Not a model, but hopefully looking good

OK, before we get to the bit in the title, lets do the begging bit!

So fine, I have decided (in a moment of craziness) to actually launch a fund raising campaign, to at least partly (and hopefully more) pay for the costs of formally changing my name to Miss Stephanie Harlean Carpenter. Has a nice ring to it, doesnt it? Works all ways around, as those who know me as Steph can still call me that, but I can also legitimately use the name Harlean, as and when I want to. Lets face it, how many people use their middle name anyway? 😉

No, this campaign doesnt involve donating large sums of money, at a quick costing (allowing for fees, and things), £120 should be enough, though if it goes slightly over, it would be good. Fine, I know it wont, but no harm in hoping. Indeed, anything beyond what one wonderful friend has already donated would be quite something!

Fine, the link Even a couple of pounds will help, so please be kind, though more would be wonderful. But given that most reading this only know me through the blog, ah well…

Right, begging over, well in terms of giving to me at least.

Tomorrow night, I’m off to a fashion show. Its for a charitable cause in Leeds to sort of launch the studio for the people who I had my 2 photo shoot sessions with. Why sort of? Because its to launch the new studio, even if it has been operational for a while, this is the formal launch. No, I’m not modelling, just part of the audience, but it should be fun. The link, even though I know most readers of this arent local to me, is (apologies if you dont have Facebook, but its the only link I can find). Please check tickets remain before just turning up, just saying…

Yes, I will be there, using my old name, though if anyone calls me Harlean, I probably wont blink!

Lastly, the video. This is a Kraftwerk song, but this is definitely not their version! It is in German, but I’m sure you can cope, I prefer it that way anyway.


Ice, ice buckets

To be honest, its been pretty hard to miss the latest trend to hit the charity world, the ice bucket bath! It started off with celebrities doing it, and then the general public picked up on it, and sheer stupidity commenced.

Given the droughts in California at present, the amount of water that celebrities out there have been throwing over themselves, purely for publicity, is pretty depressing. So fine, in the bigger picture, those gallons might not have made all the difference, but even so…

Alright, it might be an age, and health thing, or it might just be that I’m not a fan of these crazy things, or the hype that goes with them. I give money to charity, the ones I want to support, by simply giving money, and not making any fuss about it. Breast cancer, LGBT issues, and a few other good personal causes are what I choose to support, not the latest cool (in this case, very cool) trend started by celebs, in a desperate bid to revive their career.

Most of my friends who have done the challenge took the hint, and didnt nominate me. Either because I had made it VERY clear that I was more likely to kill the person nominating me, than actually throw a bucket of cold water over my head! But there had to be one…

Yes, someone at work, who likes to tease me, nominated me. And yes, remarkably, at present, he’s still alive! But believe me, pressing me to get it done is more likely to get him an early funeral, than me being doused in a bucket of cold water.

To be frank, I cant see the point? I dont have a mobile phone, so I have no way of filming it, and for most, that seems to be the main part of the entertainment. I know, therefore, in theory, I could tell him its done, and leave it at that, but why should I need to?

The one Harlow connection to all this, she used ice on a part of her body, her nipples, just before shooting a sexy scene, presumably to make them stand up, and peek out. No, I have no idea what thats like, I havent tried to be sexy in years! Even then, in theory, if my partner couldnt get me going…Thats about the only reason I can see for throwing iced water over my top, another Harlow fulfilment, and one, like those scary eyebrows, I’m not rushing to match.

The video. Sorry, its one of the most awful songs of all time, but it fits for this

If you have a few spare pennies, cents or whatever

In a sense this fits in more with ‘my’ blog, but given that gets barely half the views that this one does, lets go down this road.

You see, at work, there is this really nice guy called Jake. No, nothing of that sort, before you get excited, he’s taken, I’m not interested, so all in all, but he’s fun to work with, all the same. Besides which, probably wisely, he’s leaving for a new job at the end of the month!

So why mention him? Well, starting off tomorrow, he, and another guy I dont know at all, are cycling across from coast to coast, to raise money for the Wakefield Hospice, a cancer charity over here. The link to donate is

Just say Merry Brooks sent you, and he’ll probably kill me!

Its over 200 miles, something I could never have done (admittedly a lot of that relates to medical issues) and it deserves support. Yes, I have given, and yes, I regularly support the Hospice charity shop in Wakefield too.

He’s reached 85% of his sponsorship target, lets see if this can help him hit it.

The video, very apt, and no, the woman on the bike isnt me, one of my medical issues is balance, I couldnt ride one without stabilisers lol!