Just looking (for a part of) New England

Just a quick posting, so that you dont think I’m ignoring you. I’m not, its just that work is hell at present, and blogging comes well down the list of priorities, funnily enough. Hopefully, in a few weeks, I might get chance to blog from New England, instead of ‘Old’ England, but dont quote me on that, I have no idea, quite literally as to what is planned for my trip. Kate knows, James might know some of the details, but me, beyond landing at Logan Airport, not a clue!

I know I need the break, and some sleep, and lets leave it at that for now. Looking forward to escaping the insanity of work, and only regret will be the coming back afterwards, assuming I do lol! I know, I wish, but…

Ah, but just when you assume this is the umpteenth blog in the build up to my holiday, I’ll prove you wrong. How good is your memory? A few weeks back, I mentioned a writer going by the name of Big Daddy Five, and how good his stories were. Well suffice to say, many of those stories have vanished from the EMCSA for a good reason, he’s writing professionally. Oh, and in a story writer sense, he’s changed gender too, now going by the name of Teri Chetwood. But the gender change (as far as I know) is as fictional as the fabulous Cornwall sisters, Thea and Lacy, and all their friends. Thankfully I’m still reading all his/her stuff, I’d kill him/her if I couldnt lol!

Oh, and they’ve set up ‘in opposition’ with their own blog, probably far more entertaining than mine. You can find it at


If nothing else, its quite funny. And that leads me to the tenuous connection to this video, guess where the sisters originate from? Yes, Bangor, Maine, though given they are fictional, and now live most of the time in L.A, I wouldnt go hunting them down. I doubt I will get as far north as Bangor, but nothing would surprise me. Technically I shall pass right over the top of it, at about 30,000 feet, on the way into Boston.

Please note, Bangor is warmer at this time of year, as opposed to the video lol!


You took the words right out…

Gives a clue to the video, though this is about something a bit more than taking words out of your mouth.


Mind, as this article does point out, the success rate was somewhere between 10 and 40% in various tests, so its hardly yet at the point of scariness, but give them time, and I suspect…those numbers will go up lol. The original idea for this was to provide a brain-computer interface for those unable to use a computer by more traditional means.

But of course, anything that links the human mind to a computer offers other options, especially to those unscrupulous folk who might be tempted to extract information that way. And that led to this experiment, clearly. Of course, if you have some idea of what you’re involved in, its a whole different matter to a covert attack on your mind, but… and as I say, efficiency results are hardly dramatic yet, but again…

Still, this is still not strictly mind control, these people arent being made to do something they dont want to, well not literally anyway. Strictly they are, giving up private information to people they would rather not know it! And of course, for those inclined like me, it still wouldnt be the computer controlling your mind, or transforming your body into obedient robot lol! Again, probably in time they will, just a matter of how long I suspect?

Oh, and yes, before you ask, I love the headset, would love to give it a try, with or without controlling a computer while wearing it. And as for knowing that it was trying to seek details hidden within my mind, well its a mind control fetishist’s dream, isnt it? Helmet would still be better than headset lol!

The video, well a few months ago I promised some Meatloaf, and finally, here it is.


Its got to be perfect!

As many who know me from the Forums know at least, I’m a fan of baseball. Please, dont ask me why, I’ve no idea? Unless its because I played rounders when younger, and there is some similarity I guess? Though as far as I remember, pitches are a lot more gentle in rounders lol! Oh, and for my pain, and to make it worse, I’m a Seattle Mariners fan. Why, probably because its the first US city I fell in love with.

Most Americans already know, they arent going to win the World Series anytime soon. To be honest, they arent even likely to make the playoffs anytime soon either. So hey, when something good happens for the Mariners, I’m going to mention it. In all honesty, they probably have one star, a pitcher named Felix Hernandez, though to most Mariners fans, he’s just called King Felix. And this week, he threw what they call the perfect game, only the 23rd in Baseball history, and thats going back some time! Some might call it justice as the Mariners lost to a perfect game at home earlier this season. Oh, the victims of Felix, Tampa Bay.

No, I didnt see it until tonight, and then all I’ve seen is the most important 27 pitches, the one on the video here. I heard mention of the end of it, was watching  a game on ESPN America opposite it (Think it was Dodgers @ Giants?) and they picked up on it through the last couple of innings. Oh, and mlb.com helps too, with their gameday thing.

