In the park this week

Well,  as I type this, I’m watching my last pre season baseball, as today is the last of those, before the proper event gets under way on Thursday. Yes, as 2 of the ‘big US sports’ head down towards the playoffs, baseball is just about to get going again for real. Well, as real as it can get when you consider that at least 30% of the teams in the leagues wont be trying too hard to win this year. Even among them, some will still be trying less than others! Thankfully there are at least a few teams who will be trying to win a few games, and to make the play offs at least. The amusing thing is, that even if I wasnt on sickness absence at present, I would have been able to see some of opening night, as it will be on Thursday. So in truth, especially given I have to be up on Friday morning, for blood tests, to try and work out what is wrong is my mind, and body, I’ll probably only see as much as I would have done anyway.

Luckily for me, one of the teams I will get to see on Thursday, will be the Dodgers, though for the first time in forever, it wont be Clayton Kershaw pitching on opening day, first time since 2010. Yes, he’s injured, I know the feeling, lol!

Something unique is happening this year, not that I will be there, but there will be proper games in London, between Boston, and the New York Yankees during the season. In truth, because of course at present I have no idea if I will be allowed to fly the Atlantic this year, I dont know if I’m going to see a game, other than on TV. Hey, its possible I could get to the US, and still not see a live game in a stadium this year. Thankfully, ESPN UK, and some matinee games will head my way at least. And then of course, in November, just as basketball, and ice hockey are getting under way, we’ll find out who are world champions for 2019. Yes, world champions. Yes, only teams from 2 countries can win it, and the sole Canadian team are among those not trying ‘too hard’ this year! Ah well, god bless America, and all that.

One trend in baseball in recent times is less balls hit low, or on the ground, and far more hit high into the air. So, a Phil Collins song seems apt…


Lets Make A Movie?

(Firstly, let me offer thanks to my friend, Michelle, on Twitter, because without her, I wouldnt have even known this had happened, so appreciative.)

It seems that British pensioners might retire, but it also seems that not all said pensioners wish to stay on the right side of the law, as my friend showed me this morning

I do realise that my US friends may not be able to use this link (just as we cant see some US article links), if so, there’s a big clue to the storyline, and I’m sure you’ll find it through a search engine somewhere!

Well, I must admit I admire their cheek, if not their motives, as I’ve never used any drugs in my life. Never smoked anything, in fact, but anyway… Fine what amused me the most, was Michelle’s twitter comment relating to this

Meanwhile, somewhere in London, someone is already pitching this as a script idea… I spy a Brit flick in the offing..

And given that in the past we have made films like Buster (see later in blog), she may well be right! And of course, being a cruise, said film would require lots of ‘senior’ actors, and actresses, and I could certainly do with a cruise somewhere warm at present. Lets face it, I wouldnt care if it was a big part, a small part, or whatever, I’d get an acting break, and get to go somewhere hot into the bargain.

Of course, lets face facts, if it did get made, I’m not going to be at the top of anyone’s casting list, anyway. But yes, lets face it, if I needed an incentive to sign up to one of these online agencies, then that would rank as a pretty big incentive! I should get it done anyway, I have done everything but pay the fee for one, but for me, spending £25 on a whim, that probably wont produce anything, hard to push the button, lol!

Alright, I know, knowing my luck, it would be filmed in a floating ‘boat’ in a water tank, in some chilly studio, but I can dream!

Right, video time. Yes, I mentioned the movie its coming from already. Though a live performance, not the original video.


Two (hundred) hearts, beating with just 1 mind

One of the fascinating tropes of Mind Control stories is the one known as the Hive Mind. Basically its comes down to everyone in the unit thinking as one, usually the thoughts of one controlling person, though there have been ones where literally everyone is computer (or AI) controlled, which is a pretty fascinating thought! The story tonight that brought up this subject matter is one of the former though, a supposedly evil woman controlling the thoughts of all her slaves, as one glorious hive mind, under her control.

Warning, it is long, just saying before you decide to leap into it, this section is over 11,000 words, and seemingly more to come, just saying… And fine, her methods suggest she is pretty determined to be in control of all, given the chance! So for those thinking of going to Mars, just be warned, lol!

