You can’t hide, in prepurbia

I have a wonderful friend, who I’ve never actually met, and given she likes her privacy, I probably never will, even if I make a request on my death bed, which hopefully I wont be doing after the neurologist visit on Tuesday. Regardless of what the news is, in truth, I’ll just be glad to know, and get on with whatever fate holds.

I know her real name, but to you, she’s Heather. No, as you can guess, thats not her real name, or first name, anyway. And no, she doesnt write enough stories in truth, because she’s brilliant when she gets around to it. This is one of them,

Yes, I know its long, but it pushes all my buttons, so I have to promote it. Fine, I’d prefer to be prepared as a Stepford Wife, in all those lovely dresses, instead of Prep style, but other than that…

Oh fine, its not hard to assume that Sabrina (Brie) is going to succumb in the end, but its quite a process to get there, and one I’d love used on me. I could do with a makeover at present in truth, my hair needs cutting, and colouring, my perm makeup being done has gone by the window this year (should have been renewed in spring) as I cant travel that far at present, nor have I got the money to pay for it, given it means travelling from Yorkshire, to Berkshire.

Could also genuinely add now that my brain could do with a makeover, and I’m sure Tiffany would love to set me up for one too, if she was real! And fine, I’d love it if she did!

So be a devil, go read the story. Just be careful to avoid the Prep makeover, unless you really want it? Oh, interesting fact, for all the stories that ‘Fembotheather’ has written, she’s never written a robot one!

The video, well you might have guess the play on words from the blog title, or maybe not?

The perfect outfit for shopping?

Fine, for those privileged to see both blogs tonight, you’ve got one serious one, and a silly one. Of course, in either case, if you only know of one, or the other, well, its pot luck, in that case! In case you couldnt guess, this is the silly one.

One of the non writing boards on one of the writing forums I visit twice a day, has one board dedicated to images. Some of them nice, some of them weird, or weirder (depending on your tastes), and an eclectic mix in between. One of those in the eclectic mix (though some might see it as weird?) is a board dedicated to pictures of latex clothing.

No, sadly, as I’ve commented before on here, my days of even considering wearing latex clothing is long gone. Well, as far as I’m concerned, it is, though given the, err, skirt, I saw a woman very much older than me this week, which just about covered her ‘modesty’, maybe I shouldnt think that way? or maybe I need to be made to think differently, lol, now that might be fun. Sorry, Sir (or Madam), wasnt my choice to go out in a latex catsuit, at my age, they made me do it! No, if anyone has got any taste, they wouldnt want me to wear a latex catsuit in the first place, at my age.

In truth, most of the items are catsuits, crop tops, or short dresses that pretty much reveal everything, even allowing for the fact that latex clothing tends to do that, in one sense at least, anyway! But then, you get the odd one that well, could be quite respectable, like this one.

Luxury latex

Yes, pretty classy, dont you think, as latex clothing goes, lol? Just a casual day out, shopping, or the like, darlings! No, at my age, even something like that, I dont think latex would be flattering on a 60 year old figure, but fine, to my weird eyes at least, that looks fun! Perfect for the local shopping center, I have my doubts! Or does it just look classy because of the hat, and the necklace, and after that…?

But fine, if I was 40 years younger, and slimmer, that would be a fun shoot to do!

Fine, end of silliness for tonight!

Well, given it looks like she’s going shopping, I thought of this. Lets face it, those guys have worn some pretty weird outfits over the years too!

And with lyrics like these, its hard to believe this song was written long before the internet became popular!

We’re buying and selling your history
How we go about it is no mystery
You check it with the city, then change the law
Are you looking forward?
Now you want some more
It’s easy when you got all the information
Inside help, no investigation
(No investigation, investigation)
No questions in the house, no give and take
There’s a big bang in the city
We’re all on the make

USA, you have a west coast, I believe?

Oh fine, non college football fans might want to look away now!

Earlier today, the 4 teams for the College Football playoffs were named. In truth, though I disagree with the order of 3 of them (Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia), those teams deserve to be in the play offs, no arguments. Where the fun starts, was the 4th team picked.

