These legs aren’t made for walking

Well, for better, or for worse, the original blog material plan went out the window today when I learnt of my physical limitations. Yes, 81 years ago today, Jean Harlow died, just saying…

Put it this way, I’ve known for a while that physically, my body isnt what it used to be. Some of it is down to my back, some of it is down to my age, but all in all, things I used to be able to do all day, I now cant do for all that long, and I certainly dont mean sex! Never interested me when I could do it, and now, no chance!

But walking…

When I was younger (well late twenties), and betting shops werent open on a Sunday, and nothing much else happened on a Sunday, I used to go and walk miles during the summer, when there was no soccer coupons to settle. Yes, miles. 4 miles each way, with a break for a drink at half way, quite normal. Ah, those were the days…

Nowadays, the 3/4 of a mile or so between the bus station at Bradford, and work is a sufficient challenge for me. I can just about get by with that, but much further might cause issues! Even before the back went, a mile or so was about my limit now, and that has come down since. Today was the day I discovered one of those limits was definite, and that something else I used to do, with relative ease, is now a tough challenge.

This morning I was getting my back massaged before Saturday, just to help me get through the day, as I suspect I will be standing a lot, and even with the brace on, there is only so much I can do on that front, without help. Anyway, the bus that goes up the steep hill towards the beauty treatment parlor went AWOL today, so I caught another bus, which left me with said steep hill to climb. Now, in the good old days, I could do that comfortably. Yes, it was hard, and a challenge, but it could be done. Today, I just about made it up that hill! To say I was blowing hard on arrival would be putting it mildly, I needed a couple of minutes to recover before treatment could begin.

After I’d finished, I had no idea when a bus was due (about 10 minutes later as I discovered when home again) due to the timetable having disappeared, I set out to walk home. Let me start by saying this is about 1 3/4 miles, way beyond my assumed comfort zone, but most of it is downhill, or flat, so I went for it. Yeah, not a good idea! Its fair to say a good half mile, or so from home, I was running on empty! I did get home, but the last stretch is uphill, not dramatically, but it killed me! Lets just say I have no plans on a repeat! And this is in warm, dry weather (no need for a coat), not the worst of conditions for me. So no, never again, lol!

Yes, my body is getting old, and today let me know it! Ah well…Someone put me down, or provide me with a strong robot body, or something, just maybe?

I’ve used the Nancy Sinatra version of this not so long ago, and I cant be bothered to check if it was this blog, or the other one. So, just in case…lets just say its not as good, and also let me say its not really live, but mimed! I do like some Geri Halliwell, but this wasnt her finest moment!

Come and get me, guys, you know I’d love it if you did!

Fine, silly title, relevant to most of the blog, as you will soon discover. But firstly…

My plan had been to post yesterday, given it was the centenary of 2 major events, one happy, one very sad. Given events, that caused me to need to travel over to Bradford, and back, it never happened. But I cannot go without mentioning them. The special one for me, the 100th birthday of the actress, Olivia De Havilland, probably best known to most, as Melanie, in Gone With The Wind. One of the few actresses left from that era, and almost certainly the most famous one, for that, and other roles.

The sad one, 100 years ago yesterday marked the beginning of the Battle Of The Somme, and the futile loss of so many brave young lives. Thousands died within the first hour, let alone the first day, and by the end of that battle, a million lives, on both sides had been lost. These brave men were led by fools, and deserve to be remembered for their brave gesture.

And fine, you might still have got that, but for something I discovered this morning. Yes, seriously, today is World UFO Day! Which explains the blog title, given my love of all such matters.

The first thing that amazed me, is that we actually have a World UFO Day. I mean, I can understand a few areas which might want to celebrate it, but I would have thought that if there were actually aliens here (or nearby), the last thing they’d want is publicity! Dont get me wrong, I’d love them to be real, I’d love for them to come and get me, take me on a flight, and hey, I’d certainly let them probe me as payment for that! Hey, if they want to take me on a long distance flight to their own planet, yes please! Lets face it, me, I’d see tampering with my mind, and/or body as a bonus!

Sadly, so far, no friendly (or otherwise) alien has appeared to whisk me off to their space craft, or otherwise. Believe me, I’d love you guys to turn up and do it. Bringing me back would only be optional too! No, I dont really expect it to happen, but hey, a girl can dream, on this day at least. So, if any alien should pick this blog up, I’m waiting for you to come and get me, eagerly!

