Boris, who I’d probably get for love

And no, before anyone works about me, no, not Johnson. Strictly, its Karloff, though you have to work back one step, for the authors name at least. The amusing thing is, I know him between by yet another name totally, and goodness only knows what name he uses for me. But enough of that, this blogs story piece is

Oh, and this shows how long I’ve known, and got along well with this guy for, as this is 13 years old!

My personal tip, read both, and probably some of his other stuff, you wont be disappointed!

But going back to his current story… I have in my time used a few messenger services, currently I stick to Facebook, and Twitter, though I used Yahoo a lot in the very old days. I’ve also used, jokingly, a couple of these romance finding sites, but never met anyone through them, but thats probably me, more than them. But fine, unless one of my contacts was Karloff, Lugosi, or Chaney, I’d probably pass anyway. Well, there is Rotwang, but besides that…

So no, I’ve never found a contact site quite like this one, for sure. Doubt I’d make a target now, anyway. And besides, if ‘Mr Pratt’ was involved, I’d probably end up with the most ridiculous pair of boobs if I did! Either that or I’d get the special deal and look like a stunning young lady, lol, though probably even then, with bigger boobs than average!

Its funny, ‘William’ is one of those people I’ve known, and enjoyed the online company of for many years, but that I know I’m never going to meet. We’d probably both be a disappointment to each other,but besides that…

Bless you, Geo, enjoy your moment of blog fame, lol.

OK, video time. Well, when do you go to dating agency sites. When you need to be…

Do you want me, baby?

Fine, much as I suspected, changing the advert on the dating agency to woman seeking woman, has proved a complete failure. I’ve not even had one message, let alone the chance of anything more! Funnily enough, one of the men I was talking to before is still in contact, but thats about it, and for whatever reason, he seemingly wants to do no more than chat, saying that I’m too far away, even if it is only about 20 miles!

Oh, and the guy from Houston who was so interested, not a whisper on when he’s actually coming to the UK, so I’ve written him off too! And until the passport actually arrives, I couldnt do much on that front either.

On that subject, funny story. On Monday, I got a letter from the passport office, asking me to prove I’d also changed my name on my driving licence, as no record of doing so had shown up. So I rang them, and told them the very good reason for that, I dont drive, therefore dont hold a driving licence, so I had no need to change it. She wasnt quite as shocked as people when I say I dont have a cell phone, but quite good, all the same. Anyway, I gather that was the last issue, so hopefully it will arrive soon. I hope so, as I have 1 registration to arrange when it does, and another that I will have to follow up with, after tomorrow, as another are doing an interim thing until it gets here, so they can put me forward for a job.

Right, thats not to say that the whole dating stuff has been a total waste of time, yet.

There is one wonderful gentleman from Long Island who is interested in me, actually a relative of Jean Harlow, roughly my age, so who knows, we might get together yet, and have a wonderful time. I’d love it if it happened, he seems wonderful, we both love the old movies, though our political views are a little way apart, lets leave it at that! Of course, if he wanted to change my mind on that, in a very special way, fine by me!

The other one, of significant interest, is also in the US. Yes, I know, very annoying, though I guess if it means in the end, I get into the country, then great, but planning things in the early stages…sheesh!

Not that he wants me as a partner, he wants me as a robot! Fine, its only going to be hypnotized to believe I am one, not the real thing, but anyway…about as good as is realistic, given modern technology. There are small issues at present, and no, not just the building of the robotization chamber, I wish!

Maybe I’m just being cynical, rather than wishful, but if you asked me honestly, I suspect I’ll end up staying a singleton, and not just because I’m a robot either! I guess I’d happily take either, but I must admit, genuinely being part of the Carpenter clan would be great. But equally, if I lived out the rest of my life, as a robot, no complaints whatsoever!

Oh, and being practical at present, if anyone reading this is feeling charitable to a beaten down, unemployed, middle aged lady, I wouldnt say no! More than happy to work for money, either as human, or a robot (ha ha), if that can be easily arranged. Just feeling the despair of seeing the bank balance dropping to less pleasant levels is doing nothing for my cheerfulness at present.

Lastly, the video,, what I seem to have said in an online sense of late, at least.

Waiting For A Girl Like You

Fine, I admit when I signed up to a dating agency, I thought I’d be boring, and straight, and advertise it as a woman seeking a man. And yes, it was an interesting experience, but as someone said to me, after I did it, after all this time, I’d be better off looking for another woman instead. And yes, maybe they were right? I still claim to be bi, but I suppose after all this time, the practical, and sensible choice would be another woman, right?

