And I Miss You

Yes, this concerns a regular reader of this blog.

I’ll keep this pretty short, those that know already will know who its about, for those who dont, you have got an absolutely brilliant video as a second prize.

Let me just say that its not the desert thats missing you, its a very well kept garden! And its not just me there who wants you back, a lot of other people do as well, as I’m sure you know, and realise by now. Oh, and ‘Siobhan’ is missing you as well.

I know what bad times can be like, I’ve been there myself in the dim, distant past, but have got past it now, I’m so pleased to say.

Right, I’m not saying any more tonight, I might have pushed my luck already?

Oh, that sensational video, as promised, a brilliant live version, of a superb song, the title of this blog might just give you a hint.

To my other regular readers, I promise a more normal blog again tomorrow.

Until then, I miss someone, like the desert misses the rain x