Any mad scientist need a guinea pig for experiments?

No, I’m not seriously expecting any positive answers, but hey, a girl can dream! Would have to be easier than job hunting, for sure! And yes, open to all suggestions, as long as it either provides some money, somewhere interesting to live, or both! Mind, if the experiment is interesting enough (oh, please!), I probably wont care, or be able to care where I’m living post experiment.

Yes, the obvious would be heavenly, which includes brainwashing, robotization,or mind control, I’d absolutely love it. Mind, if its just temporary tampering with the mind, and/or body, that would be fine, especially if the pay was good.

Fine, if anyone else wants to do anything kinky, or weird to me, for decent pay, or for guaranteed lodgings, I’d be thrilled, temporarily, or longer.

OK, just at the moment, I’d settle for any decent job, or otherwise offer, with contingencies of money, or accommodation, and leave it there. Hey, if some rich guy wants to turn me into his personal ‘Marion Davies’, thats equally fine by me.

But yes, before despair really kicks in, someone offer me something! ‘Interesting’, as above would be heaven, but just about anything…anywhere? Well, maybe…?

No, I dont expect any positive answers, but no harm in trying!

The video, what my senses might be doing, if in a sinister experiment lol!

Lonely this Christmas?

Well, in the dim, distant past (last one was 2000), I tended to spend Christmas on my own. Since then, I’ve had company each year, but this year, thats not going to happen. Slightly ironic, because if I’d made the other call last week, it wouldnt be the case. But because I did, and believe me, it was the wrong call, I will now be working until the close of business on the 23rd, and by then, the others here will have headed south, earlier that day. The cats will be happy at least, as they wont have to go to a cattery, and I’m sure I will be more than happy with my own company, I’ve been that way before, and I’m sure that will be the case again.

I did jokingly look at flights to LA on the 24th, mainly to see what the premium would be for flights out that day, and it was surprisingly less than I expected it to be. But in all honesty, even if my favourite little apartment was available for a 2 week stay over the holidays, it couldnt really happen. It isnt, strictly it shut up for the winter after I left seemingly, not open again until April and May, but anyway…By the time I get to LA, all the shops would be shut, so getting food, and drinks for the holiday would be a bit of an issue anyway. But no, unless someone wants to convince me otherwise, its not practical, for several reasons mentioned. Oh, and money might be a factor too lol!

Oh fine, that wrong call? Yes, it was the Job v Clinical Trial one. I took what seemed the percentage offer, the guaranteed job (not a great one, both work wise, and money wise), or the chance that I would get on the research trial (More money for less time, more interesting, more, just about everything in fact), and took the easy option. Wrong! Yes, this week I heard the news that I would have been on the trial, so not been a happy bunny. In theory, if I’d heard earlier on Wednesday, I could have jumped ship, and signed up for the trial anyway. Unfortunately, by the time I got news that they wanted me, I was already within the 48 hour ban on caffeine, and though only just, I had gone over that mark. I did ring after work anyway, but by then it was too late in other senses, as they’d called in a reserve anyway.

Right now, I’m planning on doing one in the New Year, as my friend there tells me that there will be some interesting ones in February, and I’m only working until the 23rd December anyway! At least I should get there then, fingers crossed!

Oh, the job. Yes, I had the impression they just wanted some telephonists to take the cannon fire from customers, and in my first week, I’ve seen nothing to change that impression. All for a very uninspiring wage, too. Oh, and a company infatuation with stats (which I was suspecting) that could drive the patience of anyone straight out the window. In truth, they dont care about Customer Service, they just want to be able to present a high call turnover, at any cost. So if your stats are good (one of mine was far the best of the new staff), its not enough unless you improve on them. So yes, I’m pretty jaded already, and just trying to survive the next 3.5 weeks.

Lastly, to add to my joy, the bus drivers in Huddersfield are on strike Monday, so I’m going to have to walk 1.5 miles into town, probably in the rain (if forecast is correct) to get there! Oh joy!