So fine, yesterday, I got around to changing the ad, so it reads woman seeking a woman. Funnily enough, the rush into the inbox is nowhere near as dramatic! In fact, the only message I’ve had since doing so, is from a man I was talking to beforehand, to apologise for having not been around! So I might have killed off my dating chances, but we will see? Thats not to say that if the right man came along, I couldnt swing back, because I could, but for now, its goodbye to that kind of love, as far as the advert goes at least!

Yes, in my dreams, a rich (or even well off) man, or woman, from Los Angeles will come and sweep me off my feet, turn me into their blushing bride, and we live happily ever after. But yes, this is real life, not a fairy tale, so not likely to happen, I’m pretty sure!

Anyway, hopefully, sometime soon, my Princess will come for me. No, I wont be holding my breath on that, but anyway…But yes, if any of you out there happen to know a Prince, or Princess looking for a fifty something bride, give them, me, or both of us, a shout. No, I wont be expecting that call, dont worry.

But at least now, I’m probably being truer to myself in that search, and thats for the best.

The video, what I’m hopefully doing, though I suspect it might be a fruitless wait, all the same

Money, thats what I want

Firstly, before we get to the serious part of the blog, for those who wish to know. The dating agency is fine for chat, but anything more than that, not very likely. I’ll give it a few more days, then either dip in, and see if the sapphic side brings any more joy, or just give up. I suspect it being a free site means there is less need to move things along, but anyway…

So, if anyone happens to know a wealthy (or moderately wealthy) person looking for a 57 year old partner in LA, either as an equal, or as a submissive, let them/me know, because that would be my dream!

Right, to the blog title.

Just after Christmas, I got head hunted (yes, even 57 year old people get it sometimes) by some financial advisory company. Not because I’m brilliant with money, but because I have good telephone, and person to person talking skills, so I was told. Where this was different, was no telephone interview or anything like that, just a request to watch what they call a webinar (Yes, I might like to be technologically controlled, but what I know about tech stuff, hmm?) yesterday lunch time about the role.

In fact, it was quite entertaining, partly because the guy was not only passionate about what he was talking about, he threw in moments of levity too. But yes, in the end, his main selling point was how much you could earn as a financial advisor with his company. Yes, seriously, 6 figure sums, and I do mean in pounds! And not small ones, either. And the opportunity to work around the world, which yes, I’d love. No, sadly, they have no LA office at present, but anyway…

In truth, what it would come down to, is getting people to put money into this company’s investment plans, and seeing their money grow. And I guess, with the commissions they get, both sides prosper? But yes, sweet little me, talking people to invest that way? No, I know…! I mean, I swing it around the other way, if I use a little female charm, flutter an eyelash or two, could I do it by sweet talk? I’m pretty sure if I was 25, and good looking, then I probably could. But I’m 57, no stunner, so I dont know? After that, I got sent some personality test (McQuaig?) to do, but I’m sure my results arent aggressive enough for them, but I’ll find out in the next few days.

But fine, the thing that amused me the most? If I get selected, and if I get through a face to face interview, its 5 days of intensive training in Malta, before you head off to wherever in the world you want to work. Me, with the choice, I’d probably pick San Francisco, and hope they eventually open up an office down the coast, and I could transfer! But alright, I suspect my vision of intensive training, and theirs, might be miles apart. Oh yes, ‘educated’ by a fast learning machine, downloading information directly into my mind, oh please! No, I know, boring learning stuff from paper, but I can dream. Especially as I cant wildly imagine reaching that point, anyway.

But yes, the focus of it all, how much money you could earn, which led me to this video

Who needs a heart?

Alright, I kept one of my New Year resolutions, I signed up to an online dating website. Yes, I found one that is free (of sorts), so decided to give it a whirl. And being crazy, and supposedly bi, I took a chance, and went looking for men. Yes, I would have done both, if I could, but as doing that would require 2 separate accounts, I havent taken that step yet. I might yet, but having found a couple of interesting, but probably impractical guys, I’ll hold on that option for now.

One is impractical in a way that I’d love to find a get around for. Yes, he’s in America, Texas in fact. Younger than me (ooh!), definitely quite nice looking, and from the brief chats we’ve had, quite an interesting person too. But yes, especially given my current financial position, I can hardly hop across the Atlantic to see him, can I? Same for him, as fares from the US to here seemed more expensive, but that might just be the dates he was looking at, as opposed to the ones I was? Yes, I’d love to meet him, but hardly practical for it to happen at present.

The other happened this evening, and strictly, there’s nothing to stop it happening. He’s in the UK, and though he’s a little way from me (just over 50 miles), nowhere I couldnt get to by public transport, if I wanted to. And his message to me, and his profile are both simply adorable, and sweet. Fine, I mentioned a snag? Yes, he’s nearly 20 years older than me, so put your maths together, and…Thing is, I’m still tempted to at least meet him, all the same! As I say, like the Texas guy, he’s interesting, and appeals to me, so whats age got to do with it?

