Sweet tongued lady

Dont get me wrong, I’ve always had a spot for sweet food, but I must admit it, that since the growth has been mainly gone, that hankering for sweet food seems to have shot up for me. Thankfully at present, probably because my appetite, and metabolism got all mixed up by everything, I havent yet put on a lot of weight, despite all that. But yes, especially as I’m not as active yet, as I used to be, I must keep an eye on it for sure, especially as I’m still eating a similar amount of ‘non sweet’ food as I was before.

Thankfully, its not an expensive taste, its just a need for anything sweet, which is one blessing at least. Though interestingly, I’m still happy with just one spoonful of sugar in my coffee, so you explain that one to me?

Of course, the other thing that amuses someone who fancies being turned into a robot, which she finds a sweet idea, is the fact that in just 10 days from now, I’m going to be laid on a table, wearing a mask (admittedly plastic, not metal) while a machine does interesting things to my mind. Who me, imagine being turned into a robot by it, as if I would? But seemingly it would need to be a robot with a sweet tooth, lol.

OK, video time. No, not the obvious Archies song, but a Sinatra, though not Frank. Yes, I would love those boots, and the outfit, when I was much younger, well, maybe…?

These legs aren’t made for walking

Well, for better, or for worse, the original blog material plan went out the window today when I learnt of my physical limitations. Yes, 81 years ago today, Jean Harlow died, just saying…

Put it this way, I’ve known for a while that physically, my body isnt what it used to be. Some of it is down to my back, some of it is down to my age, but all in all, things I used to be able to do all day, I now cant do for all that long, and I certainly dont mean sex! Never interested me when I could do it, and now, no chance!

But walking…

When I was younger (well late twenties), and betting shops werent open on a Sunday, and nothing much else happened on a Sunday, I used to go and walk miles during the summer, when there was no soccer coupons to settle. Yes, miles. 4 miles each way, with a break for a drink at half way, quite normal. Ah, those were the days…

Nowadays, the 3/4 of a mile or so between the bus station at Bradford, and work is a sufficient challenge for me. I can just about get by with that, but much further might cause issues! Even before the back went, a mile or so was about my limit now, and that has come down since. Today was the day I discovered one of those limits was definite, and that something else I used to do, with relative ease, is now a tough challenge.

This morning I was getting my back massaged before Saturday, just to help me get through the day, as I suspect I will be standing a lot, and even with the brace on, there is only so much I can do on that front, without help. Anyway, the bus that goes up the steep hill towards the beauty treatment parlor went AWOL today, so I caught another bus, which left me with said steep hill to climb. Now, in the good old days, I could do that comfortably. Yes, it was hard, and a challenge, but it could be done. Today, I just about made it up that hill! To say I was blowing hard on arrival would be putting it mildly, I needed a couple of minutes to recover before treatment could begin.

After I’d finished, I had no idea when a bus was due (about 10 minutes later as I discovered when home again) due to the timetable having disappeared, I set out to walk home. Let me start by saying this is about 1 3/4 miles, way beyond my assumed comfort zone, but most of it is downhill, or flat, so I went for it. Yeah, not a good idea! Its fair to say a good half mile, or so from home, I was running on empty! I did get home, but the last stretch is uphill, not dramatically, but it killed me! Lets just say I have no plans on a repeat! And this is in warm, dry weather (no need for a coat), not the worst of conditions for me. So no, never again, lol!

Yes, my body is getting old, and today let me know it! Ah well…Someone put me down, or provide me with a strong robot body, or something, just maybe?

I’ve used the Nancy Sinatra version of this not so long ago, and I cant be bothered to check if it was this blog, or the other one. So, just in case…lets just say its not as good, and also let me say its not really live, but mimed! I do like some Geri Halliwell, but this wasnt her finest moment!