In truth, Ohio State might have had a couple of losses, but they won the Big 10 in the end, so must have a chance, right? On top of that USC also had a couple of losses, but won the Pac 12 nicely, so must be in contention for selection. Well…? More shortly! Then you get the matter of Alabama, who only lost 1 game, but they lost to Auburn, who got thumped in their rematch by Georgia, so not good?

Wrong, wrong! The incessant hype surrounding Alabama got them into the Top 4! Seriously? Dont get me wrong, but surely they should be below Auburn in ratings? No, seemingly. Before anyone asks, the best team they beat is ranked 17! Ohio State beat 2 in Top 10, and USC have nice rank wins too. But…? Oh, I forgot, its the SEC, and people look at that with rose colored glasses!

To be honest, with the East Coast bias, I might have settled for USC being ranked 5, or 6, but no, they are ranked 8! Seriously, I wonder if any of the committee have even seen a West Coast game, and I’m not sure in this era of cosy insularity on the East Coast, do they even know the West Coast exists, or have they gone back to the 1850’s or something?

Fine, California lover rant over. Honest. The other bowls havent been announced yet, but fine, a friend and I are hoping Kansas State, and Oregon get matched! Love you, Alei x!

Tonights video is supposedly a live performance. Beyond maybe, Neil Tennant singing live (and I’m not convinced), this isnt live! But fine those outfits really are something, just love them!

Just connect my brain to your computer system, preferred option!

I never thought I’d say it of a job interview process that it would be more pleasant, and far less time consuming to simply have my mind wired into a computer system (including electrode fitting time/invasive surgery, I might add) than go through a formal assessment for a job interview, but I can now! Hey, if it was for MI6, then I could understand caution, but for a call centre role…rolls eyes! And yes, I can comment accordingly, I already know I havent got the job, so…Hardly surprising, with what I went through, by the time I got to the formal interview, they’d worn me down totally!

It started off fine, with the guided tour of all the floors in the building that the company worked in. Ironically, the last one we were shown was the one where, if we got the job, was where we’d be working, but anyway… After that, we did a group exercise, what we didnt know until afterwards was that at least 2 other members (of the 7) had instructions directly in conflict with our own. So in 20 minutes, nothing practical got done, and we were all frazzled by the battle we’d been put through.

After that, the role play. What I’m discovering with these is that you are meant to know details way beyond the basic for these things, without providing us with any details. So you fight your way through, not knowing more than the very basic details you need to play with, its hard work. Fine, I still had more details than 1 potential employer wanted to provide me with, but anyway… It was at this point that 1 of our group decided she’d had enough, told her inquisitor that she was taking a minute out, and then told us she was walking out, she’d had enough! Seemingly I wasnt the only one who could see things her way, either. Anyway, the other 6 of us stuck it out.

To say the ‘two on one’ interview afterwards was a psychological battle, would be to put it mildly. Normally you feel that the interviewers at least want you to do well, but this time around, it felt like they were trying to catch you out. So by the time (this is after about 3.5 hours) they got to the competency questions, I was so beaten up, that I didnt give great answers, totally worn down.

In the email, it was suggested I could apply again in the future for roles, but I dont think I could face that again, knowing what would happen at the test!

Yes, fine, I would enjoy having my mind wired up to a machine, and having my thoughts tapped to deal with all their questions, and tests. Hey, even if it involved invasive wiring of my mind to do it, instead of having that again, I’d happily take it! At least I’d enjoy the whole experience far more that way! How anyone gets through that process sane, I have no idea! All for call centre work. I’d hate to apply for the CEO job at that place, in that case!

Yes, the only way they will ever get me back again, IS if they off to connect my mind to a helmet/machine, and tap my thoughts for the answers they are seeking. Job or no, I’d love that process at least. More than can be said for, that.

Fine, the video. One of my all time faves. Always In My Mind might be more apt, but anyway, close enough

Lets make some money!

So alright, the video suggests making lots of money, but I doubt my little ebooks are ever going to do that! So I’ll settle for a few pennies, or more strictly, a few cents, and be more than happy with that.

