Its time to bob my hair!

And maybe paint my toes too, though I will have to see on an appointment for that, and arranging that at such short notice might be fun! There is also the issue of cost as well! Yes, I know its not that expensive, but throw in that I need the brows waxed too, and not knowing how short a flapper dress (see video) I might be expected to wear next Friday in Blackpool, maybe the legs need doing to? Thankfully they arent hairy, so I might pass on that, but the brows, oh dear! Yes, hazard of only being able to work a 4 day week, on a 5 day week expenses!

In truth, the main thing I need to do though, is get my hair done! Yes, its due to be colored (what, you thought I was a natural blonde. lol?) again, and its also the time to take the shears to it, though scissors will probably have to suffice. Well, you see…

The last time my hair really got cut was about 18 months ago. It did get the ends chopped off last November, but that really has been it. Thing is, at my age, your hair doesnt grow so quick, so no, its not down my back or anything, though it is (just about) longer than the back of my neck at present. I started growing it out nearly a year earlier than then, because of the wedding last September, and my normal 30’s cut would be a bit short if my hair needed to be put up, or anything. So I let it grow, and grow…

Last November, I asked my lovely hairdresser when last coloring it, to cut it a lot shorter. I think she thought I meant the usual take the ends off stuff, and I thought fine, I’ll roll with that, but now…Yes, its starting to get annoying!

Anyway, I have already warned her that I want dramatic change this time, given the 2 20’s events I have coming up, and that I want it bobbed. No, I’m not going in for the boyish bob, a la Louise Brooks, or anything as dramatic as that, but a lot shorter, and a lot sleeker, most definitely! I’m too boyish looking for the Brooks look, even with my boobs! But something far more flapper like, most definitely. So yes, tomorrow, for the last time for a while, I’ll go into work with a mop of unruly hair, and then shock them on Friday (hopefully) with the new flapper me! No, I’m not going to wear a short dress or anything, its March, in Yorkshire, not August in California lol! Not that I’m sure a woman of my age should be showing off her knees any more, but I guess I might be on Friday week anyway? 😉

But yes, assuming I can get my new dress taken up in time (its too long, even on a relatively tall woman like me!), I will be the perfect flapper on Saturday, and I might be a more saucy flapper a week on Friday. Might definitely have to let Clara Johnson take control of my thoughts if its that short lol, she probably wouldnt care!

I cant get anyone an invite to Saturday, unless already on list, but if you’re in the Blackpool area, and are free on the evening of the 16th March, and want to flirt with a flapper (kidding, at my age) then head here, and book your tickets, its for a good cause.

I know, wont work for most readers, but if it does…?

Yes, lets just say that the more mature flapper, with the long(ish) bob haircut could well be me!

So, video time. Well, beat the drums because here comes thoroughly (non) modern Harlean now! Just remember when watching this, Angela Lansbury was on the wrong side of 40 when this was filmed!

One way, or another

I’m going to get that black bob, Louise Brooks look! Well, close enough anyway.

lets face it, as I’ve mentioned before, I could never get that famous fringe naturally nowadays, I’m too old, the hair is a bit gone in the front, and besides which, nowadays I’m blonde! I do actually have my hair styled as a bob, but its slightly longer than hers, and the fringe…forget it!

But there is one way of getting it, even if it is a bit of a cheat, a wig! And guess what, I actually bought one yesterday, though again, its a longer style than she was generally seen with, simply because I have to cover up my own hair! But yes, its got that fringe 😀

No, I dont honestly know when I will wear it, beyond the Christmas do, and if that is the only time, then it counts as a silly purchase. I may well do it again at some other point, and the odds are good that it may well reappear at next years do, and might even get to travel to Kansas in the interim.

In a sense, I want to wear it sooner, but I know that like the dress, it really should wait its turn, shouldnt it? 😉

But yes, I can finally pull off the Brooksie look, even if it is cheating. Who cares?

The video, well, as is so often the case, the clue is in the title!

Flapper Girl

So, here we are, one blog away from the Louise Brooks birthday blog on Thursday, when she would be 107, if she had ever lasted that long! No, not many do, and indeed she passed away nearly 30 years ago now.

The funny thing is, she is often seen as the archetypal flapper girl, when in fact, she was nothing of the sort. The look was around to some degree by the end of the 1890’s, as this article at Wikipedia shows

Though of course it didnt become really popular until the 1920’s, when Brooks, along with many others, took up the new fashionable look. Though to some degree, if you asked people in the street to name a famous flapper girl, her name would probably come up countless times.

It came about through emancipation of course, and the slight (by modern standards at least) liberation of women, that was originally created by the need for them to work during WW1. Of course, the biggest irony of it all, they decided on a very boyish look. Well, apart from the short dresses, and the heels, but the haircut, and the flat chested look, oh absolutely.