In reality, I’m not sure if its truly possible to create a hive mind? Oh fine, so Mind Control as a whole is fictional, so obviously, no it isnt. But even if it was, for example, would it really be possible to control so many minds, to do so many roles, all at the same time? Seems impossible to me, but if anyone wants to prove otherwise to me?…

I know, strictly, in this case, the ‘slaves’ dont think, they just obey. But I wonder what it would be like, to be one of many all being sent the same commands Fine, part of me thinks it would be interesting to find out, but at the same time, its just one of those tropes that I think would be so weird to be part of?

I know, no one will tell me, but what do you think about that? Fancy being part of a hive mind, being in control of said hive (given the challenge that level of control would take), or just remaining yourself? Anyone brave enough to answer? No, I’m not seeking power, just the opposite in fact! 😉

OK, video time. This came to mind (pardon the pun), as close as I could get, a good old Phil Collins multi appearance video.

Thanks for the memory, P.T.I!

As I usually do, this morning I watched yesterday’s P.T.I. (Pardon The Interruption) while getting ready for work. Yes America, we get to see it the next morning, our time, which does mean it loses some effect when talking about that nights sport, but its the best we can do, seeing it goes out at 10.30 in the evening, our time, in its late afternoon (East coast)/early afternoon (West Coast) slot over there. We also get Around The Horn, on the same delay, but sorry, Tony Reali, this isnt about you!

What they reminded me, on their anniversary segment, was that 1 year ago yesterday (27th), was the first game of the World Series between the Royals, and the Mets, and I watched it live. It started at 5 in the afternoon, LA time, and it was gone 10 before it finished, 14 innings later! Yes, the Royals won, went on to win the World Series, and make me very happy.

After that, very soon, I went to bed, because I had an early start the next morning, to fly back to England. Hopefully some day I will add to my live WS games, maybe in the stadium, but I doubt that, given the prices of tickets!

That, my friends, was the last time I flew anywhere, and on this night, I crossed the Atlantic, for what, in all likelihood, until May at least, will be the last time. Funnily enough, if things go to plan, then, I will be flying back to LA with a new name! In a sense, it was my name then, but I couldnt change the paperwork until I got back, so…One lovely friend insisted on calling me Harlean, even then. Looking forward to meeting her again in May too!

Today, an event that wont make PTI, I finished my training course at work. Yes, I start on my official hours on Monday, which means I can be slightly later up of a morning, which will be nice. Well, apart from Saturday’s, but 4 days of the week… 🙂 Scheduling of blogs will change, to Tuesday, and Sunday in future, I guess?

So thanks, Tony Kornheiser, and Mike Wilbon, for reminding me about a special event that happened a year, and a day ago! Oh, I’ve tweeted, asking for a shout out today, but doubt it will happen! If it does, let me know, as we only have 1 showing tomorrow, and as thats following a live college football game, it might not be shown! 😦

The video, which I suspect may have been filmed in LA (Fallon normally films there), seems apt for what I was doing this time last year.

Sometimes real life just gets in the way…

Its funny how a mind control writer (pretty much retired) can take a real life situation, and pervert it in a mind control scenario that I’m sure my bosses have never contemplated!

Earlier this week, we got taken off in small groups for a briefing, the reason for which I had absolutely no idea. It seems that most of the others did, apparently they had an initial meeting about this in the week I was on holiday, and no one ever done the follow up meeting I should have therefore got, but that was no great shock. It did mean I only found out we had a pay rise when someone asked me what I thought about it, and werent shocked when they found out it was the first I knew about it!

Well, anyway, cutting to the fight, not that most readers will worry too much anyway. In the need of flexibility in the office, from January, they are changing the staffing method, so that in theory all ‘worker level’ (my term) people will not just either be on the phones, or doing data, but will be able to be flexible and do both. Most of us on the phones have heard about this flexibility before, with data borrowing our people for a short time, only for them never to return, other than when we have tons of call waits, and then we might be grudgingly allowed one or two, for the minimum period possible.

Thing is, as a mind control writer, given the way we were told all this, it sounded more of uniformity than flexibility, and my mind turned to the thoughts of setting up the ‘Great Hive Mind’ at work lol. No, no mention was made of silver suits, headsets, helmets or the like, but my mind turned to thoughts of such matters, all the same! Personal thoughts, given the reliability of the software at work, it would all crash in about 10 minutes if they could! I’d love to tell you the last day that the capture system we use worked all day, but its so long ago, I cant remember!

