Look at me!

No, not actually me, you see, though if you’re feeling so inclined, then go ahead and do so, there is at least a couple of pics of me around here lol! But truth be told, I’m talking about the lady I’ll be looking at on Thursday evening, Louise Brooks.

Yes, on the ‘silver screen’ in Leeds, I finally get to see one of her films in full, and its probably the most famous one, Pandora’s Box. Yes, unsurprisingly, I’m really looking forward to it, and it will be interesting placing the clips from the OMD video of course, and seeing how many I can spot. And yes, I dont know how weird it will be watching those bits with an entirely different soundtrack lol!

In truth, I could watch the full film on You Tube on my laptop, but in truth, how would you rather see it? Hopefully the same answer as me, on the big screen. I wonder what it will be like, seeing the full length film in fact, after seeing those few moments in the music video? All I can say is that it didnt harm Metropolis for me in any way, after the music video for Radio Gaga, by Queen.

I suspect some might even dress up for the event, in a sense I hope a few do in all honesty. No, I wont be amongst them, as going directly from work, and I dont think a flapper style look would meet with approval there lol! I really should have tried to hunt down a bob wig, but its too late now, and besides, to make it work, I’d have to push a lot of my hair up inside it, so it probably wouldnt work for the best, even if I had?

Oh yes darlings, I’m a real moviegoer, do you know the last film I saw (other than on a plane flying across the Atlantic), I Robot, in Dallas, soon after it came out! Probably be another long gap before I go again, unless the chance to see another Brooks film arises, I suspect.

Its funny, I was listening to this video now, and was just thinking the lyrics could be quite apt for Brooksie. Yes, I always play the video first, to make sure the link works. So make your own choice as to who you look at, but for me, both Geri, and Louise have me beat!


A New Form Of Massage

As a number of my long term readers know, I suffer somewhat with painful joints, mainly the knees, and have a back that can play up when its in the mood to do so as well. Also, given that I’m slightly past 50 by now, my body is beginning to age anyway, not for the better, either. Yes, another advantage of being turned into a robot, a nice new, fresh body, and no concern about aching joints, or much else, I guess? 😉

So yes, regular massage sessions are part of my regime, and yes guys, I mean a proper massage lol! 😛 Though there are times, rather like now, if I’m being honest, when some joints (right knee at present) seem determined to annoy me considerably, even though my next session isnt for another week or so. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’ve had bad knees now for over 40 years, the result of a collision with a show jumping fence as a child. Its always been a pain, but as you get older, it does get worse. Yes, I also know that short of getting a new robot body (ha ha), I’m probably going to have to get artificial knee joints before too much longer, but trying to delay it as long as I can, dont want them wearing out before I do too!

Now to the more interesting bit. A few months ago, I did a quick day trip over to Manchester. In the Arndale Centre over there, I heard this loud whooshing noise, and when I turned the corner, I saw a pair of these machines, marked as Aqua Massagers. Hey, I love anything techy, so I took a closer look. Looked quite interesting, and not a silly price either, so in my way, I thought about it for 5 minutes or so, tempted to give it a go, but walked away. Why, I had a massage already booked for the next day with Linda, thats why! Didnt stop me nearly turning around and doing it anyway, but… I was trying to work out where you got changed lol, I assumed you got wet! Blonde moment, I know. Since then I’ve found out that you stay in your clothes, as its all lined, and all you get is the benefit of the water, and no soaking! Now I find out you get given a pair of headphones that help you to relax with soft music…alright, you can see the mind control writer stuff creeping in here, cant you lol?

I assume they cant brainwash you that much in 10 minutes, but who knows? 😉 Would I mind if they did, probably not! Lets just say that I’ll be back over in Manchester in just under 4 weeks, and I plan to give it a try then. Anyway, for those who havent seen one of these, here is a promo video from You Tube


If anyone has tried it, let me know what its like. And if someone says they need 20 minutes to brainwash you with the headphones, I’ll book a double session lol!

Being Boring

A comment that generally sums up my social life perfectly, I have 2 weeks of real fun, and even that is pretty quiet by most peoples standards. But this year at least, there is generally one event, the Works Christmas Dinner to break up the quietness, but this year, I’ve gone crazy, got 2 other dates out in November too.

