162 games, and you still cant get a decision!

Yes, I’m talking baseball here. And yes, tonight is the end of the regular season. Unsurprisingly the Mariners were eliminated from the playoffs a while back, Kansas (for the Brooksie side of me) fell by the wayside recently, and the Red Sox managed the turnaround of all time, not only making the playoffs, but the No 1 seed in the American League!

But no, none of this concerns any of them. The introduction of a second wild card team in each league, was meant to increase the excitement. Didnt work with the NL this year, but in the American League.

Its not impossible tonight, we could have a 3 way tie for the 2 wild card places, after 162 games! Of course, if Cleveland win, and one of Tampa Bay, or Texas lose, all straightforward. Well, if both of the latter lose (or if all 3 win), we have a shoot out between them, but…

Personally, I dont mind them knocking 6 bells out of each other, as the eventual winners of all this are the opponents for the Red Sox, and hopefully that will improve their chances, if they’ve been battling through multiple games before meeting them.

But seriously, 162 games, and we still get a tie, possibly a 3 way one…!

The video, apt, I feel. This is actually a US rip off of a UK TV series called ‘Man About The House’ from way back when.

Puts on her Red Sox cheerleaders outfit, and shakes her pom-poms lol! If someone gets me one, I’ll post a picture, hows that?