I’m beautiful? Clearly not, but my boobs meet with approval at least.

Yes, bonus edition, for your pain lol!

Last night, I was making my daily, working day dash for the bus station in Bradford (officially an interchange, as there is a railway station in same building) after work, almost certainly not looking my best. Not to say that my best is all that great anyway, but hey…

As I was covering the final 100 yards or so up the hill to the Interchange, I passed a group of 4 men, of my age, or just older, certainly no hunks among them, speeding by, without taking a great deal of notice of them. Hey, my only aim was catching the bus home! The fact that the bus crawled along very slowly, even when there wasnt any traffic around was beside the point, I made my bus at least. Yes, the journey up from Huddersfield to home was even worse, ended up about 30 minutes late in. But thats not the point of this little post!

Just after I’d passed this group of men, I heard one of them say to the rest,

“Well, if beauty is skin deep, she was born inside out.”

Now I have no idea whether he meant me to hear this, or just said it too loud, but anyway, I did. Just when I would be beginning to feel down, if I really cared, I heard one of the others reply, and a smile crossed my face. He said,

“Yes, maybe, but did you see the tits on her, they were great!”

How I stopped from bursting out laughing at that, I have no idea! I think thats more subtle than Trump’s pussy grabbing comments, though probably not much?

Question is, should I feel insulted about the comment about my looks, which in truth, is harsh, but not that harsh, I’m 58, a bit butch looking, so…? And should I feel amused, or affronted that one of the other guys enjoyed the sight of my breasts, albeit thoroughly covered up in a blue top?

Ah well, the quality, and subtlety of Yorkshire men, lol!

OK, video moment. Well, according to one, my cleavage is at least, even if my face isnt! I know, its one of those songs you either love, or hate, so…?

Me, on a date?

No, seriously, I cant remember the last time I went out on what would strictly be defined as a date. In a literal sense, I was taken out to lunch, by James, in Boston in 2011, but that was a purely platonic affair, so wouldnt qualify as a true date. Beyond that, no idea, but its a long time ago!

I’ve been chatted up once, or twice, most memorably on my train journey from Huddersfield one lunchtime, when hey, the guy even gave me his phone number, but I never followed it up. So fine, not going out on dates could be looked on as my own fault, but…! I guess I find the idea quite sweet, and something that would be fun, if it happened, but I cant see it.

Yes, I know, famous last words, and all that. I’ll meet someone in Kansas City, have him think he’s in love with me, and it will all develop from there. Kate and James keep telling me that the right person is out there for me, I just find it hard to believe. But… I agree, there, or Hollywood would be an apt place for a Harlow lookalike to find love, wouldn’t it?

So, 7 weeks or so from now, I’ll be being wined and dined, wearing a 30’s style dress, by a man. No, I’m joking, I think? Personally, I think I’d feel guilty for deserting Kate, but equally I suspect that if I got invited out for dinner, she wouldnt let me say no!

Yes, fine, this is what bought this little blog along, this picturejean harlow coloured 4

Seriously, if it wasnt for the eyebrows (and the quality of the jewellery), it really could be me! As in
photoshoot 9

So, who knows? 😉

No, I’m not planning the hen party yet! 😛

The video, well, I was looking for Baby Jane, and then I found this!

No, I dont think it relates to Harlow, but…

Jersey days 2 and 3 – Ma, he’s (not) kissing me

Though despite the title, if my beau had had long enough, who knows!

Last night, I went across the road from where I’m staying just outside St Helier for my evening meal. Whether it was a restaurant, with a few guest rooms attached, or a guest house, with a restaurant attached, no idea! Either way, a fish supper, without a long walk, at a reasonable price, suited me fine.