Seriously, if a few years ago, you’d told me that I would even be earning any money from my writing, I would probably have laughed at you, but all that was before the explosion in the ebook market, giving authors the chance to publish, who would never get that chance otherwise…like me!

Even when it all took off, I never seriously considered getting involved myself, but eventually I fell to the temptation with a pair of stories that hadnt been posted elsewhere, and they sold a few copies. So I decided in time, to post a couple more that fit in with the genre of the 20’s, and time travel, and hey, they’ve sold a few, despite actually being available somewhere for free! I know that maybe I could have got a few more sales if I’d taken them down elsewhere, but as I’m not in it to earn a living, I didnt worry about it.

So why all the musing now, well, I’m just about to get my first royalty payment, thats why! And yes, US Inland Revenue section please note, I’m paying you a little bit of tax. In return, if you want to give me a little bit of citizenship, and a little bit of rights to work, then I’ll happily accept. No, I doubt very much they will take me up on my generous offer lol!

So thats it, seems I’m now a professional writer, about to get her first royalty cheque, wow! Alright, it isnt a cheque, it will be a Paypal payment, but…its money!

Oh, and I dont know exactly how many of those places want a profile picture of the author, I know that one or two do though. And some time very shortly, I’ll have one of them too, an extra incentive to go seek out my stories, or maybe not?

I have no idea how well this Amazon link works, but if it doesnt, look in the Kindle Store under Merry Brooks

Barnes and Noble (looks a better link)

Or if Smashwords is your scene

No harm slipping in a little advertising lol!

Yes, the photo, finally collected the book of the photo shoot pictures, and they are really good. When I get an email version of a few of them next week, I’ll post something here, I promise.

The video, what hopefully I’m about to do, but very much doubt

Go West!

Yes, I know, I will be, in just under 9 weeks time, but thats not the point of this blog, before anyone assumes it is. Oh, and word of warning, if anyone was in any doubt, and is homophobic, this post is very much LGBT related.

What some people today dont realise, is that back in the 60’s and 70’s, we may have had free love, and all that, but it was supposed to be strictly one man, and one woman, and nothing more. Sadly, even if some of us didnt realise it back then (I was still only 21 at the end of the 70’s), life isnt as simple as that for everyone. Back before 1967 it was even illegal in the UK, and even after that, it really wasnt for many years before it gained even reasonable acceptance amongst the general public. Indeed some today still vociferously oppose it, and indeed some ‘so called’ religious groups claim they can cure gays, a sad thing for these groups to suggest, let alone try to change.

And yes, I suspect that my sexual confusion, combined with my mothers stance on the matter is probably the reason I got turned off to sex in the first place, and havent missed it in the slightest over the last 12 years.

Right, back to the story. Before the end of the 70’s, there had been gay pop stars, of both genders, though few, if any had admitted it by then. One of those earlier famous ones appeared in a blog video only a little while ago, Dusty Springfield. But yes, it was certainly not known in the 60’s that she was a lesbian by the public, even if close friends did. But then, towards the end of the 70’s appeared a group who seemingly were proud of being gay men, and stood up for the fact. Yes, the Village People, as some might have guessed. Of course the irony there in time was that it came out that several of the group werent gay after all lol. But they stood up for gay rights and all that, so really, who cares? Video one…

Of course, though strictly not mentioned as being their target, even back then San Francisco had an openly gay population block, and everyone was pretty laid back about the matter. And yes, it was very much west from New York, where the Village People came from. Though did I realise at the time strictly the significance of the song in that sense, no, of course I didnt. I did a few short years later, but…

I have visited SF a couple of times in more recent years, and yes, its a wonderfully laid back city. I swear I could have gone downtown, dressed in a full metallic robot suit, and hardly anyone would blink. If it was tight enough, my boobs might have got checked out, but otherwise…Yes, I love the place, hardly surprising really.

Of course nowadays, we have civil unions, will soon have same sex marriage over here, and everything, it has changed so much, all for the better of course. Hopefully one day the whole of the US will catch up, or at least a greater percentage of it will at least. A few states are ahead of us on same sex marriage, but sadly only a few.

