Forever (or at least temporarily) young

I was reading a story earlier today, written by a gentleman who may well be hypnotising me in just about 5 weeks time, doing a past life regression, to discover (or more likely not discover) that I was Jean Harlow in a past life. Realistically, the chances of that happening, must be slim, despite the resemblance and everything else, that would just be too amazing for words. But, I might be, I guess?

Anyway, that isnt what this blog is about, as the title might have given away.

In this story, a lady named Jeanette (and yes, I suspect I know where that name comes from) gets regressed from her real age of 36, to be 16 again, and acts accordingly. Its wonderfully done, and beautifully written. Thing is, I have some knowledge as to what that feeling is like, and it really is quite something!

When I did my session with Lex a while back, my flapper ‘self’ was a 22 year old girl. No, short of watching the whole video to find out, I cant remember her name! But it was an interesting experience in both senses, both seeing the modern world through the eyes of a 20’s girl, but I genuinely felt so much younger at the time. No, I doubt any of the arthritis, or general aches and pains of life went away, but the younger me didnt notice them.

Oh, and even greater fun, ‘she’ was allowed to do the journey home by train, and to my surprise, as someone who is a regular commuter, was how different the whole journey felt, through her eyes.

Oh, yes, in the story, she goes back to her real age before the end! But how strange would it feel to be left so young again?

The other thing I always wonder about, is what it would be like to be 5 ft 2, as Jean was, instead of 5ft 11? Talk about a whole different perspective on life! I must admit, I wouldnt mind being a few inches shorter, though I suspect that losing 9 inches might be a bit too strange now! But I guess I could be hypnotised to enjoy it lol?

I have no idea if he has plans to make me think I am Jean Harlow, while under hypnosis, or longer, but that would certainly be interesting. Of course, that may just be letting Jean loose, if I was her in a past life! Anyway, in about 6 weeks time, I, or Jean will tell you all about that!

The video, something a little different