It all starts on the 1st of November, when some lucky lady gets to see her favourite actress (well, one of them at least) in probably her best known film. Yes, Louise Brooks is coming to Leeds, well, the film Pandora’s Box is at least, for one glorious night. To finally get to see the movie in full will be quite something, though seeing bits of it, without an OMD soundtrack might be a bit strange lol! No, I’m not dressing up flapper style, because I wll be heading there directly from work. Oh alright, I almost certainly wouldnt have done anyway, but at least I’ve got an excuse for not doing so! 😛

But yes, I’m hoping some do so, all the same.

Later in the month, on the 24th, I head back pretty much to the same place in Leeds, the Grand Theatre, though then it will be in the Theatre, not in the side cinema. Its a dear friends birthday, and we are all off to see Oliver. I might dress up slightly more for that though, as I wont be working, its at the end of my week off on holiday in fact. Well, strictly I’ve got the Sunday off too, given my job, but besides all that… But no, it wont be a Victorian style dress and corset lol that I’ll be wearing all the same!

Then on December 6th is the Works Christmas Dinner, also in Leeds! Is it ironic, its the only time of year I actively bother to socialise with those I work with? Not that there are many other chances, but anyway…Its somewhere new this year, which is why I’m giving it a go, should be fun, I hope. Who, me, posh frock, 4″ heels, oh absolutely…not! Just not my style, and besides, my knees are not a sight to reveal to anyone, too much surgery done on them for that! Plus they would object strongly to me wearing heels anyway, even without the ridiculous height they would make me. So yes, nice blouse, nice trousers, flat shoes, and lets leave it at that.

After that, my social life should get back to its nice, quiet self, excluding Christmas Day dinner out with the others from here, but that wont be a wild occasion anyway.

After that, should be nice and peaceful until ‘Mary Brooks’ hits Wichita in April, and I doubt that will be that wild lol. Even if Kate and I do end up doing a tour of the area together, well, it wont be wild. Livelier maybe, wild, probably not! 😉 Just a shame I cant get an ID (or the like) in that name for the trip, that really would be fun. Sadly, not going to happen.

Anyway, the video, you can take this title whichever way you like about my social life, its certainly something the Pet Shop Boys leave to the imagination lol!


College football bias

I only wish I’d had the time to post this before the game, but some might say its safer after the result lol! It definitely is after a 55-14 win, yes!

I guess its fair to say with things like college football support, I let Louise Brooks influence my choice. So yes, as you guessed, I might have developed a Kansas, or to be strictly correct in this case, a Kansas State affiliation. So alright, Manhattan, KS is nearly 200 miles from Cherryvale, and over 100 miles from Wichita, but anyway… its as good a logic as I can come up with. Kansas is nearer, but basketball seems to be their speciality, and football is my true love, so…

Oh, did I mention it, Kansas State are unbeaten this year. And not because they’ve been playing softies, not only were they underdogs last night at West Virginia, they were underdogs when they went to Oklahoma too. Yes, beat both, though beating Oklahoma wasnt as spectacular as yesterday, but that was against a team that simply doesnt lose at home. Oh, they did! I’ll be honest, what I know about Collin Klein beyond stats, and a picture, pretty much nothing. Sadly ESPN America over here dont seem to fancy showing K-State play, for whatever reason. Mind, to be fair, evening games out there arent a time I could watch anyway! But I could catch highlights, or replays, but… 😦

Not that things get easy just now. Next week is at home to Texas Tech, who also thumped West Virginia only a week ago. Alright, they won at home, we won in Virginia, and the match up is in Kansas, but, it wont be easy, thats for sure. After that, Oklahoma State, and some gentle rivalry with my dear friend Kate. I never dreamt when discussing it with her in September that it would be like this though.

As I say, I’m getting quite into college sports lol!

The video, well, this might show a bit of bias, and no, I have no idea who the K-State mask really is. Also, for those from ‘redneck’ country, or West Virginia, and lack a sense of humour, you may be better off avoiding this!


Forever Autumn

No, I know it wont be, but it gives away what the video is at least, lol! 😛

I have actually noticed it for a week or so now, temperaturs are definitely getting cooler, and whereas not so long ago the temperatures were threatening 60, now they are struggling to hit 50! Oh, and just to prove Kansas is trying to make me jealous, as I type this, the mercury in Wichita is in the high 70’s, admittedly mid afternoon, but it barely reached 50 here at any point today.

