Days off work through illness – maybe I’m like London buses?

As in the sense of that I can go for years without taking any, and then they all strike at once.

As far as my current job is concerned, I had 3 days off in 2009, and that was it, until last month. Yes, thats right, the morning when a lack of sleep, and general exhaustion caught up with me, and I had to come home from work accordingly.

Well, today, I took it one step further, I didnt even get to work.

There’s been one of those ‘bugs’ going around the house at home, which eventually caught up with me. Pretty much on the way past it now, but still got a cough, and a bit of a sniffle (my wonderfully strong constitution, and all that), but anyway, due to that, and a few late shifts recently, I was worn out by 7.30 last night, so I went to bed. Fine, very early, but I was due up at 4.45 this morning, so at least I would get a sensible number of hours of sleep, if nothing else.

Ah well, fine in theory…

I first woke up about 10.30, with a pain in my side, that even women would describe as agonising. As in, however much I wanted to move, I couldnt. Seemed to be my hip causing all the grief, and I’m still assuming thats all it is, even now. Anyway, I repositioned myself (with considerable effort) and went back to sleep. By taking most of the pressure off that hip, I managed to get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Then I woke up, then I tried to move. Not a good idea! Several pain related expletives later, I managed to get up, and just about get to the bathroom. Trying to get back into bed, ah well…

I woke again about 3.00, 3.30, and 4.15 and tried to move. No go, well not without screaming the place down at least. So fine, I wasnt going to be getting up for work at 4.45! So I reset the alarm for 6.45, crawled down the stairs (not quite literally) and rang work to let them know, then crawled back upstairs into bed, where I got some semblance of sleep until about 9.15, when I got up, and surprised everyone by not being at work.

Given a few tablets (Cocodomol?) during the day, and a bit of concern, the hip is now down from agonising, to annoying, so unless it deteriorates badly again overnight, I’m going back to work tomorrow. But hopefully, this is it for health issues, aargh!

Mind, given my age, and fragile physical state, probably not! Ah well…

The video, well it mentions something about walking down the street, and I would certainly have been unable to do that this morning. Hard to believe, this is over 50 years old, eek!