The holiday is filling up

I must say that the Hollywood trip is beginning to really turn into a dream come true. No, I havent yet got a pledge from Jean Harlow’s ghost to meet me, but thats really not going to happen, lets face it. Even if it was going to happen, I’m sure she’d prefer to surprise me lol!

Strictly, as things stand, I only have the one definite commitment, time and date wise. That is that incredible party on the evening of the 18th, when I plan to look like a 30’s lady, and hopefully a specific 30’s lady, if I can get the work done at what is a reasonable price. Strictly, no idea what it is, but I suspect, unless its stupid, and they say they can make me look like Jean Harlow, or more realistically Mae West (more my figure, darlings), then I’m sure I will go for it.

As already said, I’m planning on going to a Dodgers game, either on the Friday night, or the Sunday afternoon, depending on how things play out. So yes, I more or less know the time for that, and will be going, weather permitting, but I do have a choice of dates.

Well, actually, strictly, I have a second definite date, though in this case, I have no idea quite what I’m letting myself in for, but…I’m sure it wont, but it might lead to a job opportunity, or at least some work. On my last night, the 24th, I’ve been invited to an industry networking evening, and a movie, by a new contact on Twitter. It will certainly be something interesting, something new, and who knows where it might lead? No, my stories arent suitable to be made into a movie, and I’m sure I wont be offered acting work, but who knows what it might bring? That joking comment about finding work as a Mae West lookalike? Well I guess crazier things have happened!

Other than that, at some point, it seems I’m going to meet a couple of people I’ve known online for a while. One is someone I know from Twitter, who posts lots of pictures of the Hollywood sign, and she’s planning to come to the Hollywood Museum with me. I have suspicions, but no real evidence that she may be something of a local celebrity, but dont quote me on that.

The other, quite a famous actor, who befriended me on Facebook, twice over, named Bruce Glover. Yes, you might have heard of him, Diamonds Are Forever, and many TV series too. He actually runs an acting school on a Wednesday evening, which I planned to go to (mainly just to meet him), but I think he’s cottoned on to my lack of acting skills, and suggested a private meeting, which will still be amazing.

Beyond all this, well, I will get to do things like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Forest Lawns (to get as close to Jean as I can, probably not that close), and all those other things that tourists to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and L.A do!

One thing is certain, its going to be an amazing 10 days.

The video, well, 2 for the price of 1, of the same song, recorded nearly 50 years apart. Firstly the 1964 original

Then, a live version from 2013, when Petula Clark was 80, though you’d never guess it!