I just need to draw a little blood…

Oh fine, before anyone gets too excited or anything, it was just a little prick for a blood test. OK, fine, this old lady might have quite enjoyed a vampire biting her on the neck, and all that, but no, far more boring lol! Nor did they inject (to my knowledge) any secret transforming serum into my body either. So fine, all in all, a bit of a let down lol!

One thing I’ve never done, or at least remember ever doing, is dressing up for Halloween. Principally because its never been the same big event over here that it is in the US, and even now, when a few do dress up at least, it certainly didnt happen over here about 50 years ago, when I was young!

So yes, I sort of feel like I’ve missed up on all that dress up fun, and its not likely to happen now. The only time I’ve even been close to a proper Halloween was 2 years ago, when I was in LA until a few days before the big event, but thats as good as its got. And yes, over there, I’m pretty sure that even as an adult, I could have got in on the dressing up fun, if I’d been so inclined.

I must admit, I’d probably be more into dressing up properly as a witch, than a vampire, though if I was given the chance to do it, as the latter, I would! Oh fine, a robot would be even better, and I’m sure it could be done, but the others are more traditional, and would still be fun, so… But yes, under normal circumstances now, end of October wouldnt be a normal visiting time for me to the US. And by the time I can, post retirement, the body probably wont be up to all that dressing up, and wandering around stuff. Besides which, you normally need children somewhere around, so might have an issue there too, lol! ๐Ÿ˜›

So, no the blood test didnt involve the blood being taken from my neck, by any means. Just a needle into a vein, near the elbow, and plenty of blood removed, and that was it! What a letdown lol! Results in a week or two, though I’m not expecting to be told I’m a vampire, somehow!

For once, the video, I have no idea who this is, which is rare. And no, I’m not the cute blonde, vampirically transformed back into my youth either! Oh, I wish… ๐Ÿ˜‰


Do vampires get a raw deal?

Oh fine, its only 2 weeks to Halloween, so lets get sort of topical. Yes, inspired by a story I read today!

To save those who would rather not go read the story, this is the big quote

Intellectually, I know youโ€™re perfectly safe, but I just canโ€™t help remembering all the people in all those horror movies who thought they were perfectly safe too.โ€
Isabella sighed. โ€œI swear, I wish I could erase every one of those movies! So many hurtful stereotypes.โ€

So fine, I know, in real life (pretty much) there are no such things as vampires, in the classic movie sense, at least. But is she right, do vampires get a raw deal in the image we have of them, or not? No, I’m not offering my neck to one, as a meal, just like that, before anyone gets any ideas lol! But equally, if say, someone was willing to let a vampire have a meal of their blood, should it be totally frowned upon? I know, its all hypothetical (I assume?), but just consider it, all the same.

I mean, I know how ‘Isabella’ feels, because given the subject matter of my recent book, ECT, and the reaction of people to it, I know what she means. Because yes, if anyone asked most people about ECT, they’d think of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest’ in all likelihood, and modern treatments are nothing like that! I’m not saying its perfect, but the old image of ECT is just not true nowadays!

In truth, me, apart from a few blood tests, which involve very small amounts, I’ve never given blood to anyone. Mainly because I suffered with jaundice as a child, and was told back then, that meant I couldnt give blood donations. True or not now, no idea, but because of that, I’ve never actually got around to doing it, but probably should, if I can? But give blood to a vampire, like that? Hmm? I dont know, I sort of secretly fancy having my neck bit like that, but at the same time, the repercussions of doing so?

I know, I know, I’d love a scientist to inject me with robotizing nanites, or any kind of solution, so is there any great difference?

Right, video. I found this on a random search on You Tube. Warning, those who dont enjoy the sight of blood, dont watch it! I know, should be obvious, but…rolls eyes…