So now, back to the song. And a fine case of how a cover version of a song can bring a whole different meaning to it. Fast forward to 1993, shortly after the fall of the iron Curtain, and the Soviet Empire, and enter the Pet Shop Boys, to give the song a whole different meaning. Given that the Soviet rule of iron had just ended just adds to the irony of this video

Oh, and for anyone interested, the whole history of the song can be found at

What have I done to deserve this?

Yes, for once of late, the clue to the video really is in the title lol!

No, its not someone taking me out to Valentines Day dinner, or anything like that, before anyone jumps to that conclusion, no one is that crazy! And as is stated, as mind control is purely fiction, I cant make someone do that, ah well…! Would be pretty hard on any guy, or girl anyway, lets face it, given my views on sex, romance and the like, but hey, I can dream, cant I?

But if anyone wants to at least send an e-card, it might be nice. Havent had an actual card this century, though there is someone at work saying he was going to get me one this year, but lets just wait and see, shall we? The late Sara C did send me one once by email, but thats it since then. But no, as I havent got a love, I guess I shouldnt expect one, but…

No, this is a far more entertaining tale than that in all honesty. Over at the MC Garden, we have lots of nice picture threads, on a board called Entrancing Murals. One of those is called the Latex Yumminess thread, and no prizes for working out that it might relate to latex clothing, is there? The thing is, every once in a while, people bemoan tha lack of pictures of members (even though you have to be a member to see in, its still the internet, so…), and of late there have been one or two dares of female members being bought items of latex clothing, if they would get a picture done, and post it. Now, I always suspected I wasnt a main target, I assumed they were trying to tempt the younger members into taking up the offer, and of course they dont. And occasionally they would bemoan the fact that this offer never got taken up.

Anyway, one evening, when I was in my best ‘wind-up bitch’ mode, something I’m sure Brooksie would be proud of, I threw down the gauntlet, and said, fine, get me something suitable for a woman of my age, and I’ll wear it. Lets face it, I could wear a latex catsuit, but at my age, it wouldnt be right. Well, it might be in some eyes, but I wouldnt have thought so. But dress, or skirt, then fine, I’ll do it.

There was a gentle silence, presumably while they hoped someone younger, and prettier might rise to the bait, but they didnt. Then someone who makes me look retiring, Rosie, started wonding them up too. So now, after all this, in the next few weeks, a silver latex skirt will be heading my way, which should be fun. How much it gets worn beyond the pictures, I have no idea, lets just wait and see. But hey, in my collection will be one item of latex, something I never imagined in my wildest dreams.

So I’d like to say a big thank you to one special guy at the Garden, no names here, but if he sees this, he’ll know who I mean. Hey, if you’re lucky, I might even post a picture here, as well as at the Garden! It will be a few weeks though, so you need to be patient for now, but…

Yes, now for the video. Perfect combination for sexual tension, a gay guy, and a lesbian woman. And yes, they are lip synching, but anything more would be hard to find! Just enjoy, without me having to use mind control on you…

First they give thanks, then they go shopping…

Yes, in an ideal world, I wanted to post this yesterday, but various things caught up with me, so… Lets settle for belated Thansgiving greetings to all my American readers, and leave it at that. The poor turkeys over there get a raw deal, not only Christmas, they have to survive Thanksgiving first lol!

But thats not just it. Though this isnt an official holiday over there, for many, its akin to one, yes, its called Black Friday. Especially black for all shop staff, from what I’ve seen. It seems to be the day that everybody starts buying stuff for Christmas, lets just leave it at that. The amount of emails I’ve had today from over there, offering reduced price specials for Black Friday is nobody’s business! No, I havent bought anything there, delivery costs are too much for that, even if I’m sure there were some great bargains there. But I’ve seen you tube film, looks like its gone crazy over there!

