Stepping out on the town

Tomorrow night, I’ll be dressing up, and hitting town. As far as I know, no one in Huddersfield reads this, so they will have no idea what’s going to be hitting them! If they do, well they can take their chances, if they’re brave enough!

Yes, given that unlike Harlow, I dont get wined, and dined by gorgeous men (or women) every night, its a rare delight for me to do so, but its fun when I do. And tomorrow night, someone’s birthday, I get the chance to go out, looking the part. Well, not totally, unless someone is offering to do my make up (hand tremor makes it far too hard for me), it wont be the full works. But sparkly 30’s style dress, high heels, oh yes!

No, I wont expect to find men worshipping at my feet, kissing my hands, or lips, or anything else, but you never know? 😉 Nor, unlike the subject of the video, will I be chasing men myself, just not interested…I think? Well, I guess if there was a man with as little interest in sex as me, then hmm, but otherwise…

Of course, if there is a man who fancies me as a voracious, cougar type, I could put on a show, but…I’m really just a cute little kitty, though I do have claws!

Who knows, maybe I’ll take a dress or two to Kansas City, and see if ‘Baby Jean’ can impress any budding ‘William Powell’s ‘ out there, and see what happens? I might have to warn Kate mind, she might want to compete lol!

Who knows, if you’re good, and if you’re lucky, I might even get a photo done, just for you. x

The video, what I really am not, but it makes for rather a good choice