Its got to be…


No, not the weather, you must be joking! Yesterday we got in most of the days cricket before the rain came down, today it was a mere 16 overs play due to the rain. No wonder Ireland is so green lol! A great shame, but its been a nice break from work all the same.

Seriously, I’m talking about the hotel I’ve stayed at, the Days Hotel in Central Belfast. Let me add that this is a comparative matter. If you’re used to the Hilton, or 5 star luxury, it wouldnt be perfect. If like me, you’re used to budget hotels, and some of the delights related to them, then this place is exceedingly good value for your money.

Being honest, the only fault I’ve found so far, is that the internet connection can be patchy and temperamental at times. Not in the sense of losing service (other than the daily code renewal), just occasional non connections, thats all. The room is comfortable and spacious, and would be even if there were 2 of us in here, as its designed for.

Really good reception service too, but the main delight for me with a budget hotel was the restaurant, the food being really good when I ate there on my first night. Oh, alright, the breakfast coffee is out of a machine, but otherwise… as I said, its not perfect for the price, just very good.

Its actually been nice staying downtown in Belfast this time around, allowed me to see a bit of the city. Oh, and to be entertained tonight by some marching bands too, presumably a parade for the Queens birthday today? Tomorrow, back to England, hopefully without cancellations this time around. Yes, Flybe let me down coming out, thankfully only made me 2 hours late, but enough to mess up Thursday evening plans all the same.

The video, well, this place is almost it, in terms of value…