River City Fun

Well, actually, to be honest, this got even more fun when I typed River City into You Tube, and found the video.

Yes, the break is over, thankfully all the writing I planned on doing, and a bit more has all finally got finished today, and I recently sent my efforts over to my wonderful, and long suffering editor, who does a wonderful job of turning my scratchings, into readable English, probably of the US kind, but given where my main audience is, not a problem.

Oh, the title? Well that relates to the inspiration for my writing, to do 1 piece for JD’s anthology of superhero (and heroine) pieces, set in the fictional metropolis of River City. Though now, it seems there is one place in the US, that I visited recently, that also calls itself River City. Pure coincidence, I’m sure.

But yes, one of my 2 characters I wrote for, was such fun, I didnt stop at 1 piece, I’ve ended up doing 5, and she was so much fun, I might even do more in the future, especially if her stories prove popular, when they go on sale. Dont worry, it will only be $2.99, for 5 short stories, an absolute bargain, just a perfect gift for Christmas lol!

Yes, no surprise, it was Flapper Girl, more formally known as Belinda (Billie) Nicholson, that started the writing spree. Once I got the whole 20’s idea in my head, I went with the flow, and it really did flow, much to my delight! As I say, if I can come up with a few fresh ideas, there may well be a follow up. Not till January at least, though, as thats the next time I will have the time to write, no chance of doing so while I’m working, sadly.

Funny thing is, if it wasnt for Mr Darksong, I would never have created her in the first place, so special thanks to him, as thinking up a Superheroine character would have been the last thing on my mind, when trying to come up with an idea.

But now, I’m pleased with it, just hope others are too, though the first one seems to have gone down quite well so far. Hopefully my editor will give me the thumbs up on the other 4, when he sends them back.

Ah, that connection I mentioned? Well think back to where I was in September, so it amused me greatly to find this video, I must say. Personally, I might add, this is not my music tastes, but this was just too good a coincidence not to use it.

Summer (not quite the first time)

Yes, I know, gives away the song title to those of you old enough to remember it, and given thats it a classic, a lot more beside, I hope.

No, before you ask, I didnt take away the boyhood of any young man this summer, or indeed give a girl her first lesbian thrill. Hey, I’ve been asexual for 13 years, so that was hardly likely to be the case! And even if I was a sex driven creature, I’d prefer the company of someone closer to my age anyway. The irony of the song, my only long term love in my life was a fair bit older than me, just not saying how much. But no, I have no ‘cougar’ inspirations, it has to be said.

But yes, next weekend, British Summer Time officially comes to an end, though I know my North American friends wait another week before the clocks go back. Mind, weather wise, summer is already over anyway lol! Crazy, isnt it, we spend more time of the year in ‘summer time’ than we do in our natural time zone! I’m sure there is reasoning there, I just cant see it!

The funny thing is, both of my US venues this year were return ones. The first to a place I visited on my very first trip across the pond in 1987, the latter to the first place I went to on a solo visit, in 2000. Been doing it ever since lol, mainly twice a year. Also includes one much longer stay in 2003, but thats beside the point.

Rochester was the place visited back in ’87, on a brief stop, on the way to Niagara. We stopped in a motel near there on the way back, but I dont remember any details. No, didnt see a lot of the city back then, mainly remembered the lake, but it was nice to go back, and see more. Especially to see where Louise Brooks is buried, something I definitely didnt do back then, as I didnt really learn about her until ’91, and that record by OMD.

As I say, the return to Richmond was a repeat of 2000, though this time I was a lot further out from the city than last time. This time I teamed up with Kate, the weather was wonderful, and a nice break from work. Mind, I nearly ended up doing some work, but anyway…

But now, summer is virtually over, and it will soon be darker earlier in the afternoon, and much colder. Ah well…

The video, yes, the clue is in the title

All good things come to an end

Including seemingly, my holiday. Yes, I dont fly out until tomorrow afternoon, but its certainly on the last lap, thats for sure. Its been a lovely break, but now its back to work, and the insanity that creates on Monday. Ah well…

Funnily enough, despite saying goodbye to each other this morning, both Kate and I are still in the vicinity of Richmond. Me, here, her, near the airport, as not for the first time, US Airways have failed to provide a decent service, and Kate got stranded this morning.

But beyond that, I’ve had a lovely time here, just relaxing and chilling out from work. Oh, and also buying an expensive flapper style dress, just because! 😛

I’ll be honest, with US Airways, I wont relax until I’ve taken off from Philly, on the way back to Manchester. Until then, fingers will be crossed!

Finally, I’d just like to thank Kate for inviting me over, and look forward to seeing her again next year

The video, well as the end is near, what could be more apt?

Take a chance on me

And if one current contact sees this title, he can take it any way he likes, though I sort of suspect he knows in which sense I mean the words lol!

