Everyday Hurts

Regardless of my current physical issues, one thing I’ve always tried to do whenever I see anyone in a wheelchair is acknowledge them, even if its only a quick glance with the eyes, I always try to do something, just to show my support. Even more so now, in the sense that in a couple of weeks time, proverbially at least, I’ll be in their place. Fortunately for me, at the end of it all, I will be able to get out of the wheelchair, and walk away, to some degree at least, even if my back ensures it wont be that smooth an event. But of course, for most people in a wheelchair, thats not an option. Probably why, to some degree, I feel guilty about requesting a wheelchair, but being practical, I cant stand long enough in one place to join the standard Immigration queue, into the US, and in truth, getting through security might be challenging too, if I dont time it right! So fine, it needs to be done, but even so…

Yes, thankfully, I’ve got to the point where I can accept that as a fact, so I’m finding it easier to live with it, even if its not the perfect situation. I see one gentleman reasonably regularly, using the same bus service as me, to and from Bradford, and we’ve now acknowledged each other so often, I quite often get a wave, rather than a nod! But no, it wasnt him yesterday that made me think about my scenario in a fortnights time.

I was walking back from work yesterday, into town, and saw a woman in one of those motorized wheelchairs approaching at as much speed as I’ve ever seen one go! I tried to acknowledge her, but I think she was more focused on setting a qualifying time for a Grand Prix lol! No, I wont get a motorized wheelchair at the airport, I’m pretty sure, just being pushed along, I’m sure. To be honest, I have to, at some point look up what the etiquette is for these matters, as I suspect one of the places I might need assistance is in the check in area, but how does anything get sorted out before I check in? If anyone knows, and is prepared to comment, I’d love to know. If not, I’ll have to try and find out online, hazard of being a solo traveler.

To be fair, I should point out that it wont be my first time being pushed in a wheelchair, but the last time was nearly 50 years ago, and for a few weeks at least, I couldnt walk, as it was after both my knees were surgically operated on at the same time. Since then, no, never been in one. Well, not until a fortnights time, at least!

Yes, I do feel sorry for those, who unlike me, having got through the rigors of Boston Airport, wont be able to just get out of their wheelchair, and walk away, and know how painful it must be for some, when they see the rest of us walking around them, with too many just ignoring them. But yes, as a social experiment, it will be interesting to see how others react to me, all the same.

The video, an absolute oldie, just hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Who me, evil mind controller?

Yes, that title is full of sarcasm, before anyone starts panicking or anything, though I did wonder last night, but besides all that…

Yesterday was my first day back at work after my holiday (I know, one day back, then a day off, but its just the way it plans out), and all went fine. Pleasant enough, not too crazy day at work, with a finish at my standard time, 7 in the evening. Oh fine, I got teased gently for using my flirting skills on a client to placate him, but if you heard the difference in his tone from when he called, to when I finished the call, yes, it works! Not that I’m ever going to meet any of them, so it really doesnt matter, and I doubt he saw me as a 59 year old spinster type down the line anyway!

Well, I walk down to the bus station, and head up to the bay where the bus to Huddersfield goes from, and I could see through the window that my favorite seat was taken. Its the last row of the main front facing seats on the bus, and they’re raised above the rest, so you get a better view. Worse, I looked across, and the one opposite, behind the driver was also taken. Fine, then I got on the bus, and I forgave one of them at least.

No, I dont know why I have a crush on her, she is exceedingly slim, and I prefer my women to have a bit of curve to them. She doesnt make up for it with stunning looks, though she’s certainly not hard on the eyes, all the same. She’s cute though, just saying. Yes, not that much younger than me (40’s, probably?), but sadly, I’m pretty sure she’s got a wedding ring, but that doesnt stop me crushing, at least.

So fine, I was not going upstairs, and missing out on her, even though there were limited seats available downstairs. No, I didnt go and sit next to her, though fine, it might have been tempting. Instead I sat in the middle of the long seat at the back of the bus, but fine, I cant see her face from there. There were 2 people sat in seats where I could have done, so secretly I willed them to get off the bus, and let me change seats. One woman took no notice of me (actually got off at same stop in Huddersfield), but after a few stops, the guy in the seat opposite her got up, and got off the bus! Yes, I changed seats pretty quickly! Sadly, all too soon, the bus got to Bailiff Bridge, and the crush of my life got off the bus, but I knew that was going to happen!

But fine, I hope the only reason that guy got off the bus was because it was his stop, and not because some wicked woman controlled his mind to do so! I know, cant be done, but I was so surprised when he got off so quickly, that…I hope neither he, or she actually read this, lol!

