From the underworld

And yes, the title is purely for the video, one of those incredible songs from the 60’s that never got the credit it deserved.

Jean Harlow passed on from this world in 1937, before colour films were generally being made. Therefore most pictures of her, are only in black and white. The thing is, there are artistic geniuses who have the talents, and skills to colourise these pictures, and bring a whole new look to a modern audience. What we truly cannot know is, if the colours are correct of course, but thats a minor concern.

Today, as a birthday delight, not only did I get the gift of one such picture from a wonderful friend, Kris, this one

jean harlow coloured 2

and there is also a guy on Facebook, under the guise of Colorised Hollywood, who does lots of these images, but chose today, my birthday, to post one of Jean Harlow, while not knowing the significance of doing so

jean harlow coloured

I love both of them, it has to be said! Thanks so much, both of you. Hopefully on Tuesday, I will look even more like her, after my hair is restyled, though I’m sure I will never be as beautiful as her, despite the lookalike comments.

So, despite being long departed, colour images of Jean Harlow still appear, if not strictly from the underworld. Which leads me to that video

The other main news of the day, I wore the pink flapper dress out in public tonight, albeit it with hose, as firstly its too cold out there not to, and secondly, its above the knees, and my knees shouldnt be seen in public! But it was fun, and lovely to wear it again, all the same.