Jersey day 2 – No, this bus isn’t going to St Brelades!

Yes, dont worry, I will explain the title away lol.

Sitting here in my room at the guest house, its hard to believe this is mid May in the UK! Seriously, its 72 degrees over here! Which might be fine, but the humidity is nearly 90%, and thats the killer for me. I’ve been in San Francisco, when its been 86, and 88 in Minneapolis, but because there was no real humidity on those occasions, it was fine. But seriously, this is like a sauna, and all I have on is a very light top, and trousers. Alright, bra and knickers as well, my name really isnt Jean Harlow…yet! Sadly, unlike her, I have just too much boob-age to go without a bra!

But alright, I mustnt really complain, it could be in the low 50’s, and raining hard, so…live, and let live, and all that.

Oh, fine, that title. I shouldnt laugh, but…

After visiting Corbiere, and enjoying the view of the lighthouse today, I decided to apply that well worn tactic of not coming back by the same bus route as I went out. Therefore, I got back on the next 12 (an hour later) and caught it to the end of the line, at Greve De Lecq, where it turns into a 9, and takes a different, and quicker way back to St Helier.

Fun started when the bus finally turned up, he didnt have the correct destination showing, he was showing St Brelades Bay, a point he had already passed through, instead of his destination. Apart from one couple, everyone listened to him, and all that wanted that route back to St Helier got off again. They didnt even realise until he was calling everyone off at Greve De Lecq! To be honest, they were ignoring him even then!

Finally he got the message through, or so it seemed, a bus to St Brelades Bay (a 9, turning into a 12) would be along in under 15 minutes, and after much discussion they got off to wait for it. Or so it seemed, because just as we were about to pull off, they jumped back on again. Despite again being told we were not going to their destination, they stayed put, and finally, about 10 minutes late, we pulled out.

I think they only finally got the message when we hit the main road to St Helier, on the front, and we turned left, when St Brelades was signposted right! I’m guessing that meant they would eventually get back home nearly 30 minutes later than if they had listened to the driver in the first place! Before you say anything, they spoke English, so should have understood what they were being told, but…all part of life, I guess?

So far today, the darling count is lower, though the bus driver on said bus did his best to keep levels up, I must say. Mind, as I havent gone out to eat yet, it might yet soar!

The video, a Steve Harley classic cover of a very apt Beatles song