Alright, they are going to finish bottom of their division, almost certainly have a losing record and all that, but for one night, the Mariners hit the headlines. Well alright, you might say a 6 pitcher combo ‘no hitter’ earlier this season also made the highlights, but this is kind of special. Thanks Felix, for giving me a special moment

Yes, you’ve worked out the video lol


Last word on the Olympics

One of the rare double postings, but seems apt.

Well alright, I thought I’d finished on this subject, but this morning someone pointed out this article on one of the forums I visit, and hey, its an LGBT issue, so lets roll with it.


No, its not that I object to this in the slightest, just the opposite in fact, I’m proud of their stance. But what I am sad about, is that this is news! Please, does it matter if the best Olympians in the world are gay, lesbian or even hetro? Hey, they can be asexual like me for all I care! But no disrespect, do we in all honesty think only 23 competitors at this Olympics were lesbian or gay? I dont, but anyway…thats all that are prepared to out (awful term) themselves to the world. Clearly there are no transgender people there, the gender test would find them out nowadays, though you do have to wonder about some of the East German, and Soviet female participants in the past lol! I suppose in theory an ftm transitioner could take part, but lets face it, its not going to happen. I suppose transgender people could take part in the equestrian events (where both genders compete in one event), but as its generally a rich person’s event…probably not!

Not that other sports are any better, I know of 1 professional male cricketer who has said he is gay, no current soccer players that I know of. One in the past did come out, but received so much hatred, he eventually commited suicide. I suspect the ‘Big 4′ American Sports have hardly anyone between them, if any at all.

Lesbians, yes, I’m sure there are a number, if I only knew. Tennis players, a safe bet there are some, one is even on the list of medallists here. Not as many as there are, thats for sure, or to the same extent as some years ago, but… Besides, Lesbians face a slightly less challenging situation in that position than gay men do. Not perfect, just easier.

I only know of one leading transgender sports person, and calling her leading might be kind. Yes, Renee Richards, female tennis player, and thats it.

Hopefully one day in the future, sexuality of whatever style will be a matter of irrelevance, though I suspect not in the next few years at least. And yes, alright, equality in so many issues for Trans people would be nice too, but again, I wont be holding my breath for it to happen.

So, to the video. What you have to remember with this, is that it comes from the late 70′s, when things were far worse than now. Not that now is perfect, but far, far better than they were back then. Hopefully in 30 years from now, people will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about, but for now…


Its been a long player

That in joke might sail past any younger readers, but in the good old days, when you bought an album, or LP (long player, as they were known when I was young) they played at 33 1/3 rpm. And yes, 33 days from now, I wont be here in England, at least for a week, guaranteed! Well, I suspect I will come back at that point, as I have a return air ticket, but I wouldnt mind…lol!

Its a funny thing, by the time I was 9 or 10, I had a very decent collection of singles to my name, but not a single LP. Principally because at that time I wasnt actually buying my music, just choosing the singles I wanted, and that was the cheaper option. Therefore I was about 14 before I bought my first album, and must have had well over 100 singles by then. No, 40 years on, I’m not sure which was the first. If you twisted my arm, it would either be Osmonds, or Partridge Family/David Cassidy related I suspect? But as I say, dont quote me on that! I soon moved on to the likes of Gerry Rafferty, and Glam rock stuff, thats for sure lol! Though “The Plan” by the Osmonds certainly wasnt teeny bopper stuff, that much I do remember. “Crazy Horses” was probably one of the first ‘ecological’ releases, and on that album.

No, its a great song, but if you want to find it, you’ll need your own You Tube link lol! See if you can find “Are You Up There?” from the same album, if thoughtful religious perspective is your scene.

But no, after that piece of whimsical musing, this is really about what happens 33 days from now, a break from the insanity of work, for a wonderful week, with great friends across in the US, cant wait.

And musically tonight, two for the price of one, albeit the same song.

Firstly, the original, and well known version of this song, and tribute to a great singer recently taken from us


Ironically, they hadnt planned to record it, the plan was for another wonderful group from my young years to do so, The Seekers. They finally did in 2002, after Maurice Gibb’s death as a tribute, and here that is too.


The clue, think of a certain New England State, lol 😉


One of us reviews

Its just one of those things that I never realised fascinated so many people. What, you’re asking, my review marking scheme for the EMCSA updates, thats what.