So, if someone wants to convince me that I should look at those flights to LA again, with good purpose, just shout! Though if I believe one lovely lady, I’m going to hear news, 4 days from now, that will have me heading to Hollywood on a more long term basis. That would be so wonderful, but I’ll believe it when I hear it.

Lastly, the video. A Christmas classic from the very distant past, that sums up what my Christmas might be. Though given 2 demanding cats in the house, hmm?

Hey baby, I’m your telephone girl…maybe?

Forgive the cynicism, after a couple of false alarms, that I’m not jumping for joy now, but I think I’ve got a job. Thats right, I will fail to be convinced on the matter until I get the official email in the morning, but in all likelihood…

OK, thats the good news. The bad news, it might only be for a month or so, up until Christmas. But, if I perform, and impress, it might well be longer! Which, being blunt, is the only reason I’ve agreed to it, because financially, otherwise, it makes no sense. As in, even starting Saturday (weekend learning the ropes), prior to Christmas, working there, I will earn less than I would doing the medical research trial, in 2.5 weeks, by a long stretch.

But given that at the moment, I cant be sure about being on the trial at all (results not all yet back, plus would need to be selected at weekend), I’ve decided, with regret to say yes, to the role. Not that I’ve anything against the role, its just inbound calls, dealing with basic queries, and passing on messages (would be further trained, if I stayed on), nothing complex, for decent money.

But lets face it, especially by now, I was really looking forward to being on that research trial, and seeing what happened, that I regret now, that its almost certainly not going to happen. I guess, if they said to me Friday that I was on, I could change my mind, but its not likely to be till the beginning of next week, so…decision made! I guess if it only turns out to be a month, I could do one next year, but that would mean starting from scratch, all over again, so…ah well! But no, I’m not going to officially stand down just yet, because I’ll only believe I’ve got this job on Saturday morning, when I start training, and besides, I’m interested to see how my results come back, in all honesty, what type of state I’m in, health wise!

I know, being practical, and logical, but hey, thats what robots work on, logic! And in the end, the thought I could end up with neither, just settled it for me.

Fine, the video bears no resemblance to what my type of work will be. Its a 70’s song, full of sexual innuendo, but hey, its fun…I think?

Medical trials. Of course it will all go fine?

Pre warning to all reading this, there is a large element of tongue in cheek in this, and I only hope someone doesnt ‘kill’ me for writing up this version. I could say its her own fault for blogging about a horror movie called ‘The Last Experiment’, and she, err, inspired me to this. Well, most of this…As she said of that movie in her blog, its scientifically inaccurate in so many ways, and so is the latter part of this.

First, the serious stuff, covered in a lot more brevity than my main blog. So if you want to know more, and know how to find it, go there! In May, I went to a clinical research company in Leeds, for a job interview in their call centre. Fine, to cut it short, it was one of my first attempts at a job interview post redundancy, and I made a total mess of something I still love to this day, the competency based questions. I did get a tour of the office though, and was impressed by what I saw of the place. At the time, it did cross my mind that maybe I should come back as a research volunteer, but then the job hunt went on, and I forgot about that idea.

Then in September, on Facebook, I saw they were advertising for volunteers to undergo medical trials. And given how well the job hunting was going…not…I thought again about the idea of doing this. But given I was away for a week in mid September, and then for 4 glorious weeks in October, beyond a polite inquiry, I took things no further. Though fine, I did ‘like’ their page on Facebook, and got to read the entertaining postings someone was making there. A vast majority are serious business stuff, but a few, less so.

So I’ve decided to take the plunge, be a brave old girl, and volunteered to go on a trial. Actually doing one that could be beneficial to me, as its a new trial for an arthritis drug, and given how stiff some of my old joints are, might benefit me, as well as them, results wise. My screening is actually next Thursday, so as well as everything else, I might just find out how healthy, or unhealthy I really am! If I pass that, the trial itself starts towards the end of November, should be interesting.

