The first flight of Harlean Carpenter

I might actually be wrong, though I havent seen any evidence that Jean ever took to the air to go anywhere, all her longer journeys seem to have been by train, to be honest. But if I’m wrong, apologies. It is also possible that she took to the air while filming ‘Hells Angels’, but given those planes were generally single seater, I very much doubt it!

Yes, thats right, the new passport, in my new name, finally arrived today! I certainly plan that it will be the last name that I use in a passport, and it might even be my last passport, given that I will be nearly 68 when it expires, its argumentative if I will get another one after that. Health permitting, possibly one more, but dont quote me on that! Its a fact of life, that once you hit 70, travel insurance prices rocket, so…?

I know, I could get married, but forgive me if I laugh a lot at the thought of that happening. Besides, nowadays, the woman doesnt always change her name on marriage, and lets face it, being called Harlean Carpenter isnt anything I want to change in a hurry!

Yes, if I could, I’d love to just get up, and fly somewhere tomorrow, just to hand over the passport, in my lovely new name. But yes, you’re right, I cant afford it at present. So, if any generous benefactor, or wealthy person, wants to get a flight ticket for me, as short, or long a distance, I dont care. I just want to be able to check in, hand over that passport, and hear the person behind the desk say, “Thank you, Miss Carpenter” or whatever they say, it will just be so special.

Yes, in a dream world, it would be a journey to Kansas City, or Los Angeles, but to be honest, if it was a flight from Manchester, or Leeds, to anywhere, I just dont care! I know, its not going to happen, until I can afford it, I’m sure, but you never know! Please!

Well, for something like this, it comes down to one of 2 songs. I chose the one you’re less likely to know, because I’m that type of woman!