The mind to match the looks!

Yes, I know I’ve given Betsy Leohtar a mention before, but she’s earned another one today. Actually, she earns it today for 2 stories, one by her, and one about her.

Quite often, when I’m getting a cameo role in somebody’s story, they check with me, to make sure I approve, so I’m sort of pre-warned that its going to happen. Of course, if they’ve got permission once, they might think they dont need to ask again, and they’d be right! I find it all very flattering to be honest, so am never likely to say no, to most. So fine, I started reading this story that Betsy wrote today, and was in no way prepared for the ending, until I saw it. Yes, if you want to read it, its at and yes, its the end of Chapter 2 that amused me greatly, if you want to skip the rest, though you shouldnt, its a great story, even before then!

Yes, given the nature of events, and request, why do I suspect she might not only be a Jean Harlow lookalike for very long! Sound a like, think a like, both, nothing would surprise me lol! I might let you know, when I find out, or just go and read it for yourself, even better!

Thanks, Betsy, and yes, its even more fun when you dont know its coming, until its presented to you!

The funny thing is, its not only Betsy handing out cameos this week, she’s getting one of her own, and well deserved too. Fine, I suspect she’d enjoy this way too much, if it really happened to her.

Its quite a clever little story, and where it goes from that ending, who knows? ūüėČ

Yes, this video seems very apt, as I suspect she’s been reading my mind, only too well!

If You Could Read My Mind

Lets just say that some of us have stressful jobs, but dont have to be overwhelmingly clever to do it. You could say I fit that bill. Yes, the idiots in the shops can frustrate, annoy, and a few other things to me, but in the end, a good knowledge is more than enough to keep them under control. I do qualify on that front, probably more than so, but compared to some, my job isnt that challenging.

Kate, who I am on holiday with, whole different scene. No, I dont know the full details of her job (and even if I did, I wouldnt tell you), but what I do know, is that she¬†has to be very clever to do it. By the sound of it, she also needs as much patience with her group of ‘idiots’ as I do with my respective bunch, but enough of that.

James has a marvellous, and worthy job, which he does with great diligence and devotion, and I admire him both for what he does, and how he does it. Andyes, you guessed it, again, no more details than that.

So after all those details, why am I writing this, I can hear you ask. Simple, and for tbose of you who come here because of mind control related sites, you should enjoy this concept. Well, its because if I had her knowledge of Kate’s role, I could stand a chance of getting a job over here, and wouldnt that be great? But lets just leave it at saying that I havent.

If you are old enough,¬†or nowadays, if you check it out on Wiki, or You Tube, who remembers a series called Joe 90? Not¬†many I suspect, it was made in the 60’s, and even then, I’m not sure if it crossed the Atlantic, or was just shown in the UK. But basically the plot each week came down to Joe going¬†into a spinning chamber, and ‘learning’ how to do something, to help him solve his mission, or whatever. I cant remember the exact details, other than that his glasses played a part in downloading the details into his mind. And yes, wouldnt it be great if I could ‘learn’ her job this way, in more senses than one.

If anyone says it can be done, let me know before Saturday lol!

The music video, well, this song is nearly as old as the Joe 90 series! 40 years ago, this was a hit, and one I remembered even today.