(This is the point where it gets less serious, in case my friend thinks otherwise)

And of course the only electrodes that will be attached to my body at any point in the screening will be when they check my heart. None will be placed on my head, and none will affect my thoughts, and brain patterns in any way, shape or form. They will only take blood needed for a blood test, and no strange solutions will be injected into my body at any point.

And during the actual trial, the capsules I will be given will only contain the drugs involved in the treatment of the arthritis testing. Nothing whatsoever that controls the mind, body, or transforms you into a robot! And again, any needles used for blood tests, and the like will not be delivering any nanites, or other sinister material into my blood stream. Nor will any EEG, or ECG checks that might be done be anything more than that, proper checks. No sinister electrical jolts to heart, or mind.

(Hopefully at this point, someone is roaring with laughter, and not threatening to tear me limb from limb next Thursday, before the screening. Well, if she wants to make notes to pass on to the medical staff lol…)

No, I know, nothing naughty, or wicked is going to happen to me at the screening, or during the trial, but I’m probably the only volunteer they’ve ever had who might wish it does! So dear, if you’re still reading this, and not laughing too loudly, if you want to set me up, in a ‘good’ way, at either, or both, I wouldnt mind in the slightest!

Fine, the video, rather apt. I only discovered tonight that Tom Bailey, formerly of the Thompson Twins is performing live again, great news for me. As I say, the video works for this

Medical research positions, hmm?

Yes, tomorrow, I’m back in the role of job hunting again, with a pair of ‘proper’ interviews, in other words, ones where you are in the same room as the interviewer, not talking to someone down a phone. Yes, I had one of those on Monday, and didnt get any further. I know, I know, its the modern trend, but I hate them, and combined with the jet lag, ah well!

There is another local job where the people tried to get hold of me while I was away, who are meant to be getting back to me, but I’m still waiting.

To be honest, in hindsight, one of them probably doesnt have a lot going for it, for me. It said it was in Wakefield city centre (it isnt), and though they say its not cold call selling, its certainly tepid call selling at best, to me. People who have a certain amount of free insurance,, to see if they want to take out more. And looking at the transport situation, it might be fun getting to and from work anyway. So I will probably go tomorrow (what the hell), but cant see it as a long term option in all honesty.

The other one, in Leeds, appeals to me far more. As you might have gathered from the title, its a medical research company, and would involve calling people who have applied to take part in trials, to see if they are suitable, and if so, book them in for the courses. Should be quite interesting, and something very different to anything I’ve done up till now.

Of course, when you’ve written as much mind control, and sci-fi stuff as I have, the whole meaning of the term, medical research, can be looked at in a very different way! And given that I have got a 2 hour window, for a job interview, I’m wondering if they do any research on the job applicants! Might be a way of ensuring you get the perfect staff, who never want to leave, but anyway…lol! OK, fine, you’re right, I’d love every minute of it if they did, and I’m sure I would after the ‘research’ had been done on me!

So yes, the black dress will be coming out tomorrow, though it will be low heels, not the high heels, given how long the day will be, and the amount of walking I might have to do. I’m sure I wont be in a silver, metallic body suit by the end of the day, but a girl can fantasise, cant she? 😉 Brainwashed, obedient call centre drone/hive mind, too much to hope for!

Still, if they set me up in a pod like this, I might not be trying to escape!

transformation chamber

The video, oh I should be so lucky that this is the kind of research involved, on me at least

Other than that, sign on at the Job Centre on Friday morning, as my notice period ends on Sunday, so I can now (hopefully not for long) claim job seekers allowance. Beyond that, there is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ modelling thing at a Salon Foundation over in Bradford on Friday afternoon I’m tempted by, but I’m not sure how long the Job Centre thing will take, so tricky to commit to.

But if I’m making bleeping noises the next time I’m on here… 😉