Also, should by the faintest miracle anyone in Virginia wants Merry Brooks to sign their copy of my stories, I’ll oblige, darlings! x No, I dont think I’ll be knocked over in the rush somehow lol.

What, someone thought I meant romantically, as in the song? Oh please, I’m no picture to look at, highly independent and feisty. Who in their craziest dreams would want me as a partner, either gender! No one with any sense, thats for sure.

Yes, I’m here in Richmond, got here fine. Kate gets here this afternoon, about 4, and then the fun will begin, for the rest of the week. Today’s highpoints, a walk to AT&T, to see if my little US cell phone can be revived, or I need a new one, and meeting up with Kate, most definitely. Oh, the email to my previously mentioned friend this morning was fun too, but not saying more on that!

Yes, the rest of the week should be more exciting than that! Hopefully see a bit of a Bills victory, but thats a wait and see job, dependent on both events, and the team of course.

Oh, and lastly in terms of taking a chance on me, 4 people will (hopefully) later today be getting a phone number to ring me on, if they wish. One may well do so, 2 others will have the chance if they want to as much as they say. The fourth, no, I dont hold out much hope of her ringing, but you never know, do you?

The video, yes, its the obvious one, I only wish I looked as gorgeous as Agnetha does then

A bit of free time

Yes, the video tonight is pushing it a bit, but if you think about it, there is a connection.

Free time, thats right, already into an 11 day spell away from work, tomorrow will be day 3 in fact. Though tomorrow is the first day of actual holiday, the previous 2 having been my days off for the week.

Funny thing is, that tomorrow, I’m doing 2 things I swore to myself I would try to avoid doing again. One is flying with US Airways, the other is flying into Philadelphia! Thats right, I’m on the 11.00 flight to Philly tomorrow, landing at 13.50 their time! Ah well…

It comes down to this, I’m tall, almost 6 ft, and their seat space has never been as generous as some, including American Airlines, so I changed pretty much to them. But flying via Chicago, to get to Richmond, downright crazy lol! The other option was via Newark, but advised to avoid that place, so I closed my eyes, and booked up, and…I’ll let you know in the next few days! Philly, well the one time I transited through there before, was a bit of a nightmare. I got the plane, yes, but it was hard work, something I’ve never had to the same degree in Chicago!

Tomorrow, I have 1 hour, and 40 minutes or so between flights. Granted, it seems that generally the transatlantic flight lands very early, but whats the betting that the one day I want that to happen, aargh! It might all have improved, it was a few years ago, lets hope so! In all honesty, as long as I can top up with a decent cup of coffee between planes (sorry, plane coffee is rarely good), I should be fine!

So thats all folks, next posting from the other side of the pond, somewhere near Richmond, Virginia. Exactly where, depends on when I get the time to post. Looking forward to this, and meeting up with Kate again, and the break, so…

See you in Virginia

The video, well, I mentioned this place a little while back, one of Elton’s less known songs

Is swimming like riding a bike?

In the sense of you never forget how to do it, that is?

For about 10 years or so, up to 1999, my main form of exercise was swimming. I used to go, with my other half (yes, female lol) swimming on a Tuesday at a nearby school pool in Sherborne. We then tended to ruin it by having a cake with our coffee afterwards, but at least we’d worked off the calories first!

Then we split, I moved away from the area, and the convenience of a local pool disappeared from my life. So my main form of exercise became walking, and I did plenty of it. Still do to a lesser degree, though the physical state of the body means I have to take it slightly easier now, more in the sense of distance, than speed though, in my case!

I have swum a handful of times since, when on holiday, but thats about it, and not in a while now. Funnily enough, one of those pools was in Richmond, back in 2000, though I have no idea which hotel that was, or whether its still there. Its not the one I will be staying at this time though, I could walk into Richmond from there (2-3 miles or so, I did tell you I could walk distances!), and certainly wont be doing so from this one.

But yes, the hotel has got an indoor pool, and looking at the picture on the hotel website, it looks quite nice. Now, somewhere upstairs, I have a swimsuit. Plain black, almost certainly feeling unloved, and I have no idea how good a condition it might be in. Where in my room, no idea, but a hunt might be needed. It has been to the US before, one of the hotels I’ve stayed at near San Francisco had an outdoor pool, but I never ventured in, so it just stayed in my room. Mainly because I spent most of my time downtown, and swimming outdoors in the evening didnt have quite the same appeal, even if it probably was still warm enough, even in September!

But this one is indoor, I will probably have some downtime at the hotel, as Kate will be sharing host, and work duties while I’m over there, so…You dont forget how to swim, do you? I can always splash around the shallow end anyway, I guess?

The video, someone who looks good in a bikini, something I definitely wont be wearing, even if I cant find the swimsuit, or its worn through by now. I’d love one of those full body ones that the Olympic swimmers wear nowadays, but my budget wont run to that!

