Baseball is back!

Seriously, it hardly seems yesterday that the Boston Red Sox were winning the World Series, celebrations commenced, and Baseball went into slumber for the winter. Well, its back! Today marked the start of the pre season matches, albeit 2 teams (New York Yankees (swear words) and Detroit Tigers) playing against college teams, before the ‘more serious’ pre season matches get under way. I know, I know, pre season cant be taken too seriously, and doesnt count for anything in just over a month, but…

To prove just how international baseball has become, this season doesnt start in the US, or even in Canada (just to prove I know there is a team in Toronto), but in Australia of all places, with 2 games between the LA Dodgers, and the Arizona Diamondbacks taking place about a week before the ‘normal’ start of the regular season! Boston Red Sox, and the Seattle Mariners, in the UK would be nice, but hardly practical at the end of March lol!

As to who will win the leagues, and more importantly, the World Series, your guess is as good as mine. Though no, I dont expect Seattle to do so! Kansas City, well maybe, but I suspect they, like Pittsburgh (first time in over 20 years) last year, would just love to make the play offs, having got so close last season, we will see.

Given the frozen tundra that most of the US has been this winter, its hard to believe that in just over 4 weeks, the regular season gets under way, but it does. Incredibly, this year looks like a rare event of late for me, no live baseball. I will only be in the US once during the season this summer (September) and on the planned dates, Kansas City (the only team in any range) is away most of the week, ah well…Alright, last year all I got was a minor league game, in Rochester, in freezing temperatures, but I braved it, because it was my only chance!

Next year, hopefully normal service will resume, though I have little idea where at present, if it does.

The video, well, a sort of tenuous connection, no more. A song, and a video not much younger than me! I wanted to get a Seekers version, but couldnt find a live version, so settled for this American ‘2 hit wonder’ group instead.