To say it was a sign of decadence is clear, the way it died off at the time of the Wall Street Crash makes that clear. But all the same, things had started to change, even if it took until the 1960’s before any real liberation movements took hold again. In fact, by the time of Brooks’s last film in 1938, Overland Stage Raiders (also starring a young John Wayne), the bob was gone, and her hair was medium length. I’ve seen it, it looks strange at first, but you get used to it, lol!

In fact, if you think about it, its amazing that despite everything, the bob has lasted through the years, even if the style might have changed slightly in that period. But the change in female looks, and attitude that came out in that post war period, will never be quite repeated, because hopefully it will never need to. Doesnt mean the look still cant be fashionable today though. Anyone would think I was planning to wear a flapper style dress at the work Christmas do, or something!

And lets face it, and I’m one that buys them, the whole Betty Boop thing is still popular today, and her calendar is again on my wall this year, and probably will be next year too.

The video is by a group I know little about, beyond what Wikipedia tells me. But seeing they’ve won a couple of Grammies, had sell out tours, and seem highly popular they must be doing well. This song, well it just fits in so well

Boop, boop a doo!

Reality TV

Normally I avoid “Reality TV” like the plague. All its cast offs too, relating mainly to pop music as well, just cant stand the fakeness of most of them to be honest. In fact I take the best route possible, and try not to think about them at all, though its not easy at times, due to the fact that people will actually bet on these series, the live ones at least, and whether by accident, or connivance, the pre recorded ones as well, like The Apprentice. As I say, I try to avoid them.

But then, in one of my contests this month, someone wrote a story loosely based around a reality TV series called Survivor. No, but for Wikipedia, I wouldnt have a clue what the real version was like. Dont quote me on it, but I’m not sure it  even exists this side of the Atlantic. (UK, for those not coming here through the forums) But lets face it, for the story written, it was the entertainment factor I was looking for, not details about said programme.

The only one I’ve seen anything of, is Big Brother, the UK version, and in all honesty, only snippets of the first couple  of series. As mentioned, I cant stand these programmes, it was just there were a couple of entertaining characters in then, and it was before the ‘fame for 15 minutes brigade’ took it over as well. I know to some degree, allegedly, these people do suffer a bit, but not enough imo. And lets face it, with things like X-Factor, we get to suffer afterwards when they think they might really be pop stars!

But yes, I’d like to see them really suffer. Can you imagine our modern, pampered twenty somethings coping with life as it was a hundred years ago? Hope you’re laughing at the thought as much as I am! To be honest, I suspect taking them back 40 or 50 years in living standards would be more than enough to see most fall at their knees. You want a phone, use the phone box. TV, 3 channels, and make the most of it. Anyone remember how large computers were, even back in the eighties? Not sure how far back you go for the first commercial microwave ovens, but its not that far, I suspect?

And all that is just going back 40 years, lets face it. You imagine the modern generation living only with what was around in the 20’s or 30’s, say? I know, I know, attitudes have changed a lot, but…It might at least make reality TV entertaining trying to see them cope in that situation, instead of the modern settings. Even I might watch some of the mirth that might cause!

Alright, the video. Given the Brooksie side of my nature, I’m only amazed I didnt think of this before, as its probably the film that most relates to that whole era, or was until “The Artist” came along at least. So beat the drum, because here comes ‘Thoroughly Modern Stevie” now!

Apologies for the film titles, but it was the most decent version I could find, and I do love the Julie Andrews facials, and general expressions in this

Pretty in pink?

aka Whatever happened to Molly Ringwald?

Alright, 90% of this blog has nothing to do with the film, but I still think its a pertinent question!

Most of it actually relates to events today, and on Thursday, before anyone asks. The pretty in pink bit, well the colour scheme for the company dinner this year is black, and yes, you guessed it, pink! I’ve got a pink top I will be wearing, though which one depends on how warm the weather is , on Thursday. Black trousers and jacket though, as then I can be comfortable in flats, as opposed to being hopeless in heels if I wore a dress lol!

Ah, today, yes, the hair extensions are now in, and got a bob hairstyle into the deal, even if the fringe is far more limited than the delectable Ms Brooks would manage, but blame that on my hair, not her. And alright, I’m blonde, but hey, arent they supposed to have more fun? 😉 All I’m prepared to say at this point is that it looks, and feels great, and there are pics, which I might post sometime when I dont mind disappointing my fans as to how dull (and butch) I look in real life, as opposed to the image of Robotunit8 they probably have lol. And no, not a hint of silver anywhere on my body either!

Maybe if I’m asked nicely, and bribed accordingly…?

Mind, if I were to find a pink flapper style dress…nope!

