Taken too young

This is one of those blogs that just needed to be written, and came about because of something I read earlier today.

On this weeks update at the EMCSA, is a story aptly called “In Memory”, and though I didnt write it, its still something special to me. Why, its from the Sara Castle memorial exhibition that I ran back in March, a year after her untimely death, at far too young an age. No, before you check, Castle was not her real surname. I know what it was, but again no, I’m not telling, even now.

I dont know why this one, rather than any of the others reposted set me off on memories, but thats all beside the point. It might well be because its the sort of story I know she would have loved, but thats just guessing? Anyway, just thought it was worth mentioning, and eulogising over.

But before anyone says I’m too focussed on that issue, lets turn to the music video tonight, and someone who was taken from us at an even younger age, just 30. I suspect many nowadays will just say “Who?” when the name Jim Croce is mentioned, hardly surprising, he died in an airplane crash nearly 40 years ago. Indeed, but for a DJ back then (and TV presenter now) named Noel Edmonds, I might do the same. Sadly, I only discovered him that way after he had already died. This isnt the only name that he helped me to find, the other most notable (and also taken too young) being Harry Chapin, but there were others.

This song though, seems rather apt as a testimony to all these people (and others) who were taken from us too young