Got a feeling the beagle ain’t fooling!

Also known as the moment when a suspicion of mind control happens in a TV advert?

We all know by now that most TV adverts are bland, boring, and unless you’re forced to watch them, something to avoid. And generally, you’re right! I have to say this advert amuses me though, because though any mind control is purely suggested, the end result of the advert does suggest that maybe that cute little beagle really has got mind control powers.

Notice: I know this works in the UK, where probably most people who know it, have already seen it. Given the copyright on such matters, I have no idea if it will work in the rest of the world

In case it doesnt, the premise is the selling of life assurance, and the end play is the beagle staring at the women in the advert until she actually buys some, saying its a no brainer. Question is, is that a free will choice, or because her brain has come under the influence of the dog, hmm?

I must say, that at the moment, due to the fact I’m working, and the in work death payment would more than cover my funeral, and I quite literally have no family, that beagle wouldnt work, staring at me, unless he really had mind control powers, and lets face it, I’d enjoy that way too much!

If anyone can suggest other ads that have an element of potential mind control to them, please let me know, and ideally post a You Tube link (if there is one) for my amusement. But until then…

OK, video time. A golden oldie, and yes, Miss Johnson is in the chorus line here, see if you can spot her! No, she’s not one of those that the guy jumps over, literally, if that helps. But yes, I’ve got a feeling that beagle isnt fooling, so… Oh, and if anyone wants to provide me with a copy of June Knight’s dress…Yes please!