The video. Well, in truth, until I did a search on You Tube, I had no idea there was a live version of this, but lo and behold, with a title apt for that cute blonde…

Pretty Woman?

Oh fine, this version of the blog about last night came about because of a photo that a workmate, and friend posted on Facebook today, of supposedly another workmate, and friend ‘pulling’ on the night, after I’d left them, and gone home. No, I doubt it was anything of the sort, but who knows? I might find out more tomorrow, but until then…

One of the things in movies that has always made me laugh, is that moment where the wealthy guy falls for the less well off woman, and whisks her off to a whole new life. Or as in the case of the title, the lady was err, working on the street, shall we say?

No, I’m certain it never happens in real life, and is certainly not going to happen to anyone as plain, or old as me, even if it did! But fine, I wonder how I would react, if I did…? Pretty sure I would think someone was having me on, with a joke, for sure! But if some wealthy man, or woman (who would surely need his eyes tested?) did fall for me, and offer to whisk me away somewhere else, in his plane, or whatever, and really meant it, hmm?

Oh fine, especially if he/she was nicely dominant, I’d love it, but yes, I would be looking for the film crew, to tell me it was a joke, at least until I was on his plane, I guess? Yes, last night, the only man looking out for me (and that was purely technical) was the bus driver on the bus back from Bradford last night, after the works dinner.

The dinner was great, I’ve been very lucky with my new job, and who I get to work with, so last night was a lot of fun. Fine, I had to come home after the meal (Next year, I might get a hotel for the night, even if it seems silly), but it was good while it lasted. But yes, when the others went off for a drink (the restaurant was no alcohol), I went off to find a bus driver to get me home! But as I say, pictures I’ve seen since, it looks like they had fun!

OK, video. I know, its 2 weeks to Christmas, and its a non Christmas song, but you’ll survive. Lets face it, I’ve used all the best ones before, anyway. So as the title suggests, a little bit of Roy Orbison. To be fair, thats quite a band he has for this!

I’m beautiful? Clearly not, but my boobs meet with approval at least.

Yes, bonus edition, for your pain lol!

Last night, I was making my daily, working day dash for the bus station in Bradford (officially an interchange, as there is a railway station in same building) after work, almost certainly not looking my best. Not to say that my best is all that great anyway, but hey…

As I was covering the final 100 yards or so up the hill to the Interchange, I passed a group of 4 men, of my age, or just older, certainly no hunks among them, speeding by, without taking a great deal of notice of them. Hey, my only aim was catching the bus home! The fact that the bus crawled along very slowly, even when there wasnt any traffic around was beside the point, I made my bus at least. Yes, the journey up from Huddersfield to home was even worse, ended up about 30 minutes late in. But thats not the point of this little post!

Just after I’d passed this group of men, I heard one of them say to the rest,

“Well, if beauty is skin deep, she was born inside out.”

Now I have no idea whether he meant me to hear this, or just said it too loud, but anyway, I did. Just when I would be beginning to feel down, if I really cared, I heard one of the others reply, and a smile crossed my face. He said,

“Yes, maybe, but did you see the tits on her, they were great!”

How I stopped from bursting out laughing at that, I have no idea! I think thats more subtle than Trump’s pussy grabbing comments, though probably not much?

Question is, should I feel insulted about the comment about my looks, which in truth, is harsh, but not that harsh, I’m 58, a bit butch looking, so…? And should I feel amused, or affronted that one of the other guys enjoyed the sight of my breasts, albeit thoroughly covered up in a blue top?

Ah well, the quality, and subtlety of Yorkshire men, lol!

OK, video moment. Well, according to one, my cleavage is at least, even if my face isnt! I know, its one of those songs you either love, or hate, so…?

What A Difference A Year Makes

Well, yes, in ideal circumstances, I’d have written this on either Tuesday, or Wednesday, but if I planned to do that, in all honesty, it wouldnt happen. So lets settle for today, especially as Facebook conveniently reminded me about it this morning, not that I needed reminding!

Thats right, one year ago, which was actually the Friday, so I must have been keen, I was commenting on my forthcoming trip to Los Angeles, for 4 glorious weeks, starting on the Wednesday. Though actually, it was only the second thing on the comment, as firstly was the job interview I had on the Tuesday, the last thing I would do before leaving. As history now knows, I didnt get that job, actually found out that fact on arrival in California, ah well…

Now, here I sit, looking at a probable return to Los Angeles next May, though dates, and duration are currently yet to be decided, until I know what week work will let me have, and whether I can get a few days on top, either side of it. Also, I will have to take a look at finances early next year, see what I think I can afford, and play it from there. Ideally, 10 days, but if it has to only be 7, then so be it. In that sense, its going to be a hotel, not an apartment, just because it wont be practical to buy provisions for just 7, or 10 days, as opposed to 4 weeks.

