Jersey day 8 (movie star moment), and then back to earth with a bump!

OK, lets tidy up the loose ends, before we return to the more normal blog stuff on Wednesday, my first day off from work this week.

When I arrived in Jersey, a week ago yesterday, I’d pre arranged a shuttle to pick me up, and take me to the guest house, as a matter of simplicity. To be honest, if I’d waited around for, and got a bus into St Helier, I would still have needed a taxi to get me out to the place I was staying, due to the weight of the bags and things, even if my sense of direction was good! Given I’m blonde…

So I had this shuttle, what you would generally describe as the larger type of vehicle used by taxi companies and the like nowadays. Nice, spacious for one, but sort of expected when you pay a fee for the privilege. So yes, yesterday, going back, I was expecting more of the same. Especially when I saw one of those cars park up across the road about the time I was due to be collected.

So when the driver comes in, picks up my bags, and escorts me outside, I start to head for that vehicle, only to be told, no, you’re going in this one. This one being a large coach, designed for over 40 people, and seemingly all to myself. Me, feel like a movie star, you bet I did! No, I resisted waving to the people as I went by lol! But oh God, it feels amazing, especially when your coach pulls up at the airport, the driver rushes out with a couple of bags, followed by me, and just me!

No, no photographers or journalists waiting for me, so not quite the full Harlow treatment, but I guess I know what it must have been like for them! Alright, secretly, I loved it.

Then as mentioned, back down to Earth with a bump. The flight back to Manchester was due to leave at 3.15. We were expecting to be called to the gate at 2.45, but in fact they did so just after 2.30. In fact, even allowing for late arrivals, we were all on board before 3.00. And we sat there, and we sat there…about 3.20 we had announcement made to say that there was a ‘delay in the paperwork, that we should be off very soon’, and then nothing more. We finally took off at 3.55, no other news, beyond the same information as we finally left the gate about 3.50.

Even bigger bump in the morning of course, back to work. At least the train shouldnt be busy, given its a bank holiday. But yes, in non movie star fashion, I will be travelling second class! Ah well, at least I’ve got the World Cup football to not look forward to lol! 😛

The video, to celebrate the fact that I felt like a movie star yesterday, travelling in a large coach, on my own, is

Oh, and Kiki comes from Bradford too, what a star!

Finally, a picture of a real star, or is it me?

Jean Harlow2

Fine, yes, its Jean, but it could be… seriously, unless anyone finds a way to shrink me about 9 inches, I could never be a true lookalike, but a taller version…just maybe? 😉