Travel insurance

Yes, for once, a totally different track to the blog. Normal service will resume shortly lol!

In the past, I’ve always taken the easy route when it comes to travel insurance for my trips abroad. Take whatever the online travel company (Expedia), or the airline offer, and leave it at that. I knew I was paying extra for the privilege, but alright, I could do it all in one, so… What I hadnt realised is just how much extra I was paying out.

So this time around, after a bout of recent adverts concerning some cute “meerkats”, and their website they advertise for, I took a look at their comparison site. Single trip prices less than half what I’ve been paying, annual deals for less than I’ve been paying out (sometimes 3 times a year) with much the same cover. So no prizes for working out which route I’m going down this time, the ‘simples’ one. Brits at least will get that last comment lol. If not, just type ‘compare the meerkats’ into Google or somewhere, and watch some of the videos!

An annual is slightly more than 2 single trips, but I’m hoping to get to Ireland for some cricket next summer as well, so… If I dont, the difference is marginal anyway.

I know, these travel people have to make their money some way, but seriously…I’ve learnt my lesson, thats for sure. Just need to get it all sorted now, because 7 weeks from now, I will be on holiday, yay! Its funny, second summer running, the bank balance looks better than it really is, havent paid my share of the accom bill as yet. But I will do so… (in case Kate reads this lol)

So the music video, in tribute to those rich men, and their insurance profits,