And I’m getting old…

I guess I am actually, I’ll be 55 in just under 4 weeks time, and when I look back I do wonder at just how little I’ve done with my life, but I guess that feels the same for so many? Anyway, I hope I’ve got a few years left before old age, illness, or something else takes me from this world. Its funny, because there was a while back when thats what I wanted to happen, without getting old. But enough of that anyway, those days seem to thankfully have passed.

No, the reason why I’m feeling old today, is the sad news I read this morning of one of my favourite sitcom actors, Richard Briers, who died overnight at the age of 79. Emphysema, brought on by smoking too many cigarettes, something he openly admitted. Funny, isnt it, same thing which killed Louise Brooks, a few months short of reaching 79 herself.

Funny thing here is, given that many of my readers here are American, if I mention the name of his most famous series, The Good Life, it would mean nothing. Some of you may have heard of the series, Good Neighbors though, and yes, its the same thing. He did appear in several of the Branagh series of films based on Shakespeare plays, so some might know him from that.

But in the mid to late 70’s, he was a real sitcom comedy star. it helped he worked with many great foils to his talent, but in all truth, he was the leader of the pack. And as a late teen, I would watch most things he appeared in. Or indeed narrated, but I will save you the delights of Roobarb (aka Roobarb and Custard, which some might declare an acquired taste lol), though if you want to find it, there seems to be a few episodes on You Tube.

RIP Richard, you will be missed by me.

The video. No, its not got Richard Briers in it, but the shrewdies amongst you might have worked it out from the title. And its not a studio performance, its actually a live one, all the way from the state of Kansas, what more could I ask? Just proves that 40 years on, Neil Young still performs this song so well