There is a wonderful guy…

Ideally I would have been able to post this yesterday, on his birthday, but work got in the way!

Everyone remembers the 11th November, mainly for some awful event that ended on that date in 1918. But something pretty important also happened on that day in 1962, a wonderful person named James was born. Garden readers at least who read this will know him as well, I suspect?

No, I cant do the whole ‘this is your life’ thing on him, I’ve only known him for a few years myself, so cant manage that I’m afraid. What I do know is that in those few years that I have known him, he has proven to be an absolutely wonderful gentleman, very kind, very caring, and lots of other wonderful things besides. I also know he’s determined to pick the worst NASCAR drivers possible for the contest, but…I do want to know how their cars never seem to get beyond 20 laps without falling apart for some reason or another, but anyway…

I was fortunate enough to meet this wonderful guy earlier this year in Boston, and the flesh version was just as lovely as the person I knew through all the words that have passed between us over the years. Indeed, but for James finding me a lovely place to stay in Boston at a ‘nice’ price, I probably couldnt have done it within budget in the first place. So thanks for that, as getting to meet both you and Kate because of that was a real delight.

A little while back, I also had the pleasure of doing a long running RP with James, which allowed both of us to have great fun, and lets say, be inventive!

I’d love to be able to say more about him, but as that might give away identity, I wont. But lets just say that he’s someone I’m really glad I got to know so well.

The video, well again, anyone from the Garden will get this instantly!

I especially like a moment about 2.30 in, cant think why, lol! 😉