Still wondering what happened to Molly Ringwald though? 😛

I hate to be the bearer of bad news (or good, if you see it that way?), but this will very likely be the last posting here for nearly a week. 4 late (or lateish) shifts for the rest of the week, and no internet at all on Thursday evening, as I will be otherwise engaged. Friday isnt too bad, but as I will be trying to catch up on at least 36 hours of stuff, you get my drift?

How many are assuming Psychedelic Furs at this point? Wrong! 😛 Its a song from the movie though, and you might just recognise the group name too, I’ve played their music here before, one very famous song does come to mind. Its not the official video, its shots from the movie coupled with a great OMD song, hope you like.

‘Cause I’m a blonde

Silliness blog alert…

Well alright, only because its coloured that way, but anyway… Snag is, in terms of volume, and in terms of hair at the front, its as thin as the naturalness of me being a blonde. Well alright, not quite that thin, but as a couple know, it wouldnt qualify as Dolly Parton type volume lol. Alright, nowadays some of her’s is a wig, but… what, surely you knew? 😉 I’m not as big as Dolly is naturally somewhere else, but thats beside the point!

Yes, you can cheat. If I wanted a pair like Dolly, I could use enhancers. I could also have cosmetic surgery, but thats expensive, and rarely looks natural anyway! I might actually use enhancers sometimes, but not that often in public. You can also cheat on the hair. If you can get, and afford a really good wig (and Dolly clearly can), then you can go down that route. But the more modern thing (and even at my age I can try to be modern) is to give hair extensions a try.

No, I’m not going for the Rapunzel look, with hair halfway down my back and all that, though I suspect it might end up longer than now all the same. Hopefully it will give me more volume on top (needed, especially for social events at this time of year), and hopefully I can get more of a natural looking, and longer fringe than at present. How well it all works out, ask me after Tuesday! I’d love for it all to work out so well that I can go for a long bobbed look, but that might be a step too far I suspect?

The other option would have been to book in at a hair salon in Chrystal Heights, but the snag is, the only place I can find that is in some wonderful fiction lol! Mind, if I did, I’d probably have the Dolly Parton type boobs thrown in as part of the deal, wanted or not! As some know, I have a wonderful lady who looks after my nails (with colour), my face (with facials), and my back and knees (poor things) with plenty of massages. She is also quite a wonder with make up, which will be handy on Thursday too. No, I dont do it myself, well hardly ever, mainly because I have a slight tremor in my hands, so doing anything delicate is a bit too much of a tricky operation for me. So when an important event comes round, she gets the call. As is my current thing, I mentioned a 20’s look (cant think why…) but how practical it is, will have to wait and see, have left the details in her very capable hands. A blonde version of LB would be wonderful, but making me look that good would either need a miracle, or a Chrystal Heights type transformation lol.

Oh, the video, you really want one? 😉 I think the title of this gives it away really. So, here is Julie Brown, from Earth Girls Are Easy, this is your moment.


A week off work

Yes, just a couple more days to go, then I’ve got a week off work, something to do with having to take all your holidays by March, and not having taken very much so far! Incredibly I’ve still got nearly 2 weeks to take on top of this before then as well. I pretty much always take ‘next week’ off, as it coincides with someone’s birthday here, and that ensures I’m around to celebrate it. Also, it gives me time to go shopping for his birthday present as well. And yes, alright, to do the Christmas shopping as well, not that there is too much of that nowadays.

Sadly, as far as I know, I wont be getting brainwashed, robotised, or anything else interesting next week, but hopefully something might pop up, but wont be holding my breath lol! I am booked in for a massage session on my back though, probably more important at present! Its down to a more mild pain now, but will still be glad to get it worked on all the same.

Beyond a trip to Manchester (the UK one, as James pointed out elsewhere) to do the shopping, I havent much planned in advance, but thats nothing new with me. I’m hoping (weather permitting) to fit in at least a couple more days out somewhere during the week, but no fixed plans where. I also want to try and get some writing done, if I get the chance, but that will depend on events I guess?

Ironically, it might not be mind control stuff, well not directly at least, but that seems a direction I seem to be heading more towards, judging by the last 2 serious efforts I made. I suspect I’ve been watching the OMD video of Pandora’s Box too much of late, because I’m getting a 20’s thing in my head. The video is probably also to blame for Louise Brooks appearing in some of my dreams of late too. So yes, I want to try and write something set then, I suspect the ‘flapper’ look will definitely get worked into it. Ms Brooks, well maybe she will, though if she does, I suspect the name might be changed just ever so slightly, Ms Crooks maybe? 😉 Do wish my hair was longer, and stronger at the front, I’d probably give the bob look a try too, I’m sure she’s influencing/mind controlling me in some way lol!

The video, with much gratitude to Jo, I’m going to post one she put up on the Garden for me, and Heather to enjoy. I know its poaching, but I havent got time for a video hunt at present before work!