Well one of Obama or Romney will be tonight, thats for sure! Yes, its US Presidential elections time again. Technically, there are 2 other candidates, but even if they attract a few votes, they certainly arent going to get any Electoral College seats, thats for sure, unless we have a truly major turn up, given the last time that happened was 1968, and that was George Wallace in the Deep South, based on racial issues, my, have things changed since then! Well, probably not entirely, but… no, just two colours on the electoral map, I think its fair to say.

I’ll stick my neck out, and say Kansas will vote Republican, even if I probably wouldnt. Why, the only time in the last 52 years that they didnt was 1964, and I’ve never seen a map as blue as that one lol! Presumably that was related to JFK, and the assassination, but I am only guessing? Also, from what I read, Goldwater wouldnt rank as the most popular Republican candidate of all time lol! Cant have been, if good old Kansas voted Democrat!

Despite being “The other side of the pond”, its been the main news item over here today, and I gather our news channels will be covering the results through the night. No, I wont be, I need my sleep, I’ll find out the result in the morning, and settle for that. Thats assuming its not so close (and it could be) that we have to wait a bit longer for the final result. As long as its not like 2000…

There are also other important elections over there today, for the Senate, and Congress and the like, but 2 people take all the TV time over here, Obama and Romney. Who wins, who knows?

The video, well, its a light hearted look back 40 years, to when a certain Mr Cooper wasnt elected, because he didnt actually stand. But he did make this video


And to prove that 40 years on, the old man can still do it