Who did the interview, and what sort of staff do they want?

One of the traits of modern interviews, is the competency test, where you have to describe how you cope with various situations, and I hate them. So, given my ‘fine record’ in them recently, I decided to try something different on Friday, knowing it was going to happen.

Basically, I let ‘Jean-Bot’ loose in my mind, and literally gave her full rein to play with my mind, and tweak things accordingly, so that I could do better at these things. She’s bubbly, full of confidence (well, she is Jean Harlow, so…), and well, I thought there was no harm in trying something new. I couldnt let her do the interview though, as she does talk with a fine Kansas accent, and that might have taken some explaining away, for someone born in the UK!

So I gave her 5 minutes, just before I went in, to do as she wished, with no restraint from me. Whatever, it worked, best interview I’ve done this time around, and all that. Full of confidence, full of answers, so…no, I havent heard yet, either way, but at least this time I know I havent messed up the interview, which is great.

The other thing that amused me, was something new for me at least, a personality profiling test. About 25 groups of 4 descriptive terms, you mark the one that matches you most, and the one that matches you least, and…! There were a few terms there that amused me greatly, those being controlled, obedient, and submissive. I’m pretty sure mindless was there too, but dont quote me on that. Seriously, what kind of training methods do they use? Yes, it amused my science fiction writing self no end.

I will see with great interest (assuming I get the job) just how they do their training, but lets face it, if they want to turn me into a controlled, mindless and obedient worker, do you think I’m going to object in the slightest? 😉 Hey, I might almost be disappointed now if it isnt something like that lol!

“Please sit in this chair, let us put this headband covered in electrodes over your temples, and begin your training…”

I’d be the only one saying “Yes please, get on with it!”

The other amusing job interview moment this week was the whole ‘dressing in style’ thing. I went to an interview for a receptionist/PA role, and one of the 2 girls in front of me (we were being interviewed in pairs) was dressed in leggings, and boots, for a job interview! Seriously, when you’re trying to impress your potential employer? Ah well…

The video, well it sums up who took the interview. Was it me, or was it Jean-Bot pretending that I was in control. Might also sum up what I will be, after that training, if those personality profiling options are anything to go by!