Pasta my best?

Sorry for the corny Italian based pun here, though in truth, I probably am nowadays, lol!

Seemingly, in this marketing hyped world we live in nowadays, today is World Pasta Day. Why something as popular as Pasta actually needs a day, but given I dont complain about Ice Cream having its own day, I’d better be diplomatic on the matter.

Yes, despite having no Italian ancestry to my knowledge (as far as I know, only of Irish stock, and thats a while back), I like pasta, and am more than happy to have it a few times in a week. In fact, shockingly, for a woman of Irish ancestry, I actually prefer it to potatoes, much of the time, but besides that…

In truth, I have no idea when Italian food first came into my life, but it did, and its stayed there. I would imagine it was at some point in my teens, or more likely, my twenties, because it wasnt ‘big’ in the UK when I was a child, unlike now. Though yes, I definitely had Chinese meals as a child, but dont remember many other variations on British food before teens, though I suspect I must have done at some point, given my ‘other home’ proximity to Bradford!

But at some point it came into my life, and as they say, the rest is history! Oh, and I like pizza too! And guilty, I had lasagne tonight, even if it was one of those already prepared ones. But fine, I had an excuse to do so.

But yes, fine, just let me know when its World Robotization Day, OK? 😛

OK, video time. In terms of Italian music hitting the UK charts, it seemingly hasnt happened much. And when it has, it tends to be an English translation version, not the original Italian one. Oh, and when it has, generally the songs have been pretty forgettable, but anyway…

Right, I’m putting this version up first for a good reason, to get it past the Facebook posting. Yes, the last one, I had issues due to the less than completely covered up style of the chorus line girls in the video. So playing careful here, with this…

Oh fine, for my adult readers, this is the version that will appeal more, I’m sure, but Facebook would have a fit over!