The video, one of few I could think of that actually has aliens in it. I did use this before, but it was 3 years ago, and not one of the popular blogs from that era, so lets run with it again.

Is swimming like riding a bike?

In the sense of you never forget how to do it, that is?

For about 10 years or so, up to 1999, my main form of exercise was swimming. I used to go, with my other half (yes, female lol) swimming on a Tuesday at a nearby school pool in Sherborne. We then tended to ruin it by having a cake with our coffee afterwards, but at least we’d worked off the calories first!

Then we split, I moved away from the area, and the convenience of a local pool disappeared from my life. So my main form of exercise became walking, and I did plenty of it. Still do to a lesser degree, though the physical state of the body means I have to take it slightly easier now, more in the sense of distance, than speed though, in my case!

I have swum a handful of times since, when on holiday, but thats about it, and not in a while now. Funnily enough, one of those pools was in Richmond, back in 2000, though I have no idea which hotel that was, or whether its still there. Its not the one I will be staying at this time though, I could walk into Richmond from there (2-3 miles or so, I did tell you I could walk distances!), and certainly wont be doing so from this one.

But yes, the hotel has got an indoor pool, and looking at the picture on the hotel website, it looks quite nice. Now, somewhere upstairs, I have a swimsuit. Plain black, almost certainly feeling unloved, and I have no idea how good a condition it might be in. Where in my room, no idea, but a hunt might be needed. It has been to the US before, one of the hotels I’ve stayed at near San Francisco had an outdoor pool, but I never ventured in, so it just stayed in my room. Mainly because I spent most of my time downtown, and swimming outdoors in the evening didnt have quite the same appeal, even if it probably was still warm enough, even in September!

But this one is indoor, I will probably have some downtime at the hotel, as Kate will be sharing host, and work duties while I’m over there, so…You dont forget how to swim, do you? I can always splash around the shallow end anyway, I guess?

The video, someone who looks good in a bikini, something I definitely wont be wearing, even if I cant find the swimsuit, or its worn through by now. I’d love one of those full body ones that the Olympic swimmers wear nowadays, but my budget wont run to that!

Coincidence factor, I have met a few famous names in my time, or semi famous at least, that might be a better term. But yes, one of them is Geri Halliwell! Soon after she left the Spice Girls, preparations were made for her first solo album, of which this is a track off. Thing is, I knew some of the team working on, and playing on the album, and one day, when I was up in London, I got invited out for lunch. Yes, you’ve worked out who else was there, Ms Halliwell herself!

Lets be honest, when she was Ginger Spice, she was loud, and in your face, so I inwardly groaned. In fact, so it seemed, that was pretty much an act too. Dont get me wrong, I dont think she had nun-like qualities, but if you thought Ginger was the real her, you were wrong! Conversation was good, intelligent, and yes, alright, I actually found the new unpainted blonde look quite cute on her.

So Geri, if by the faintest chance you read this, I’m glad I met you, changed my perception of you dramatically.

But, if anyone has a metallic silver swimsuit, size 14, full body preferred, that needs a new wearer, let me know! 😉

Lift me up

Yes, back to the old system, the clue to the video is in the title!

39 days from now (volcanoes and everything else permitting), I will be lifting off for the US again, eventually heading back to Virginia, looking forward to it. I just hope US Airways are on a going day that day, not always the case with them for me!

The funniest thing this weekend though, was watching the US PGA golf (mainly for work, partly for me) coming live from Rochester, NY, where I was in April. So alright, the golf wasnt happening down the main street, just outside the city at Oak Hill, but close enough. Funny thing is, that so far at least, the Rochester Red Wings baseball team are having a great year, and top of their division. Not that they would remember the ‘old biddy’ sat in the front row, on a freezing cold Sunday in April, but anyway…I was there! Equally uniquely, they were playing the Red Sox minor team from Pawtucket that day, and the last home MLB stadium I was at, was their parent team in Boston. Also, top of their division at present, though given the year I saw them, they totally collapsed in September, lets not count chickens yet!

As far as I know, the next MLB game I get to see live, is ‘your guess is as good as mine’ country, given my plans for September, and next year, which dont seem to tie in all that well. On TV will be an improvement on present, now that I no longer have ESPN, but live baseball is always fun, just not sure where, or when the next time will be for me.

