitting, I can get out and enjoy a bit more of this sun tomorrow, before I start 8 days in a row at work! I know, I know…Some minor sporting event down in London, or so I’m told! 😉

Ah, the musical interlude I hear you ask? Yes, you’re getting one, one of my favourite ‘females’. No, sadly I have yet to track down any recording of Brooksie singing, so you will have to put up with the ‘next best thing’ that is Miss Piggy. The song, as so often, the clue is in the title here

In case anyone hadnt noticed

The Olympics start on Friday, here in the UK, though thankfully London is the opposite end of the country to me! So therefore in the sense of jostling crowds, I’ll miss out on it, phew! I think there is some soccer in Manchester, across the pennines, but thats far enough away to avoid it, even more so given my ‘love’ of that game!

The funny thing is, the Olympic Stadium is only a matter of a couple of miles from where I once lived in London for a couple of years, indeed I left there a few months after the announcement in 2005. And though it might have been fun to say ‘I was there’, in all honesty I’m glad I wont be.

No, I wont be able to avoid the whole thing, I work in a betting related call centre, pretty much all sports, so when you think about it…I’m sure I will see plenty of it at work, and quickly get tired of all the inane questions that shop staff will ask me on a regular basis. Alright, I might be feeling that way already, but…lol

The thing that depresses me the most though, isnt the sport, its the sheer bad taste requests from customers/shops relating to it. I think the worst is being asked for a price for the Queen to be assassinated during the opening ceremony, but believe me, there are plenty of others nearly as bad. You do wonder about the morals, and tastes of some people, seriously you do!

I promise you one thing, unless something amazing happens, this will be the last Olympics posting. unless I do a jaded one after its over lol!

Positivity in this posting, oh thats easy. 8 weeks from now, I will be across the Pond, having a good time with a good friend, or maybe even friends, it certainly will be the latter at some point during the week. And by then, the Olympics will be over, hoorah!

The video, an oldie, but seems apt, given all the athletics there will be over the next few weeks.

I Need

A new watchstrap. Oh, was someone expecting my need to be something more serious lol? Well, I can give you a suitable list should you want one. The crazy thing is, I could get a new watch for pretty much the same price as a new watchstrap would be! And before you wonder, yes, I buy at the budget end of the market, cant see any point doing otherwise to be honest, given the fact I have no desire, or wish to be a fashion diva, or the like.

Also, unless I happen to find said watch in a store in Leeds pretty quickly, I would hate being without a watch in the time that it would take for a new one to arrive from Amazon, Ebay or the like, and yes, I’ve seen nice ones, at throwaway prices on both sites. I used to own a second watch, and in theory, I still do, I just have no idea where it is. My room was given a makeover when I was away in the US last September, and the other watch simply vanished, probably buried somewhere when that happened. And yes, that cost a whole 10 dollars in San Francisco, a watch I bought when ironically the strap on this watch bust last time. Oh, what, pin snapped, both times. I didnt think I was that hard on watches, but…

Yes, regardless of getting a new strap, I ought to get another watch, of the budget kind naturally, well assuming I’m paying anyway, darlings! What I would love to get, probably doesnt exist. I have a hankering for a modern day, 20’s style watch, but within the budget price range. Yes, I want modern, I’d never remember to wind one up every day, so need one that runs on batteries. Any ideas? And as I say, not expensive. I’m sure some jeweller could show me one that costs a sum of money, but a watch is just a watch to me, but alright, there is the Brooksie image, which is why I’m asking lol.

The video, well its an artist I’ve featured before, with almost the perfect name. And the song title, well, you might have worked that out by now. So in her style, I need a new apartment, a new job, a green card or US passport (for working in US, darling), and a winning season for the Buffalo Bills. The last might just happen, the rest, I’ll have to wait and see lol.

Red Theme

No, not my clothing, or anything else, its a comment on the EMCSA for once. A few weeks back, on the MC Forum, the idea was tossed up for having a red themed story this week. Now for those who dont know, Simon has a colour coding scheme for the stories, and red is the colour used for the ff stories. For the innocent ones, that means girl on girl sex, with not a man in sight!

Dont get me wrong, it sounded a great idea, until for me at least, Simon decided to take a week off, the week beforehand. Which means, as you know, this update was a large one, to put it mildly. Luckily, I had 3 days to get through it, though I did have other appointments to fit in as well, which is why I havent quite made it. Still 35 down, just 5 to go isnt a total disaster all the same. Given my shifts, I should make it anyway by Friday, all things permitting, nothing left is ‘that’ long. But please Simon, no breaks for a while, though the week of my holiday in September might be a handy one!

What must be said, is that one or two new writers have come out of this experiment, and they’ve been good too. There is one who appeared a few weeks ago that is even better, but, I’d hate to inflate his ego too much lol! But just in case he reads this, Big Daddy Five, I do mean you!