I came home late last night, after a long shift, and a further delay due to the train running late (shock horror, I know) to find that someone at the MC Forum had tried to crack the method I use to rate stories on an enjoyment level. Funny thing was, he’d got it totally wrong! Maybe it was a man thing, but he’d assumed my ratings related to the sex factor of the story, when in fact, thats the last thing that would ever appeal in a story to me.

Strangely enough, at 11.30 last night, beyond telling them how hopelessly wrong he was, I left it at that, with a promise that this morning, I’d give them some idea as to how its done. Snag is, its not an exact science rating stories, and as has been shown recently, when a story was revised a few years on from the original, I gave it different grades! Maybe the revised one was better, but I suspect its more likely it was just my mood when I read it. I’m not really a robot lol, after all!

What really got me though, was just how popular the thread was, both before I posted, and answered, are authors really that dependent on my remarks? I’m only one reader after all, so…I guess that I am the one who posts most reviews though! But I’d hate to think that all authors would just write to pander to my tastes, all the same. But OK, its nice to know they are appreciated so much all the same.

The video, well, I almost decided not to bother, as I couldnt think of anything suitable, and then I came up with this very tenuous one


Hall of fame

Its funny, this seems to be very much an American idea that hasnt yet caught on over here. Pretty thankful for that in all honesty, as I can think of nothing worse than mentally challenged football (soccer version) players over here trying to make speeches. Mind, with there egos, everyone of them would probably think they should be in the Hall of Fame anyway! But besides…

The only one I’ve actually been to so far, is what I would term one of my lesser interests, the NHL one, in Toronto. But yes, it was interesting to see all the history there, especially some of the equipment they used in the dim, distant past, quite frightening how little protection they really had! Clearly the 2 of more interest to me would be the MLB one, and the one that is the reason for this blog today, the NFL.

I know, not everybody can be in it, but seriously, no Jim Plunkett, thats the big omission for this fan of the game. Well alright, Steve Tasker too, but that might be more biased lol! But what happens of more significance this weekend, as long as the inductions, is the first game of pre season, strangely enough called the Hall of Fame game! Made more interesting, given all the furore this spring, by the fact that New Orleans are in it. But Sean Payton isnt lol! Anyway, enough of all that…

What it does mean is that its only 5 weeks to full season starting, and something for us NFL fans to look forward to. Maybe Buffalo can even make the play offs this year, I’m more hopeful than in recent years, it has to be said. No, I cant see us winning the division unless something happens to Tom Brady, but play off chances, most definitely. Will I be saying that in a few months time, lets wait and see! Hopefully I will get to see the Bills on TV at some point this season at least.

The song, what could be more apt this weekend, than…


A gentleman in my life

No, not in real life before anyone gets excited or shocked, just someone I regard as a very special friend at the MC Garden.

Unlike many of my previous personality postings here, I know very little about the man known as Legion at the Garden, so dont expect the sort of eulogy that James, Jo or Kate got from me, I dont know enough about him for that. So lets go with what I do know…

In real life, I know he lives somewhere in the Atlanta area, and according to his profile, he’s in his late twenties. I have to assume these are true, but thats about it.

What I do know about him is that he is an absolute gentleman, having been very kind to me, someone he equally barely knows on more than one occasion. And no, I’m not going to tell you what he’s done, other than to say I was exceedingly touched when he did. What he also does very well, and is far too modest about it, is write super short little stories, for those who offer him morsels of words at the Garden. These are layered towards personal tastes, so no one will be surprised to know that “several” of mine have either included robots, or a certain famous lady born in the state of Kansas, and of course, flappers in general.

What I do know is that he doesnt just flit out a few words, he looks into the subject matter. The last piece for me, based around Cherryvale, absolutely proved that. The thing is, he either doesnt realise how good a writer he is, or doesnt want to admit how good he is, I have no idea which. I (as have others) have tried to get him to post something, but no joy… I also know that if I was ever to get interested in a man again, someone like him(or the image he creates at least) would make a wonderful partner. But no, he’s half my age, and I’m asexual nowadays, so…

But I just felt it was about time to really show my appreciation to the man known as Legion in words, and this is it.

The song, well, he treats me as a lady at least, even if some who know me might laugh at that image, but thats why I’ve chosen this song, from a little while back (err, 40 years ago)