My possible treat to myself

They say these things go round in circles, and maybe its true? Anyway, when I was made redundant 6 years ago, from my previous job, I made a promise to myself, that if I found a new job quickly, that I would treat myself from the money, and get the ‘old body’ worked on a little, just to improve things for me a bit, if nothing more.

And lo and behold, it happened, within a couple of weeks, I had found a new job (my current workplace), so the face got a bit of extra special TLC.

Well, this time around, you could say the face has already had that treatment, so what can I use as that special incentive, given that I have an interview on Monday, for a job I’d love to get! Today, I decided.

As some will know, I suffer ‘a bit’ with my joints, and general health, which is my main concern about the long flights, to and from Los Angeles. So what better incentive, than to make those flights so much easier!

Apart from one occasion, a return flight to Toronto, with Air Transat, I’ve never flown anything other than economy class. The only reason I did it then, was that it was only £99 extra each way, a snip compared to the normal price for such an upgrade. Yes, I loved it.

So, given that I know that my pay off package will be just over £5K, if I take it (there are internal options for jobs, if I so desire), I have promised myself that if I get this job (or another involving getting the redundancy package) that I will fly business class to Los Angeles, and enjoy that extra comfort, and more importantly, especially on the flight back, the extra personal space. Talk about flying like Harlow…

(The irony with that comment, is that Jean seemed to prefer to travel by train. Not that I blame her, planes were a lot less safe back then, than now, but…)

So yes, thats my planned present to myself, if I get this job. The extra cost, about £1800. I know, but while I can still enjoy it…

Wish me luck, it would be wonderful, just once, to fly in luxury.

Oh, the video. Very 60’s, and some would say not a good thing. Still, I will be going up, up and away…