Whats another year?

Yes, today marks a pretty depressing anniversary for me, its one year ago today that I took redundancy from my last job. Since then, apart from 2 weeks work, that I deeply regret taking, its been a long, hard battle to find another job. Oh fine, there have been a few spots (most of April, and pretty much from early September, to end of October) where I wasnt really searching over here, because I was either in the US, or knew I was going to be in the US, in the very near future, so no one was going to take me on, on that basis, but anyway…

Fine, I might have done some fairly lighthearted job searching while I was in the US, but practically, for me, I need sponsorship to be able to live, and work in the US, and on the whole, most firms are going to take the easier option, lets face it! Besides which, in April at least, I never imagined how hard it was going to be to get another job over here! Fine, I knew that my age might be an issue, and I know of at least one job where it was, and there might have been others who were more discreet about the matter, but its not been the only thing. Yes, the old girl has found the modern trend with recruiters to ask competency based questions, to be a bit of a challenge. Fine, I might be getting slightly better at them, but I still hate them, intently, all the same. I certainly never thought that one year on, I’d still be searching, I must admit!

But equally, do I regret my decision now, to take the redundancy money, and run? No, I dont! There have been some wonderful highlights in the year, that I could never have done, if I’d stayed in that job, so in that sense, I’m glad I’ve done it. I saw some wonderful sights, met some wonderful people, that never would have happened, but for that choice. Oh, and I got to stay in one wonderfully cute apartment in Hollywood, for 4 glorious weeks, something I will never forget, to my dying day, or until I manage to get back there, by some means, or another. And yes, I’ll still say it, after 5.5 weeks in LA, I still havent seen everything there! So if it had only been 1 week…shudder!

As to my job searches, I still tend to avoid anything involving selling, unless its of the gentlest kind. I’ve even up to now, avoiding these social media selling type things, as I’m sure I’m not mentally designed for such things, but… Fine, I’ve got to the point where if someone wanted to ignore my limitations, and offer me a job, I’d give it a go, though I have no idea how long I could stick it. I’d probably still search for something less personally stressful, I suspect.

But other than that, I’m open to all job offers, as long as its legal, just about anywhere! Yes, fine, I dont fancy Saudi Arabia, for the obvious reason, but I guess, if the money was right? No, probably not, but…Also, if anyone wants a beaten up, battered old female, to look after, and either care for, or fall in love with, try me! Fine, I come with issues, but if you like a challenge lol…Equally, and preferably, mind control me to fall in love with, or serve as your obedient slave, according to choice! I know, I’d love that being mind controlled stuff way too much, but anyway…

Right, video time. Big clue in the title, though I have no idea if this song was ever a hit across the Pond, maybe someone can tell me? Yes, whats another year? I hope thats not true, I dont think my body, or sanity could last another year of job hunting!