And yes, alright, there might be at least one person there who wouldnt mind being controlled within a hive mind at work, but thats beside the point lol! Suspect I’m not the only one, but anyway…I’m sure I’d look good in a silver suit and helmet, mindlessly taking calls from the shops! There are times when being mindless when dealing with calls from the shops would be seen as a blessing, thats the only thing! Why is a call centre such a perfect place for such a development though, absolutely no idea, honestly…lol!

If we do get told about our new work uniforms, I will let you know…before I put it on…bleep! 😉

The video, well, its a bit lateral thinking, but…

Dont judge a book by its cover!

Firstly, apologies to anyone reading this for a holiday report, but given that Kate will be posting her version of events at the Garden, I’m going to avoid that as subject matter for now. Given there will be some who cant read it there, and certainly wont be reading my personal version elsewhere, I will do something after its all over, so that you can at least find out in time.

But for now, either join the Garden, and read a far better version from Kate, or you need to be patient.

Ah, the thread title. Yes, as some know, if their blog reading goes back far enough, know I bought a book with me, “The Chaperone”, by Laura Moriarty, with a pic of Louise Brooks on the cover, but before you jump too far, look at the title of this thread.

Yes, Brooksy is in the story, but main player she definitely isnt. No, the fictional star of this is Cora Carlisle, the eponymous chaperone, and a purely fictional character. Louise, well its a fascinating mix of fact and fiction, thats for sure. Certainly her style fits in with what we know, some of the events definitely happened, but others…?

And please, dont think this is dull stuff, it covers subject matter controversial today, let alone in the 1920’s, and before. Homosexuality, paedophilia, illicit affairs, all occur here. Oh, and orphans taken out of the big city, to start new lives, that if it happened today, people would have kittens about it!

No, I cant discuss how it ends, I havent got that far yet, but seriously, you should consider reading it yourself, if you havent already. It is a book that has Louise Brooks in it, and some have probably thought, if you arent a fan, no need to read, not true. She is in it, but there is far more than  that to it.

Oh, and its a good story too!

The video, a slightly left field look at events in the book, and lets leave it at that.

Against all odds.

For some strange reason, a good number on both MC Forums seem to want to see pictures of other members, while at the same time not posting pictures of themselves. And even more strangely, I seem to be one of the popular attractions on this front, something I really cant work out.

Its not like I’m young, pretty, or indeed as some would probably hope for, I dont have silver skin either, and its certainly not made of metal lol! I’m just a plain, fairly boring looking fifty something who seems to attract a lot of attention for my looks all the same. Alright, there are pictures of me on here, and on the Garden and Forum, but all the looks are hidden under a silver zentai suit, quite handy I would say, and quite a relief I would have said for others, but anyway… Well, of course there is a faceshot here, a small one on my avatar,  I would have said about the right size. It is a few years old now, but still a reasonable match, as something else will prove very soon.

And alright, I’ve seen pics of a few, I’ve even met 2 members, so I certainly know what they look like! There are 1 or 2 others that I’d love to know what they look like (or a better image in one case), but I respect privacy all the same. The funny thing is, some people are just so linked to their avvies, its well known that most have an image of Jo related to what is probably her most famous one, I’m sure many know which I’m talking about. And does Heather look anything like Louise Brooks lol, I’d love to think so, because of her avvies, but somehow I suspect not.

The one I really regret never seeing a picture of, and wont do now, is the one many know as Sara C, or Castle depending on where you knew her from. Though I suspect she too looked nothing like the image I had of her, so maybe it was for the best?

Anyway, alright, what some seem to have been waiting for, no idea why? I’m not a model, my boobs arent that big, and indeed I would say I’m probably a bit butch looking too, just with long hair! This was taken soon after I got home from having the hair extensions put in last week, so if I look a bit frazzled, you know why!

Hope no one is screaming in horror at this moment lol! 😛 And dont expect any more either!

Right, the video tonight, if anyone is still here after seeing that. I suspect the blog title is a total giveaway, and yes, its the Phil Collins version, I certainly was a fan of his. I know nothing about the film to be honest, just loved the song, and rather apt here.

Why do I suspect the site visit numbers might jump up over the next couple of days lol?