Ghosts, reincarnation, and regression

I have to admit, the whole issue of the supernatural, ghosts and things, is an issue I dont have any terribly strong opinions on, either way. No, as far as I know, I’ve never seen a ghost, though I know a number of people who say they have, and they arent the types I would have thought of making things up, or having had too much to drink at the time. And yes, if in the ‘other world’, you’re reading this, Jean, then yes, I’d love to meet!

No, I’m not getting involved on alien abductions though, as I’ve never met anyone who claims its happened to them, and most of the ones I’ve seen on film, claiming its happened, well, I wouldnt like to totally believe them, shall we say?

What brought this up, was something on Twitter. Yes, I can hear some groaning from here. There is a lovely lady on there (Spanish, Hispanic, or of that ancestry) who was feeling a bit down yesterday, so I did my best to cheer her up, with a friendly late night posting, in my good natured, and caring way.

I got a lovely reply, saying ‘thank you, Jean.’ even though she knows my real name, wonderfully sweet, and something I loved at the end of a 10.5 hour shift at work. I made a comment back about maybe I’d get a visit from Jean’s ghost (decent evidence there is one), and she might decide to stay. I got a reply suggesting I was already her reincarnation, highly flattering. She might be right, who knows?

Reincarnation is an interesting issue, indeed with some religions, its part of their beliefs. And looking at it in a sense, there is a decent enough gap between Jean’s death, and my birth, for her to have been given a break, before coming back as me! Mind, I would have thought I’d have been a better actress in that case, but anyway…You dont come back, literally as yourself in your previous life, I guess? But surely, if her ghost still walks the Earth, she couldnt be reincarnated?

Maybe one of these days, under hypnosis, I might find out. So far all I’ve done is therapeutic stuff, plus the session with Lex, which was definitely great fun, and amazing, but I’ve never done any of this regression stuff, into past lives and the like, but maybe I will sometime. Wouldnt it be amazing, if I discovered I really was Harlow reincarnate? No, I shouldnt think I am, but I might be! One friend is training to do it, so if I get the chance, then yes, I’d love to find out.

Who knows, maybe Jean’s ghost will tell me, in either KC in September, or Hollywood next April, wouldnt that be a way to meet your first ghost?

The video, my belief on these matters…maybe? 😉