To be fair, I’ve done some shopping this week myself, mainly because its been my main chance to do any Christmas shopping, so I’ve taken it. OK, I’ve got a few things for myself too, including the famous dress of course. For those who want to see it, and wont see it at the dinner, the link is

Thanks to some shops in Dewsbury, I now have a clutch bag, and a few pieces of jewellery to match. Thanks to a store in Huddersfield, I now have a coat too. I must be crazy, given its all pretty much a one night thing, but its done now lol! The only thing I havent got in gold, shoes! And yes, I did find a pair of pumps in the right colour yesterday, but given I have wide feet, I couldnt squeeze into them. I’d prefer a wedge heel, or a very tiny heel anyway, but unless I see something relatively cheap, the shoes will be black lol! So if anyone has, or knows someone with such a pair locally, in size 8, I wouldnt mind…

And now is when I find out if anyone in this house still reads my blog! Someone has always teased me that I tend to go out in trousers, not a skirt, and definitely not a dress! The reaction when they heard I was wearing a dress for the dinner was quite good lol. So anyway, tomorrow is someone’s birthday here, and we are going out for a meal, and then to the theatre in Leeds. Funny thing is, not only do I not own a little black dress, I didnt own a black skirt either. Well I do, but its one of those short ones, which I wouldnt wear because of either the state of my knees, or because of the weather. No, I dont know why I got it, but I did get some daft stuff in the early days, I must admit. So, while in Huddersfield, I looked in a few charity shops for a suitable black skirt, and managed to find a couple that appealed, and were long. One was lined, one wasnt, so no contest given the time of year. And yes, I’m wearing the heels tomorrow, so…and they at least go with black, and silver, so should be fun! Yes, I have a great silver top to wear! I think its meant to be a short dress, but for me, its a top lol! 😛

So unless this gets read here, someone might be in for a surprise tomorrow afternoon.

So, in tribute to Black Friday, and what I’ve been doing this week, I present

Being Boring

A comment that generally sums up my social life perfectly, I have 2 weeks of real fun, and even that is pretty quiet by most peoples standards. But this year at least, there is generally one event, the Works Christmas Dinner to break up the quietness, but this year, I’ve gone crazy, got 2 other dates out in November too.

It all starts on the 1st of November, when some lucky lady gets to see her favourite actress (well, one of them at least) in probably her best known film. Yes, Louise Brooks is coming to Leeds, well, the film Pandora’s Box is at least, for one glorious night. To finally get to see the movie in full will be quite something, though seeing bits of it, without an OMD soundtrack might be a bit strange lol! No, I’m not dressing up flapper style, because I wll be heading there directly from work. Oh alright, I almost certainly wouldnt have done anyway, but at least I’ve got an excuse for not doing so! 😛

But yes, I’m hoping some do so, all the same.

Later in the month, on the 24th, I head back pretty much to the same place in Leeds, the Grand Theatre, though then it will be in the Theatre, not in the side cinema. Its a dear friends birthday, and we are all off to see Oliver. I might dress up slightly more for that though, as I wont be working, its at the end of my week off on holiday in fact. Well, strictly I’ve got the Sunday off too, given my job, but besides all that… But no, it wont be a Victorian style dress and corset lol that I’ll be wearing all the same!

Then on December 6th is the Works Christmas Dinner, also in Leeds! Is it ironic, its the only time of year I actively bother to socialise with those I work with? Not that there are many other chances, but anyway…Its somewhere new this year, which is why I’m giving it a go, should be fun, I hope. Who, me, posh frock, 4″ heels, oh absolutely…not! Just not my style, and besides, my knees are not a sight to reveal to anyone, too much surgery done on them for that! Plus they would object strongly to me wearing heels anyway, even without the ridiculous height they would make me. So yes, nice blouse, nice trousers, flat shoes, and lets leave it at that.

After that, my social life should get back to its nice, quiet self, excluding Christmas Day dinner out with the others from here, but that wont be a wild occasion anyway.

After that, should be nice and peaceful until ‘Mary Brooks’ hits Wichita in April, and I doubt that will be that wild lol. Even if Kate and I do end up doing a tour of the area together, well, it wont be wild. Livelier maybe, wild, probably not! 😉 Just a shame I cant get an ID (or the like) in that name for the trip, that really would be fun. Sadly, not going to happen.

Anyway, the video, you can take this title whichever way you like about my social life, its certainly something the Pet Shop Boys leave to the imagination lol!