Fine, if that little apartment in Verbena Drive was available, then maybe I’d have been tempted, but now… going to be a hotel, I’m sure.

But yes, its going to be funny when I leave here on Wednesday, and head to Bradford, not Hollywood, to think back about it. The other funny thing, that first proper pay going into my bank on Friday, that will be good.

OK, while we’re on about Los Angeles, lets talk baseball! Yes, the Dodgers are now one win, or one Giants loss away from winning the division again. Would be lovely if it happened today, as its Vin Scully’s last home commentary before retirement. He has got 3 more games, next weekend, in San Francisco, but that will be it, after 67 years! Yes, 8 years before I was born, he began commentating on Dodgers games, in Brooklyn, and only now he’s retiring! Believe me, he will be so missed! If there is one Dodger I would love to meet, its him, though technically he wont be one by the time I’m next there. So fine, Clayton Kershaw might have that role then, though the chances of me meeting either, is probably zero. Yes, about as likely as talking to Jean Harlow’s ghost at Glendale!

So where do I go to on Wednesday? Well, last year, it was Hollywood, this year, Bradford! At least the latter pays me money. Now, if Hollywood want to offer me money too…?

The video, well, I’ve given a clue, I guess?

The end of summer?

Its kind of funny, I’ve just started the first week of work, in my new job, and then after that, I’ve got a long weekend, and a 4 day week next week. Yes, in the UK at least, its the last Bank Holiday of the summer, next one is Christmas! I know, the US has got a few more before then, but over here, this is it.

Its actually been nice weather over here this week, for walking to, and from work to the Bus Station, so much so, I’ve only worn a coat one day this week, and that was due to forecast rain, not the temperature. I’m pretty sure it wont be so nice, at 8 pm, on a cold, wintry day in February, but lets get there first!

The job seems good, mind, given it would be being compared to Capita, that might not be hard, but regardless of that, yes, it seems good. And yes, as long as the new commute stays fresh, that helps too. This week has mainly been about rules, and regulations, and form filling, but that has all been fine. Real training starts on Tuesday, really looking forward to it.

The other reason that I know Autumn (Fall) is approaching, is that all the baseball talk is turning to the playoffs. Amazing to think how much of them I saw last year, in California, going to miss out on that this time around, for sure. Dodgers are leading their division, Royals are finally on a roll, and Red Sox are challenging too, so all looking good at present. Oh to be there, but…at least I’ll miss that truly ghastly Presidential campaign lol. In truth, dislike one intently, not a fan of the other, so…rolls eyes

Now, to enjoy the long weekend, and then get trained up for the new job. Sadly, not trained in a method I could really enjoy, but all the same…

A real oldie tonight, for the video. Lets just say its been quite a summer in my life, and leave it at that!

End of The Road?

Now, before anyone thinks I mean the end of the blog, having reached 30,000 posts, panic not! But it might have gained a few extra readers with that title lol!

No, the thing that I’m hopefully at the end of the road of, is job hunting, for the very foreseeable future. Yes, tomorrow morning, I head off to Bradford, to start the job I wanted to get, and I’m really looking forward to it. Fine, there have been a couple of Capita false alarms, that I’d rather forget about, but. One, was their fault, they werent prepared to let us do a decent job, and as it was only for a matter of weeks anyway, I bailed out.

This time around, they were hampered by the fact that the day after I started there, I found out I’d got this job, and I knew which one I wanted to do. Better money, better commute, more interesting job, just for starters. And in truth, having tried it, I now know for sure that being controlled by technology is more for me, than trying to give out advice about it. So, all in all, for the best.

I know, its not the 30 hour a week job, in Huddersfield, I was looking for, 15 months ago, but I suspect that was always going to remain a dream, but never mind. Who knows, maybe the new ebook will sell thousands of copies, and I can take up writing as a full time occupation, and…yes, I’ll stop laughing at that idea sometime next week!

Think the odds on someone turning me into a full time, collared slave are probably less than those! And yes, thats not expected either! Which would I prefer? No comment, strictly!

Its been an interesting journey along the way, but I’m glad its over. My favorite time would have to be the 4 weeks in Hollywood, obviously, the worst would be that job from hell, last December. In between, if I could have got a visa/green card quickly, or had already owned one, I could now be doing a tour as an actress in the US! Now that would have been a job I would have loved, but anyway…

So yes, like the job hunt, its time for this edition of the blog to reach the end of the road. But dont worry, it will be back next weekend!

The video, nothing could be more apt. One of those songs that never got the kudos it deserved.