Do the train commute with me!

Oh fine, I know, you’ve been waiting a week to hear the news about the job, but now I’ve got something else I want to tell you about, so…Fine, you can wait until tomorrow to hear about that!

Well, the good, and obvious news, I’ve survived the first week back at work, after too long away from it. Equally, I cant say I’ve enjoyed in the slightest, the need to be up before 5.45 in the morning to get to work, but fine, I’m getting there. In fact, frighteningly, so far the journeys to work havent been too bad. Had a couple of not so great journeys home (buses, not trains), but that was principally down to road works in town, and not the inabilities of First Huddersfield, though that may be being kind to them?

As to work, its been fine, but given the whole week (and next week) is dedicated to training, I’d be surprised if that wasnt the case at present. I’m the oldest in the group of 9, by far, and with the exception of one other, all are 24 or younger! Lets just say 3 are very loud, and leave it at that! No, sadly, I havent yet seen any sign of a silver bodysuit that we are expected to wear, or been told that the headset will have interesting effects on the mind, but I can hope I get offered that option at the end of next week lol! Headset is actually wireless, so I’m told, that will be interesting at least.

Alright, what other job related news can I tell you? I’ve been to other work places where tea, and coffee is provided for free, but this is the first (and probably last) place I’ve known where you’re provided with lunch for free! Yes, seriously, apart from travel card, I havent paid for anything all week! Just a sandwich/roll (and fruit option), but that suits me fine, so…For those fascinated, still waiting to hear on checks for other job at the moment.

OK, the video. Well, it vaguely resembles the blog title, shall we say? And no, short of mind control being used on me, or being rejuvenated into a 20 year old sex kitten, I’m not wearing a dress like this for commuting, at any time! Sheesh, how old is Kylie then, but…? Wow!

Friday (and Saturday) night

As some of my readers will know, I live in one town in West Yorkshire, and work in another, about 15-20 miles or so away. As I dont drive, I carry out this journey (unless I finish at 10 pm) by a delight known as public transport. This involves getting a bus, and a train, which can be ‘entertaining’ to say the least. Not for good reasons, rush hour commuting can be called a lot of things, but fun is rarely one of them!

But working in a call centre, I work a variety of what we shall call, varied shifts, so sometimes I miss the crush one way or another, but in a sense, that is when the real entertainment can start! Most of the week, in the evening, it doesnt matter when you travel, there will be a few people around, generally other shift workers, like me, just trying to get home. But then again, there are 2 ‘animals’ known as Friday, and Saturday evening, when it seems a good number of the population seem to either get drunk directly after work (prevalent on a Friday), or go out to get drunk (principally on a Saturday, though I suspect if I had to get a train after 10 on a Friday, I might meet them too) and then get a train home!

Yes, there are a lot of loud, drunk people about, and it really isnt my scene. But fine, they’re generally harmless (one VERY minor incident), but when you’ve done a 9-10 hour shift, the last thing you need is an off tone drunk singing somewhere in the vicinity, often something as banal as the name of his football team, over, and over again!

I know, I’m old, and getting older, but I cant understand what pleasure these people get, in getting ridiculously drunk, and presumably waking up the next morning with an incredible hangover? I know, I was probably boring (still am, really) but beyond one occasion (In Jersey, on holiday, with my friend), I dont think I’ve ever got really drunk in my life! But I must be resilient (or was back then), as after being sick, I was fine, and indeed had a full cooked breakfast about an hour later, with no after effects! But these people seem to do it week after week, probably twice in a weekend, and I just dont see it.

Ironically, the only 2 times I’ve felt in any danger when commuting were both on a Sunday afternoon/early evening. One, I caught the same train as a large number of football fans, returning from a game in Newcastle (many pretty drunk) and the atmosphere was charged to say the least. When I got off, all the police on board headed for one carriage, I gather trouble had already broken out, or was about to!

The other was actually at a bus stop, got mildly assaulted (pretty much just groped) by a man, clearly drunk as I was trying to get on. Having tried to protect myself from him, by hitting back, I found myself shoved down on to the entry area of the bus, and him proclaiming loudly. Thankfully the bus driver, shoved him off, drove off, and I never saw him again. Well, not strictly…a week or two later, in the local paper, was an article about a man attacking someone on the train, who got off at Huddersfield. Yes, they had a CCTV picture, and it looked a LOT like him!

So fine, I might drink the odd glass of alcohol, once in a while, but thats it. Getting drunk, no chance! But some seem to enjoy it, I just cant see why.

The video, well its Friday night, so…