Now before I go any further, may I remind folk that I’m 56, was wearing no make up (I never do my own due to a slight hand tremor) and was only in top, and slacks, not some wonderful dress, but anyway…

I was sat at my table, looking out on the view of the bay (not the best one, should have sat on other side of table), sipping on my wine, when I heard a man’s voice ask if he could join me. Now, for some reason best known to someone (not me!), I said yes, and he sat down, and started talking to me, I wondered if I’d pulled, without even trying! Now, how far this might have gone, who knows, because about 2 or 3 minutes later, my dinner arrived, and he excused himself, and I never saw him again. Why is it that when you dont mind a few minutes wait for dinner, it arrives promptly!

Please let me add, before any other potential beaus (of either gender) get any ideas, I’m not looking! But it was flattering, and fun, and maybe shows me that there is still life in the old girl yet, if I was interested! I’m wondering if I am carrying some aura of Harlow or something, the way men are charming me this holiday, they’re seeing a vision of her, not plain jane me!

Sorry, but thats the big event of the blog, even if it was last night. I went up to Gorey this morning, didnt climb up to the castle, my knees took one look at the long, and steep set of steps, and just said no, firmly! So after a walk around the harbour, and a coffee, I headed back into St Helier, and had a look around the shops. Apart from a pair of nice charity shops (yes, more vintage style tops!), most of the places were selling clothes way beyond my budget, and that was that.

So eventually this afternoon (after an ice cream) I came back here, and wrote a story, already posted up at the Garden. No, it wont be going to the Archive, not unless I tweak it drastically, there is no mind control in it, I knew I missed something…facepalm!

The video, an absolute oldie, 75 years old! But given the aura of Harlow I seem to be carrying lol, its actually quite young!

Jersey day 1- Clearly I’m more attractive than I thought!

Though to be honest, the flattery started today even before I left the hotel in Manchester! Maybe I really am the new platinum blonde sensation lol!

Normally, when flying to the US, I dont worry about breakfast in the hotel (when I have to stay in one), so I can grab a bit extra sleep, and then get a coffee, and ‘something’ once through security and things. But given today’s flight was to Jersey, leaving at 1.15, I decided to avail myself of the buffet breakfast. They are overpriced, I never eat a lot at breakfast normally, but I couldnt starve, so…I gave it a go.

Its fair to say that one thing I do top up on at breakfast, is coffee. Guilty as charged, yes, I’m a coffee addict! I remember the days when you would get a freshly brewed pot, delivered to the table, but those days are gone in the big hotels. You go to the coffee machine, press buttons, and out comes coffee, in varying degrees of quality. Today’s wasnt bad, to be honest. But…just as I was reaching the machine (only 1 of the 2 was working!), a man got there before me. Fine, I’m in no rush, but I get told

“After you, darling.” and waved through. Me, I must have been nearly twice his age, and despite the Harlow lookalike comments, I’m hardly a stunner, but coffee is coffee, so…No, I didnt wait for an invite to his room! :p

And fine, lets not bring into consideration the 2 men who let me on the shuttle bus first, they were just being polite, and besides, their other halves were there too!

But when it comes to getting on the plane, and I get another, “After you, darling.” I’m beginning to wonder if Harlow has taken over my body, made me younger, and more beautiful. Checked in a mirror, no such luck!

Finally, tonight, I chose a nice little bistro near to the hotel for my evening meal. I sat outside at 7.00 at night! Seriously, Jersey in mid May, and you want to sit outside! It was gorgeous, and combined with the view over the bay (marred only by a pier of some kind), made for a lovely meal.

But both the man serving me, and the woman serving me (I clearly activated the Gaydar radar without knowing it) called me darling every time they came to serve me, or see to me!

OK, fine, sue me, I loved it! It makes a middle aged woman of 56 feel really good!

When I did get back to the guest house, there was a guy sat outside looking at me in a funny sort of way. Not sure if that was love, or the opposite though!

As long as the holiday doesnt go downhill from here…

The video, I’m having a Yazoo moment with both my blogs tonight, though different songs. No man actually sung these words to me, but anyway…