Its only make believe?

One thing I not so secretly enjoy, that Eric loves are the driver view train journeys of numerous long distance trips. Tonight, I was so enjoying the journey from Brussels to St Pancras that I got him to leave it on when he went upstairs to his room. There is a lot more on the reasons for that on the other blog, for those who know about it, lol.

But thinking things through, wouldnt it be fun for someone more into lines sadly no longer with us, wouldnt it be interesting if it was possibly to make a virtual video of some of the more scenic lines that are no longer with us? I mean, seriously, if someone offered me a video of a journey of the Princetown branch, I’d probably bite their hand off! As for the Shropshire and Montgomery line, or the Bishops Castle one, name your price, seriously! But fine, given the last 2 closed in the 1930’s, not going to happen!

The best I can do, is next week, see the site now of Fenay Bridge and Lepton station, which closed to passengers in 1930, and is now known as Station Court, yes, a housing area. Looking forward to it, but a virtual journey on the Kirkburton branch, wouldnt that be fascinating?

Yes, I know, no health issues, mainly because I will know a lot more about future plans for me after tomorrow, when I have the end of treatment meeting, so keep your eyes open for that information.

OK, video time. Huge hint in the title of the blog, lol. This is the Glen Campbell version, though there are numerous famous ones to choose from

Its only CGI make believe

Is there anything that isnt fake nowadays? And no, Donnie, I dont mean most of the news, either, before you get any thoughts that I might have a gram of support for you, because I dont.

I know these ‘promoted’ items on Twitter probably help to keep it free for those like myself, and to be fair, some of them are worthy, some of them I can even stand, but then you get the ones that are good for nothing but a good laugh. Some company called Vice UK yesterday posted a promotion involving someone called Natasha Demetrio walking through a forest, as they claimed.

Thing is, she wasnt! For an actress like myself (even though I’ve never worked in front of a green screen), it was easy to tell she wasnt actually walking through a forest. For starters, however clear a path you find in a forest, its unlikely to be perfectly flat. So there would be movement on the camera as it moved, and there was none.

Then, in terms of realism, it went downhill fast. Firstly, at about 11 seconds, the forest jumped back to where it was at the start of the film. Then at 18 seconds, the word ‘Rewind’ appeared in the top right corner of the screen, which wouldnt happen in a real forest, lets face it. But then briefly, at about 28 seconds in (fine, I was looking for errors by then), it happened. The forest vanished from sight, and all you could see was Ms Demetrio walking on a roller, in front of a blank green screen. Quickly after, it returned to the forest, so if you’d blinked, you might have missed it.

As someone else pointed out, the pixels were wrong too, but I’m not enough of a green screen expert (stage/studios only, darlings) to really spot that. The thing is, any sane person promoting this, would at this point put their hands up, and admit what they’d done, but oh no, they tried to say that it was real, and they couldnt see anything. Anyway at this point, because I’d point out what, and where to look for these things, others saw the same things, and commented in support of me. At this point, they strangely went very quiet!

I’ll be quite honest, I dont mind people using a Green Screen/CGI forest for an advert in the slightest. Its easy in terms of space, movement of equipment, and tons of other things, but when they claim its a real forest, when it clearly isnt, why do so? And why do you ever release an advert without checking for continuity? Without the ‘green screen’ moment, many might have believed it could be real, but that blows it wide open!

In the old days, it wouldnt have been difficult to switch from theatre, to film, or vice versa, because both methods had so much in common. Nowadays, in films, its not about acting to other people, or working with a location, its the ability to act in front of a green screen. Whereas theatre acting is still the real thing! I suppose its the way of the world, but I suspect I could still easily do real acting, as I’ve proved at various festival work, playing a part. But acting in front of a green screen, and nothing else, no idea! And those people, interacting with other people on stage, well…?

OK, video time. The song is the obvious one, numerous version to choose from, so I’ve chosen a Glen Campbell version

I am a lineman for the county

No,  I havent started playing American Football lol, but those, other than maybe any really young readers will probably get the significance of the line anyway.

When I first heard that song (Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell, for the very young), I had no idea where Wichita was, it was just a placename in a song for me. Now I’m seriously thinking of going there next year. Why, anyone that knows me a bit, and knows the whole Louise Brooks history thing will know the answer, but for those who dont…

Yes, she was born in Cherryvale, but that place is about as easy for me to reach as the North Pole.  Yes, if you can drive, not so hard, but if you dont, nigh impossible to reach without a very long walk! But her family moved to Wichita in 1920, and she stayed there until 1922. She returned in 1940, until sometime in 1943 as well. There probably is no remaining trace of her time there, but hey, it will be fun walking in her footsteps, if not literally so. If I can find a friendly chauffeur to take me across the state, then great, but that will only be a ‘what will be, will be’ moment if it does. Yes, I know, someone has made an offer at this point, but we are talking 21 months time, and a lot can happen in that length of time.

Well, now at least I know where Wichita is, if not a lot more than that about the city. Slightly more than that, thanks to the tourist website, but you get my drift. And not a single mention there of the legendary lady unfortunately. Judging by what Kate tells me, I’m not going to freeze to death at that time! Its only a shame she didnt get into my head earlier, I might have used a different surname when I did the name change if I had. A second Louise Brooks, albeit of the Stephanie kind, as opposed to the Mary type, in Wichita, now wouldnt that have been something?

No, I wont tease about the song, I’ve already mentioned it, so whats the point? Just enjoy