Sign my name. Which one?

For the last month or so, you could say I’ve been living a double life. Officially I’m Harlean Stephanie Carpenter, but when it comes to job applications, I’m still Stevie Lou Nicholls. Why? Simple, you have to show ID, to prove who you are when you go to register for jobs, or at interviews, and of course, I’ve still been operating off my old passport up until now, which is fine, and then you have to sign a form, and I start thinking which name am I signing here?

Thankfully, now I’m reaching a point where I can risk sending off the passport for a few weeks or so, and get the change done, because of the season, and events. Yes, lets face it, no one is going to start you working just before Christmas, or indeed before the New Year, now. So after one assessment next week (when I might need it), and one medical screening (where I will need it) that needs to be arranged tomorrow, for early next week, I can take a chance, and send the old passport away, and await the return of the new one.

Should the latter happen, I’m going to be in a clinic for a few days at the beginning of the New Year anyway, so I wont even need it then. And hey, if its the job, hopefully I can get someone to get an early print of the old passport, or be patient for a few days, and get the new one, which will be wonderful.

Up until now, I’ve been using Stephanie formally, despite the evidence, and no one seems to mind. Whether, once I have the new passport, I really take on the name, Harlean, I’ll wait and see how comfortably it sits with me. But its definitely growing on me, so…I might!

But yes, it will be wonderful when I dont have to think which name I’m going to sign, because I will only have one again, a name I am truly proud of, Harlean Stephanie Carpenter. Sounds wonderful!

The video relates to the issue I’ve been having, which name to sign, but not for much longer.

A lot of Jean, a little bit of Clara, and Santa Monica

But before you under think this through, that isnt the video! 😛 The video, well, thats for today, so…lets take one step back, for now.

I’d read online, that getting much joy out of a visit to Forest Lawn, at Glendale, was a rare thing. So, when I set out yesterday morning to head there, I was sort of saying to myself, I’ll get as close to Jean as I can, and pay my respects from that point.

The moment I enter the grounds, I start to wonder how recent that bad posting was? Because the Great Mausoleum was decently signposted, and to be honest, beyond one sign respectfully saying not to take photos, I was welcomed in with a smile. Inside, there were no clues as to who was where, but I’d checked a map beforehand (on this less than cheery report), so I had a rough idea which direction to turn. Lo, and behold, the right aisle, and the gate is open, I can walk down it. And yes, there she was, more or less at the far end, resting peacefully (well I assume so) lay Jean Harlow, hidden from view, in an impressive casket, with the words ‘Our Baby’ written on it, and I was stood about 10 feet away. And yes, I stayed there for about 30 minutes or so, ‘talking’ to her, and security walked by, and were fine!

So alright, I thought this was the highlight of my day, my holiday, and everything else, and then I came back into town. The chance to look at historical censuses of Los Angeles, the sign said. I went for 1930, because I had this feeling that ‘someone’ would be there, and I was right. Yes, of course Jean Harlow was there, I’m sure, but thats not who I was looking for.

And with a computer search engine, there she was. Clara E Johnson, born in Texas in 1906, moved to LA in 1925, profession, actress! Yes, my previous life! The only other member of the family with her seemed to be a younger brother, Frank, born in 1912. What happened to her parents, no idea. Might still have been in Texas, might have been dead, it didnt say.

No, I couldnt find her in a check on the 1940 one, but according to my regression, she was married by then, so would have a different surname, of course. So I still dont know a lot more about her, but my knowledge has grown. Clearly I cant track her actual death date, for the same reason.

If the Harlow moment was wow, then this was Wow!

After that, today was a gentle breeze, took a trip down to Santa Monica by bus, saw the beach, and the ocean. A lovely day, slightly cooler (not complaining), but still pleasantly warm.

Tomorrow, the plan is to go down to Beverly Hills for a while. No, I’m not planning on seeing any of Jean’s former homes, though 2 of them are not that far off the bus route, so that plan might change. Unfortunately the one I’d really love to see, the home she shared with Paul Bern, is 3.5 miles from the nearest bus stop, and I’m not doing a 7 mile round walk, just to see it from the outside!

As I said, the video, well it mentions Santa Monica (Boulevard) in the song, so…