Wouldnt it be a fun role?

A sense of fairness means I’d have to proclaim this story, even if it wasnt so good, because I suggested the concept for this. Well, the flapper bit at least, the genius author did the rest!


This guy has already done a couple of pieces on the EMCSA which are pure scripts, and yes, he knows there are several parts I’d love in those. In fact, in Occulus, he was the one that suggested I read the part of the Inspector’s wife for myself, and yes, its a part I’d love to play, given the chance. There is the slight snag that she is supposed to be in her 40’s, and I’m 60, but apart from that, I’d sure give it a try!

But yes, fine, in Flapper, I’d die to play dear sweet Edna, and would think I’ve gone to heaven if I did. Of course the snag is, the age difference is even greater, and fine, I’d need the opposite treatment to her, to be hypnotised to speak with a Southern accent instead of my own! OK, y’all? And yes, I think the use of Johnson as her surname was pretty deliberate too. Not mine, but a name close to my heart, so…

But go on, read it, and have a little bit of fun. Just imagine a twenty something me, complete with entranced ‘natural Southern accent’ reading that part, and indeed performing that role. Yes, wouldnt that be good? And of course, in a hypnotised state, Edna is living without a care.

Well, if those two lines, plus the blog title havent given a clue to the song, I dont know what I have to do! One thing to fool you, no Nik Kershaw to be seen. I know little, or nothing about modern group, but I gave this Placebo live cover version a try, and I’m impressed, so…