The video, and no, I’m not going hunting for some lesbian porn, credit me with taste lol. So it came down to two songs, the selected one, and a Billy Ocean song. But yes, bias set in, so I picked this very early offering from a group you might have seen here before.


(All) Star

Seriously, we’re halfway through the baseball season already? Hard to believe, though less surprised to see the Seattle Mariners at the bottom of their division somehow. There have been surprises, Pittsburgh on the plus side, Philly on the minus, to name just 2. But hey, there is still a long way to go, swings and roundabouts and all that, though I’m not expecting the Mariners to improve dramatically all the same.

Its quite possible that this will be the first year for many that I wont get to an MLB game live, thanks to the wonders of American Airlines earlier this year. Just unlucky that Seattle only had 1 home game the week I was there, and it was the Sunday, and started about an hour or so after I landed (finally) at Seatac Airport, in an event to be forgotten. Fortunately I’ve seen plenty on TV, thanks to ESPN America, as in fact I’m doing as I type this. The game, Pirates seemingly romping to victory over the Giants.

But yes, alright, thats not why I’m doing this baseball based posting, OK? Nope, its because its the All Star Game on Tuesday, and its in Kansas! Alright, so despite that, its not in the state of Kansas, but hey, its as close as its going to get! And no, I wont see that live, because it will be the early hours of Wednesday morning my time, and someone is on an early shift that day!

No, I’m not saying a word about salaries they earn, other than to say its a lot more than me lol! They sound crazy, they are crazy, but anyway…Just wish I could earn in a lifetime what the stars earn in one season!

Oh, but more important to me, and a bit closer to home now. Ireland start a 4 day game against Afghanistan at cricket tomorrow, and I will be following that closely. Fingers crossed we can win, despite being shorn of most of our biggest stars due to county cricket commitments. Will I be wearing green at some point over the next 4 days, just maybe? 😉

Video, I suspect this song will be new to most of my readers, but its a real blast from my past. A hit for a Yorkshire ‘lass’ named Kiki Dee (no, not her real name!) back in the early 80’s that just seems so apt.

Independence Day

No, not the movie, just something I’m told that is celebrated on this day in the US. And yes, that comment is very tongue in cheek, just in case anyone was in any doubt about that. I just want to take this chance to wish all my American readers a wonderful 4th of July, whats left of it at least by now.

I admit it, its one day especially in the year when I wonder what might have been if my ancestors had sailed across the Atlantic, instead of the Irish Sea just over 100 years ago. Who knows, I might be celebrating today as well in all likelihood, just a matter of where? Kansas maybe? I doubt it, but makes for a fun thought all the same.

I know, didnt happen, maybe one day I will go over there again for more than a week, maybe a lot more, but as I’ve never been the luckiest person in the world, I wont hold my breath on that now, especially as age is beginning to count against me for working abroad etc at this point. But I can still dream at least…

No, I’ve never been there for either ‘today’ or Thanksgiving up to now, though I know one wonderful man who would love me to do so. But for me, both seem to be family events, and I’d hate to feel like I was butting into that. Also, holiday times makes July tricky while working, and November is not the best holiday weather of the year lol! But maybe one day soon…

Having already used the Star Spangled Banner as a music piece on this blog, lets go for the other obvious one, on this special day of the year. Maybe one day I can get to see the celebrations, either as a visitor, or dare I say it, as a resident. Hey, I’m entitled to dream…

Thanks America, for some great holidays in the past, and more to come, one very soon

Its raining!

The title really does sum up the summer over here to be honest. Shock horror, the cricket tonight has been wiped out by the weather, and the only play at Wimbledon at present is under the roof on Centre Court, says it all about this summer in all honesty. The way its going, they will be able to hold the swimming events in the main Olympic Arena, instead of in the swimming pool! Oh, and if the temperature reaches 60 over here this summer, we all faint with shock lol!

Meanwhile in my favourite country across the Atlantic, well, the problem is a slightly different one, heat! Only last week I was reading an article telling me that Hill City, Kansas was the hottest place in the US, even hotter than Death Valley. I think the figure of 115 was mentioned, frightening stuff. But many far more northern areas were having temperatures well up in the 90’s, so… Oh, you asked, (alright you didnt, but) Cherryvale as I type this currently is at 91 degrees, a mere 34 higher than here! And yes, its raining again here too lol!

No, I dont know what is the matter with this summer, I just know it all seems to have gone crazy, thats all. And equally no, I dont want to know what 115 degrees feels like either, thats far too hot for me! I’d just settle for a few nice days in the high 60’s/low 70’s at present over here. At the moment all I can hope for is that September in New England is good this year.

Well alright, I could hope to find a job there while over, but wont hold my breath on that front lol, but fingers crossed. Well unless someone in Wichita wants to beat them to it, though if that happened, I fancy another name change somehow! 😉 I’d keep the middle name, but otherwise…

The video, beautifully sums up the summer over here,  a great song from when I was much younger.