Going back after 14 years, things have changed a little!

Yes, I know, its actually the second time I’ve been to Newbury in 6 weeks, but last time around, I didnt really get to see anything of the town. This time around, I have, and unsurprisingly, the place has changed somewhat in 14 years.

Though ironically, 14 years ago, there was a really nice Italian restaurant down by the river, and last night, in pretty much the same spot, I found another. No, not the same one, but close enough.

But what I did notice last night, and even more so, in daylight today, is how much the main street has changed. There were 1 or 2 shops in the same place I knew them, but only a handful, at most. Where I used to work, as a betting shop manageress, is now a Tattoo parlour!

Dont get me wrong, I’m glad I stayed the extra day, and had a look around, and managed to complete the circle, as I left here rather hastily in 2001, when my mother fell seriously ill, and didnt get to say goodbye properly. Well now, 14 years later, I have. But equally, now I know that I must never go back to Yeovil, where I lived for 16 years, until ’99, or to the Medway towns, where most of my formative years were lived (last seen 2003), as it just wouldnt work.

I sort of guessed this might be the case, though of course the gap from the previous visit to Jersey was 30 years, but no, still a place changes far too much in half that time. Next time, if I have to come back, and I might for the make up top up sessions, on a yearly basis, I will come in, get it done, and move on, I now know.

But thanks, Newbury, for letting me complete the circle of my life here, all the same.

One last funny thing, I went in a few charity shops today, not looking for anything in particular, just to see if anyone took my eye, or anything vintage, or vintage style. Near the end of my round trip, I found a charity shop with 2 gorgeous dresses, both priced up at £12.

One was a size 14 (my size), but had a zip down the back, and with my joints, zips behind my back are a total no-no! I tried it on, all the same, because it was a most gorgeous 20’s style dress, but no, I couldnt get it on without zip work, so I left it there.

But, there was a 30’s style dress, with a zip, but it was a size 18! I was right, enough wriggle room that I could get it on, without the need to lower the zip! And given the way it hugged the figure, it worked for me. So yes, it came back to the hotel with me. Thing is, it still had the original price tag in it, for £200! Now, whether someone bought it as a size 18, couldnt get into it, and just took it to a charity shop, I have no idea. Equally, I guess it may just have not sold, and got given to the charity shop in a period of time. Either way, I’m a happy lady!

The video, the tale of me, and Newbury, I guess?

Jersey days 2 and 3 – Ma, he’s (not) kissing me

Though despite the title, if my beau had had long enough, who knows!

Last night, I went across the road from where I’m staying just outside St Helier for my evening meal. Whether it was a restaurant, with a few guest rooms attached, or a guest house, with a restaurant attached, no idea! Either way, a fish supper, without a long walk, at a reasonable price, suited me fine.

Now before I go any further, may I remind folk that I’m 56, was wearing no make up (I never do my own due to a slight hand tremor) and was only in top, and slacks, not some wonderful dress, but anyway…

I was sat at my table, looking out on the view of the bay (not the best one, should have sat on other side of table), sipping on my wine, when I heard a man’s voice ask if he could join me. Now, for some reason best known to someone (not me!), I said yes, and he sat down, and started talking to me, I wondered if I’d pulled, without even trying! Now, how far this might have gone, who knows, because about 2 or 3 minutes later, my dinner arrived, and he excused himself, and I never saw him again. Why is it that when you dont mind a few minutes wait for dinner, it arrives promptly!

Please let me add, before any other potential beaus (of either gender) get any ideas, I’m not looking! But it was flattering, and fun, and maybe shows me that there is still life in the old girl yet, if I was interested! I’m wondering if I am carrying some aura of Harlow or something, the way men are charming me this holiday, they’re seeing a vision of her, not plain jane me!

Sorry, but thats the big event of the blog, even if it was last night. I went up to Gorey this morning, didnt climb up to the castle, my knees took one look at the long, and steep set of steps, and just said no, firmly! So after a walk around the harbour, and a coffee, I headed back into St Helier, and had a look around the shops. Apart from a pair of nice charity shops (yes, more vintage style tops!), most of the places were selling clothes way beyond my budget, and that was that.

So eventually this afternoon (after an ice cream) I came back here, and wrote a story, already posted up at the Garden. No, it wont be going to the Archive, not unless I tweak it drastically, there is no mind control in it, I knew I missed something…facepalm!

The video, an absolute oldie, 75 years old! But given the aura of Harlow I seem to be carrying lol, its actually quite young!

Why its dangerous to let me go out shopping!

Why, because I end up buying items that I have no idea when, or where I’m going to wear them. And yes, unsurprisingly, it was to Wakefield, rapidly becoming my favourite shopping spot. Well fine, it already is, but…

No, I cant guarantee it will be my last trip of the year, but it looks a safe bet, and given where I work, I should know these things. My days off for the rest of the year are Tuesday and Sunday next week (former is beauty treatment day, latter is last Sunday before Christmas), then Christmas Eve (no way am I going shopping anywhere then!), Christmas Day (pretty obvious), and the Sunday after, when I will be on my own (and public transport is awful anyway). After that, well the next day off is New Years Day, and there are no buses then, and besides which it will be 2014 by then! So, as I say, good bet that today was it.

Surprisingly, 2 weeks before the big day, Wakefield wasnt overly crowded. I know, its midweek, but…To be honest, given all my purchases today (apart from my coffee and cake) were from charity shops, I havent helped the retailers much myself!

Most of it was practical stuff, 4 tops, and 1 skirt, which will all get used for work, and things. Well fine, the skirt to work is only a maybe bet, but…I should do really, they seem to be better for the circulation in my legs than trousers, but its just…I know, I know! Err, one of those tops, no, fails the work test. But…let me explain,

At work, we have a rule that all tops should cover the shoulders completely. Fine, understandable, though some choose to ignore it, and get away with it, but anyway…I try to be a good girl lol! One of the things I love about Wakefield is the quality of clothing options in the charity shops there, some really nice stuff, at very good prices. One especially, the Wakefield Hospice shop, is the creme de la creme. Seriously, I saw a gorgeous silver dress there today, must have cost a fortune new, for £15. Thankfully it was a size 12, with a zip at the back, so no way would I have got into it, because otherwise…drool…

But sneakily, they also, in a size 14, had a top that looked quite literally as if it had arrived direct from the 1920′s. It hadnt, its good a ‘made in Asia, somewhere’ tag in it, so clearly it hadnt, but…Snag, its got nothing more than 2 thin(ish) straps over the shoulders, so I cannot wear it to work. And to be honest, in that sense, whats the point in buying it, even at £4.50? Even though its perfect for a Flapper…? So I talked myself out of it, left it in the shop, even though I regretted doing so.

Fine, I walked round the corner, and after about 5 minutes, changed my mind, and went back and bought it! No idea when, or where I wear it, but, its mine! I know, I know, silly thing to do, but I would have regretted it for ever more if I hadnt.

But anyway, famous last words and all that, it should be the last silly buy of 2013! Stop laughing now!

The video, a delightful piece from the 1970’s. And enough pretty girls to keep the men happy too. And no, none of the blondes are me!