Only make believe?

Lets cover a couple of amusing robot moments in one blog tonight.

Firstly, a faux pas from Russia, or which at least turned into one when people discovered the truth! At a technology forum in Yaroslavl, the Russians tried to claim they had created a hi tech robot that could match dancers, and so many other things. Snag is, as was quickly spotted, there were no sensors, or anything on the robot body that would allow it to match the steps of the dancers, and also there were a few times when it got a little ‘over enthusiastic’ in this matching mode. As was later discovered, and widely discussed, the reason this robot was so good, was the fact there was a human inside a robot suit doing the performance!

Its actually a costume made by a company called Show Robots, who do actually make very excellent robot costumes (I’ve seen them before in ‘action’) if you can afford the price. And clearly Russia considered $3800 reasonable to try and get one up on the rest of the world. Of course, now its backfired…? Oops! Let me say that if they’re trying to hastily get rid of the costume, claim they never had it, and all that, I can send them my address, I’d love it.

Well, it might be handy for me, and not just in the fantasy sense (even though it works for that) as well. Back in the late 1990’s, I played a robot for a friend. I’d like to think I made a good job of it, though the costume was nothing very special, definitely far from as elite as this. Anyway, talking to one of the ‘content creators’ over at Fembot Central, she was suggesting that maybe I should do it again. My comment was that at my age, it could only be done in a full robot suit, as I’m 60 now! She just said to go ahead and do that, and fine, if I had the finances to get a suit, and film something, maybe I would? Yes, this suit would certainly solve the issue, even if its not quite fembot sexy enough, lol?

But yes, believe me, if someone got me a decent/good full body robot suit, and gave me the chance to perform, I’d definitely go for it! Think the chances of that happening are roughly zero, but we will see? Anyone up for it, lol? Would be amazing to wear something like that costume, regardless.

OK, video time. Child was one of those 70’s boy bands that never really made it. This, a couple of minor hits, and that really was it. But yes, its easier to find this version of the song than a 50’s one for live performance