Coincidence factor, I have met a few famous names in my time, or semi famous at least, that might be a better term. But yes, one of them is Geri Halliwell! Soon after she left the Spice Girls, preparations were made for her first solo album, of which this is a track off. Thing is, I knew some of the team working on, and playing on the album, and one day, when I was up in London, I got invited out for lunch. Yes, you’ve worked out who else was there, Ms Halliwell herself!

Lets be honest, when she was Ginger Spice, she was loud, and in your face, so I inwardly groaned. In fact, so it seemed, that was pretty much an act too. Dont get me wrong, I dont think she had nun-like qualities, but if you thought Ginger was the real her, you were wrong! Conversation was good, intelligent, and yes, alright, I actually found the new unpainted blonde look quite cute on her.

So Geri, if by the faintest chance you read this, I’m glad I met you, changed my perception of you dramatically.

But, if anyone has a metallic silver swimsuit, size 14, full body preferred, that needs a new wearer, let me know! 😉

Lift me up

Yes, back to the old system, the clue to the video is in the title!

39 days from now (volcanoes and everything else permitting), I will be lifting off for the US again, eventually heading back to Virginia, looking forward to it. I just hope US Airways are on a going day that day, not always the case with them for me!

The funniest thing this weekend though, was watching the US PGA golf (mainly for work, partly for me) coming live from Rochester, NY, where I was in April. So alright, the golf wasnt happening down the main street, just outside the city at Oak Hill, but close enough. Funny thing is, that so far at least, the Rochester Red Wings baseball team are having a great year, and top of their division. Not that they would remember the ‘old biddy’ sat in the front row, on a freezing cold Sunday in April, but anyway…I was there! Equally uniquely, they were playing the Red Sox minor team from Pawtucket that day, and the last home MLB stadium I was at, was their parent team in Boston. Also, top of their division at present, though given the year I saw them, they totally collapsed in September, lets not count chickens yet!

As far as I know, the next MLB game I get to see live, is ‘your guess is as good as mine’ country, given my plans for September, and next year, which dont seem to tie in all that well. On TV will be an improvement on present, now that I no longer have ESPN, but live baseball is always fun, just not sure where, or when the next time will be for me.

I dont really remember anything about Richmond, 13 years is quite a time, and I suspect a lot has changed anyway. Not that I remembered any of Rochester, beyond the lake, but at least that was 25 years! but I’m getting old, memory is going and all that, so…

But given I’ll be flying there, this video seemed sort of apt

Oh, and this evening, I received my first royalty statement for book sales. Amazon in July, brings me $23.69! No, I wont be giving up the day job, especially as August sales have been awful so far, but fingers crossed. Even more so as I wont get paid until October! But if you’d told me that I would ever get paid for writing, I would have laughed at you, but look at me now. Yes, another Geri Halliwell video, but lets leave it at one for tonight.

Trips away

Yes, just to confirm for any reader that maybe interested, September will be in Richmond. So if anyone wants to dress me up in Scarlett O’Hara mode for a photoshoot, I’m open to offers, and I suspect Kate would quite enjoy that too. No, I dont expect to find my Rhett Butler there though, I’m just not interested, sorry and all that.

But before then, squeezed in between the trip to Rochester, and the trip to Richmond, is a brief visit to somewhere that doesnt begin with the letter R, Belfast. Yes, about 2 and a half weeks from now, I will be over there for a few days, four in all, including both travel days, heading to the cricket. I’m going to the first 2 days of the match against Australia A, and hoping for some decent weather then. I know, knowing my luck and all that, but its probably the only chance I’ll get for live cricket this year. Sadly a number of the top Irish players wont be there, they will be busy playing for their counties over here in the UK, and unlikely to be released. But hopefully I will get to see a good game, and see Ireland perform well.

Its funny though, its not that long ago that if you said you were visiting Belfast, that people would look at you, and think you must be crazy, or something. Yes, at the time of the Troubles, it was not a tourist haven, thats for sure. And though they have the occasional ‘lively moment’ still, things are far better now, and yes, I should be fine. I actually went over to Northern Ireland a number of times during those years, though never to central Belfast. I did get to Londonderry one though, but all seemed peaceful then to an innocent visitor. Whether it truly was, no idea, but I like to think so.

This will actually be the first time I’ve stayed in Central Belfast, I normally stop at a hotel on the outskirts, in the direction of the ground at Stormont, but their prices have gone up, and this hotel in the centre caught my eye, so trying something new. Hopefully getting to and from the ground wont prove too complex, I know there is a bus service from the city, I just dont know any details at present! I’m also open to suggestions for reasonably priced places in the city to eat on the 3 nights I’m there, so if anyone reads this, and knows…? But yes, I do mean reasonably priced lol! Unless you’re offering to pay? Thought not lol!

