Do not distress yourself with dark imaginings

And tonight’s other picture inspiration comes from a friend I’ve used in this way more often, as well as been maid of honor at her wedding last year, and the anniversary is fast approaching. Though I’ve known her for a lot longer, I only actually met her for the first time a couple of days before the big event. But yes, she knows what a weird woman I am, and what amuses me, and the stuff, so she knows how to work in pictures that she knows are going to appeal to me. Yes, this is one of those.

brainwashing hood

Yes, before the pedants point it out, I know this is a hair dryer, and therefore would be blowing out air, not sucking thoughts from a brain, but that sentiment works so perfectly just now, doesnt it? Seems to be BS both sides of the pond at present, though my job requires me to be diplomatic about the sources, though I’m sure most can work out who I might mean!

But lets face it, that image, and a little reverse engineering, and it would make the perfect device for removing all the BS, and just about everything else from your mind. Yes, I only wish! Yes, I’d love one, regardless of brainwashing qualities, though if it came with that added extra, so much the better! Are these things still made, because if so, I really ought to buy one, even if my normal style of drying my hair, is a towel, air, and a comb, that might change my mind, quite literally, with luck!

Oh, and mad scientists out there, if you can create one that actually sucks thoughts from minds, please contact me urgently! Equally, if you have one that you never use, that you’d give to an ‘old weirdo’ at a sane price, or less, then equally, give me a shout, at, or on my social media pages, or whatever!

OK, some of these words are pretty applicable to events today, though they were written nearly 100 years ago. Not surprisingly for a song from the early 70’s, not by a major star, no live performance could be found 😦 But this sure works for that era…