Inhibition Neutralizer, anyone?

Given I sort of originally planned that this would be the weirder blog of the two, I’ll save boring concepts like my forthcoming last (almost certainly) flight within the EU for the other blog, and do something far weirder here.

The concept of the 2 sides of a persons character are investigated throughout the decades, most famously in Dr Jekyll, and Mr Hyde, of course. Since then, all sorts of triggers have been used to change the ‘boring scientist’ into a far more interesting character, lets face it.

The most recent development of this, unsurprisingly from me, is in a story from the Archive, this one.

I have to add that the title amused me for an entirely different reason, as you will see when we get to the video. But what amused me this week, was how the transformation was done. If you read back, you’ll find out there was an explosion in the lab, and strange things happened, one of which you can probably guess from the story title.

Seemingly its a combination of two cool compounds, I-New, and Enhancin, which seem to have caught up with said scientist, and let loose a whole new woman! Oh fine, I wouldnt mind that kind of makeover, as it might give my love life a major spark, once transformed. I know, sadly its fictional, because it might be fun to be a twenty year old sex kitten, lol! 😛

So, if anyone has those compounds handy, and needs a guinea pig for an experiment? 😉

Right, video time. Hard to believe this song is 50 years old, but thats showing my age! Definitely live, and in truth, if you want to jump the first minute, you wont miss much!

Might not just be my back thats a problem?

Yesterday, here at home, most of the windows here got replaced for more modern ones, and unfortunately I discovered that it might not just be my back thats my health issue.

Given they arrived slightly early, we had a bit of a panic, and had to, more hastily than planned, get the curtains down from in front of the old windows, so they could change them over. Now, fortunately, by this time, I already had my back brace on, which helped. Unfortunately, trying to unclip the curtains from the curtain rail, and get the pelmet down, set off the arthritis in my fingers pretty badly, but I got there in the end. Not a problem as such, as they didnt get to my room until after I’d left for work, but I’d already sort of got the room ready for the work to be done, so yes, things werent in their normal places as I went out the door, so…

The one thing that unsurprisingly I quickly realized was that I’d left my wrong glasses on, was when I walked out the door, and peered in front of me. So hasty return, long distance glasses on, short distance glasses in handbag, fine. What wasnt fine, is that in moving stuff around, I left my painkillers, and my back gel (both strong, darlings) where I’d moved them to, and it wasnt in my bag!

The funny thing was, my back wasnt too bad, until near the end of the day, and just as I was looking forward to getting out at the end of my shift, and get some beloved pills in me, the phone rang (2 minutes before end of shift), and 12 minutes later, bus missed! Fine, get next one, but then I got to Huddersfield, back up bus never showed, and I was about 35 minutes late home, and extremely sore by then! 3 pills (legal, just about?), and 2 bouts of gel later, yes, I slept well, lol, probably knocked out.

The irony was, the arthritis in my fingers, and hands was painful all day, and I was having plenty of issues with my legs too. So yes, I’m now wondering if they’ve been bad for a while, just been hidden by painkillers for my back, but I sure found out about them yesterday! So yes, I joke about needing a new cybernetic back, seems I might have a genuine claim for a full new cybernetic body, lol. Yes, dont I wish!

But if anyone should have one, just laying around, looking for a guinea pig willing to try it out, give me a call, urgently!

Right, video time. Once windows came into the equation, I thought of this. Hard to believe its over 50 years old, but anyway… Oh, minor trivia, Hollies were first group I ever saw live, at the age of about 5, at Chessington Zoo. No idea what they were doing there, but anyway…

She ain’t heavy, she’s my robot.

OK, fine, the title is a gender play on the actual song in the video. And the last part is more about me being wishful, than expectant! I was surprised that not only had I not used this song, I hadnt used the group either, before, an omission on my part, for sure.

Alright, given my current circumstances, and the growing ponderous state of my finances, I admit to some amusement when I saw this meme posted on Facebook a few days ago.


And before anyone goes checking my Facebook account linked to this blog, you wont find it, its on my personal one! So this, and on Facebook, and Twitter, is your first chance to put yourselves forward lol. Hopefully I wont need to do this, but the day is getting closer when it might need to happen, and its handy to know who your friends are! I might just put it up on social media outlets, that its not already appeared on, just out of curiosity, to see what happens, but anyway. For those of you who come here, other than through social media, this might be your only chance!

What didnt surprise me (especially given the nature of Facebook) is that it attracted lots of likes, but for a while, nothing more. Then a couple of people said they would, and its snowballed a bit since then. Irony, most of them are in the US, so it seems I really need to get that passport here before the cash is too far gone. But anyway…No, I dont know how many would actually do it, if push came to shove, though I know of one at least, who definitely would. Him, he’d probably help to bail me the money, if I needed it, but he is someone truly special.

And before you ask, yes, I’m prepared to do as much as I can to help whoever would put me up, though obviously at my age, with my current strength limitations, there are limits to what I could actually do. Heavy lifting is out, for sure! Mind, if someone wants me to be, or act as a robot for them, then fine, I’d love that! But as a human, I’d do the best I could!

So, if there are any offers, I might appreciate them in a few weeks time, if things dont work out, just saying…

The video. Yes, as you might have gathered, its a black and white oldie, of a great British group. And as I say, there’s a clue in the blog title!