Right, the video. The title is suitable, though I find little in it that really relates to the city itself. Suspect the word just worked for another in the chain of Boney M hits in the 70’s, and that was that? To be honest, its not a great song, you’re warned if you still click on the link.

Virginia Belle?

Yes, the fun thing about holiday plans is flexibility. And yes, in that sense I am flexible, only wish my body was, but you cant have everything! Well, I now know the dates I will be in the US, its just a matter of where. And no, its not a wide open contest, its either Kansas, or Virginia. Yes, I know, you thought I was going to Kansas, and I may well still be doing so, but… Oh, the dates, 21st-28th September, if you want to know.

Alright, this holiday was planned with the idea of teaming up with Kate again in mind. And yes, thats why we might have the change in plans! You see, Kate is not only great fun to be around, she’s very clever too. No, I dont know exactly what, I’m not that computer minded that even if she told me, that I’d probably understand it. Lets face it, as I’ve said before, I’m more into the computer controlling me, than me controlling the computer lol!

So, just at the moment, she’s busy on a project somewhere in the Richmond area, and getting away in September might prove tricky. So when she wrote to me the other night, and asked if I fancied going to Richmond instead, she was expecting the answer to be no. Funny thing is, and something she wouldnt have known, is that 13 years ago I visited Richmond, and had a nice time there, one of my first solo trips to the US in fact. I did meet up with someone that I’d talked to through the internet, got invited over, and went. No, it didnt come to much beyond the week, and a few months later, we drifted apart from chatting to each other. But it meant I got to see a bit of Richmond, and liked what I saw. No, I dont really remember much details, but…

So yes, I shot Kate down, I said yes, I wouldnt mind going back there, so just at the moment I’m waiting to hear where I’m going now. Lets face it, if I dont get to Kansas this year, I get there next year, and at my age, whats another year? I’m sure Louise Brooks will forgive me the delay, especially given the ‘nice things’ she said about Wichita in her time.

No, I cant see me in one of those Scarlett O’Hara type outfits, but I can dream. Personally I dont think it would make a pretty sight, but besides that…but it might be fun? 😉 Or will I just be a cute Kansas farmgirl, lets wait and see.

The video, a Roxy Music classic, and live at that. Yes, the obvious one

What did we do before the internet?

Mind, I suspect I might have a few readers here who dont remember that time lol! But equally, there are others who are nearly as mature as me who will remember such times. Or do we?

To be honest, I’m not sure I do anymore! Its about 11 years now that I’ve had a computer of some kind or another. And alright, about 12 years ago someone asked me about buying a computer, and I said, quote, what would I need one for? Oh, was I wrong! I actually started off buying some relatively cheap internet TV thing, simply to see what it was like, not expecting to go far with it, but I was quickly hooked, and within a few months had ordered my own new PC. By todays standards it was slow, basic, and my internet connection was dial up, thats another thing thats changed dramatically!

Over the years I’ve upgraded a few times (sadly still waiting for my cybernetic upgrade though) as computers have improved. In fact the last year or so, I havent had a PC, just a good class laptop, as sitting downstairs with it on my lap is far preferable to having to lurk in my bedroom! Not sure I’m more sociable at home because of that, but guess I must be?

The funny thing is, in real life I’ve never been a big one for friends. I have a few close ones, but that really is about it in real life. And yes, I keep pretty much to myself at work too in all honesty. The funny thing is, I have a good number of cyber friends who I’ve never met (well, possibly have met one, but we wouldnt have known it), and in most cases, are never likely to meet, but all the same I feel some sort of connection to. Its still sort of funny to think that in 2 weeks time…but no, its not the first time I’ve done this sort of thing.

After about 6 months on the net, and chatting to someone reasonably regularly on the net, she invited me across to meet her in Richmond. And after a few days thought, I said yes. Most people thought I was crazy, but I did it. And yes, it worked, we did get along, and the friendship actually lasted about 3 years before we drifted apart, so meeting people from the net can work, whatever people say. Its weird when you first meet, but after that, well hopefully all will be fine. Its funny, I’ve talked to James so often, in chat, roleplay and just on forum matters, that I feel fine about meeting him, and I guess it will be nice to have a voice to put to the wonderful words he writes. Kate I know far less well, but suspect it will be fun to do so.

If all goes well, one year from now I might be heading to Buffalo to meet…lets see how this goes first! Its been a while since I met anyone like this, so lets just take baby steps for now. And no, infantilism really isnt a fetish of mine, despite writing a story about it.  And no this isnt my main video posting blog, but this seemed sort of suitable?


If things work out, I’m hoping in the next few days to do something unique, an identical posting on both blogs, hopefully the reason is obvious, if a sad one.