The reason I noticed it more today, was that I was out at lunchtime, not early morning or late evening as it seems to have been of late with my work. Then, I just tend to wrap up well because of those things, but today was a visit to the beauty therapist (aka miracle worker, with me), so out and back in daytime. And yes, I still wrapped up well, and included my cute little pull on hat, because the wind was blowing so much! And yes, summer here at least, is well and truly over.

To be honest, most of it wont be missed, its been pretty dismal if I’m being truthful. We did get a burst at the very end of summer, but that really was it. Now its getting to the point where I’m thinking of tracking down where my thicker, winter coats are. Yes, I know where my winter boots are, but havent felt the need to wear them…yet! Nor hopefully will I need to, for at least a month or two yet!

For someone whose social diary is generally notoriously quiet (alright, dead), its actually looking quite lively at present, with a whole 2 dates in it! Firstly, in just over 2 weeks, I’m off to the cinema in Leeds. No, not to watch some modern movie, but definitely one that many would tie into my tastes. Yes, Opera North in Leeds are going to show Pandoras Box, starring you know who! 😉 No way was I missing that, darlings. x

Much though it might be fun to dress up accordingly, I wont be. Main reason for that is that I will be going there directly from work, and then heading home by train and bus afterwards. And lets face it, a slip of a flapper style dress, in November, in Leeds, no, doesnt work. Fine if you can just slip out the theatre into a car and go home, but for those of us using public transport…I did consider getting a helmet bob wig for the event, but in all hionesty, my own hair is blonde, and would be longer than the wig, so…I suspect some will get dressed up though, will be fun to see.

The other, that annual event known as the Works Christmas Dinner, in the early part of December. Somewhere new this year, so giving it a try. No dears, blouse and trousers for me, not a nice dress, just my style I’m afraid. Certainly not high heels, that is a certainty, even if someone does convince me, or bribe me into a dress lol!

But for now, it seems to be forever autumn, and here is the video. Not sure whether I should credit Justin Hayward, or Moody Blues for this, You Tube seems inconsistent over the matter. Either way, its a lovely song, with some lovely autumnal images here


And I Miss You

Yes, this concerns a regular reader of this blog.

I’ll keep this pretty short, those that know already will know who its about, for those who dont, you have got an absolutely brilliant video as a second prize.

Let me just say that its not the desert thats missing you, its a very well kept garden! And its not just me there who wants you back, a lot of other people do as well, as I’m sure you know, and realise by now. Oh, and ‘Siobhan’ is missing you as well.

I know what bad times can be like, I’ve been there myself in the dim, distant past, but have got past it now, I’m so pleased to say.

Right, I’m not saying any more tonight, I might have pushed my luck already?

Oh, that sensational video, as promised, a brilliant live version, of a superb song, the title of this blog might just give you a hint.


To my other regular readers, I promise a more normal blog again tomorrow.

Until then, I miss someone, like the desert misses the rain x

Virtual Reality

It was reading a story on the EMCSA today that made me think about this. Though that was purely a visor, and the effects, well, maybe they were pure fiction lol! But what it of course reminded me of, was something that long ago was going to not only change gaming, but the world as we knew it, virtual reality.

Yes, I’m old enough to remember when it first came out as a concept, with its special visor, and all over body suit, and a pair of very large gloves. To be honest, all the talk back then was how all this gadgetry would be out in arcades in less than 2 years, and that everyone would get to experience it. Thing is, over here at least, it never happened. There was someone, waiting to get all dressed up in all this VR gadgetry, and she never got the chance!

Alright, as far as I know, no game ever came out that transformed the wearer into a robot, and I certainly know of no visor/headset that gave you the thought processes (and controlled mental state) of a robot, but anyway…I never got to discover, because it never really left the science labs. Now, I’m not a gamer, so dont quote me on this, but have some of the more recent/current consoles actually gone some degree towards this or not? Visor wise maybe, though as far as I know, nothing that requires you to wear a body suit to get totally immersed in the game has ever came along. As I say, I’m not a gamer, but if I got the chance to try something like that, you bet I would!

Seemingly in the science lab at least, things have moved on, though I note this one only seems to need a visor, maybe sight and sound are the only virtual senses you need nowadays? But if anyone out there is developing a virtual robot suit, and need a guinea pig to try it on, as Blondie would say, call me!