I’ll be honest, the guy who most took my heart in LA was nearly 30 years older than me! And yes, my one previous (female) partner was nearly 20 years older than me too. So maybe, like Harlow, I’ve got a thing for older partners? Would make sense, I guess? 😉

Fine, in a dream world, I’d find a (wealthy) partner from LA area, who fell madly in love with me, but this is real life, not the movies!

So hey, age is just a number, maybe I’ll take a look at train timetables to Derbyshire tomorrow? Unless someone wants to pay my air fare to Houston, anyway? No? Thought not!

Video. Well change a word, and, whats age got to do with it?

Anyone fancy a robot wife?

Oh fine, maybe its because I’ve just gained a new identity, or maybe its because its the end of the year, and I’m still very single, that my thoughts turn to romance, love, or from personal preference, becoming a robot wife. Yes, gives a clue to the video, doesnt it?

I know, its not for the first time, and I’m hopelessly independent after having been single for 15 years, but maybe its time (again) to consider whether I should find a partner, or more aptly for me, a dominant person, who fancies a robot wife. In play sense only, I guess, unless they are a brilliant hypnotist, or a mad scientist, but anyway…

Yes, its that gorgeous corset I mentioned recently, got me feeling all submissive again, must be that collar attachment lol! And I guess a Master, or Mistress would to some degree at least take away all those needed love issues that I would have with a normal relationship. Yes, fine, a normal relationship, especially a date, might be fun, but given my issues re sex (I live without penetrative sex, and have done so for 15 years), I wouldnt be ideal for most folk. Yes, strictly, a lesbian one doesnt require that nasty stuff, well, unless she’s into strap ons at least, so might be better, whereas a man would probably have to settle for blow jobs, and the like. Not the best, I guess? At least they’d probably enjoy tying me tightly into corsets, and the like!

But fine, in my heart, doing the whole submissive thing, especially if I could find someone that fancied the robot kink, would appeal far more. If nothing else, it removes all requirement for me to love someone, but just be happy to serve, and obey them, which should be fine!

But where would I start for something like that, not a clue! And not sure I have much faith in dating agencies, and certainly would have no idea at all on the submissive side of things. So yes, fine, in a years time, you’ll probably get a similar post, without the name change thing!

Yes, I would love to just be wined, and dined, just so someone can convince me that I would make a good wife, partner, or submissive, for the first time in a long time. Probably as likely as a serious relationship, but anyway…

Fine, the video. Yes, that robot wife thing lol. Would be perfect for me, especially if I really was. Or at least an obedient, brainwashed slave, as second prize!

Someone to watch over me

Well, I had an email today from one of those agency things that we unemployed folk use, suggesting I use my blog to sell myself as a job prospect. Fine, maybe I should, though when I do the one here, I might add a couple of unlikely happenings, just to amuse you, but…I’ll do that later in the week, given I did the signing on one only 2 days ago.

So, this is probably inspired by a couple of comments over on the Garden, but also by something that happened to me, while I was on holiday.

A couple of very nice American guys over at the Garden have been bemoaning their lack of luck with the ladies over there. Having seen pictures of both, and having spoken to one of them, I cannot understand why they are so unsuccessful, but anyway…If I could, I probably would, though given I’m far older than both of them, I doubt they’d want me anyway! Even more so given my total lack of interest in sex! But anyway…

On the other hand…While I was away in Hollywood, I started getting emails from some dating site I’d never heard of, mentioning that a man was sending me messages there. No, I certainly didnt set this up, I’m certainly not interested in finding a man, but…curiosity got the better of this cat!

Yes, seemingly I had a profile there, a pretty basic one though, to be honest. And yes, there were a couple of messages, from a guy relatively close to home, wanting to chat with me. So, I sent a polite, non committal sort of reply to him, not showing any great interest, and hoped that would be that. As if!

A few more messages from him, and then, all of a sudden, half a dozen or so other guys sending me messages too!

Yes, that was my call to panic, bail out, and shut down the account. I really cant see me getting involved with anyone now romantically, and if I did, I suspect I would prefer female company, but anyway…

OK, they were all roughly my age, so that might have helped, but I still couldnt believe that so many men were interested in little old me!

Fine, if any of them had had ‘mad scientist’ as their employ, I might have got in touch, but they didnt. And yes, maybe, just maybe, I should have tried a casual date, but I couldnt get my head around the idea. So…I’ll stay single, for now. 😛

But it just amazes me, that a boring “plain Jane” like me can get all this interest, and 2 lovely guys cant get anyone. Ah well, as we Yorkshire folk would say, “There’s nowt as queer as folk”.

The video, well, if I’d taken up with one of these men, this might have been true. The great master, Frank Sinatra,