I dont really remember anything about Richmond, 13 years is quite a time, and I suspect a lot has changed anyway. Not that I remembered any of Rochester, beyond the lake, but at least that was 25 years! but I’m getting old, memory is going and all that, so…

But given I’ll be flying there, this video seemed sort of apt

Oh, and this evening, I received my first royalty statement for book sales. Amazon in July, brings me $23.69! No, I wont be giving up the day job, especially as August sales have been awful so far, but fingers crossed. Even more so as I wont get paid until October! But if you’d told me that I would ever get paid for writing, I would have laughed at you, but look at me now. Yes, another Geri Halliwell video, but lets leave it at one for tonight.

Look at me!

No, not actually me, you see, though if you’re feeling so inclined, then go ahead and do so, there is at least a couple of pics of me around here lol! But truth be told, I’m talking about the lady I’ll be looking at on Thursday evening, Louise Brooks.

Yes, on the ‘silver screen’ in Leeds, I finally get to see one of her films in full, and its probably the most famous one, Pandora’s Box. Yes, unsurprisingly, I’m really looking forward to it, and it will be interesting placing the clips from the OMD video of course, and seeing how many I can spot. And yes, I dont know how weird it will be watching those bits with an entirely different soundtrack lol!

In truth, I could watch the full film on You Tube on my laptop, but in truth, how would you rather see it? Hopefully the same answer as me, on the big screen. I wonder what it will be like, seeing the full length film in fact, after seeing those few moments in the music video? All I can say is that it didnt harm Metropolis for me in any way, after the music video for Radio Gaga, by Queen.

I suspect some might even dress up for the event, in a sense I hope a few do in all honesty. No, I wont be amongst them, as going directly from work, and I dont think a flapper style look would meet with approval there lol! I really should have tried to hunt down a bob wig, but its too late now, and besides, to make it work, I’d have to push a lot of my hair up inside it, so it probably wouldnt work for the best, even if I had?

Oh yes darlings, I’m a real moviegoer, do you know the last film I saw (other than on a plane flying across the Atlantic), I Robot, in Dallas, soon after it came out! Probably be another long gap before I go again, unless the chance to see another Brooks film arises, I suspect.

Its funny, I was listening to this video now, and was just thinking the lyrics could be quite apt for Brooksie. Yes, I always play the video first, to make sure the link works. So make your own choice as to who you look at, but for me, both Geri, and Louise have me beat!

These boots are made for walking

No prizes for working out the song, though there might be some for the artist, assuming you dont check the categories of course, lol!

Had a very pleasant surprise this morning, dont worry, I’ll keep the story short.

About 9 years ago, or so, I spent a long while in the US, and obviously I was using credit cards as an easy way of paying for things, though I was paying my bills, as far as I know (given the whims of US bamks) paying all the bills on time. Cant be 100%, someone was feeding me the info,  given I couldnt be sent statements in the US as I was moving around. So all fine as far as I’m concerned.

However, when I get back, I get letters saying that for ‘administrative reasons’, my credit cards were being stopped. No other reason given! I assume it was late payments or something, but anyway… Either way, i got by over the years, paying cash for most things, and using friends cards when I needed to, mainly ironically for paying for future holidays lol! The last couple of years I’ve been using these new pre paid currency credit cards when away, well, because hotels like a card imprint more than anything else, but agreed they are handy.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I needed a new pair of boots for the summer, my fleecy winter boots will be far too warm for Seattle, or even August here lol! Got a discount voucher in my email box (yes, I have these things sent, shock horror) this morning for some company called  Fifty Plus, rather apt for me. More amazingly I found a pair of ankle boots, in a colour I like (tan), my size (size 8 UK, pretty large in female sizes over here), and at a very reasonable price pre discount, even better when you apply them (just under £10, $15-16 I guess?). And hey, guess, I’ve got just enough left on my Canadian $ pre pay card to buy them.

Yes, the funny thing, a couple of minutes after I type in my details, I’m being offered credit! Hey, I’d forgotten what that was like lol! So anyway, I gave them 5 minutes or so to see sense, but they didnt seem to want to change their mind. Of course, what it might be is that I’ve changed name since then, moved home many years ago, so it probably doesnt tie up. But that means I have no credit history whatsoever at 54! Hey!

No, I’m not going to abuse it, no chance of that. I’ll pay it off straightaway with said card when the statement appears. Nor will I be applying for any mortgages lol! But hey, for the first time in nearly 10 years, I’m getting credit offered again, nice feeling.

Alright, the song is obvious, and relates to the purchase, but no, its not Nancy Sinatra, though some might wish it was lol